NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Antra Chapter 14 Poem - Sandhya Ke Baad

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Are you studying in Class 11 and looking for online resources for your Hindi Antra Chapter 14? If yes, this article can provide you with precisely what you are looking for. This article covers the full details of Hindi Antra Class 11 Chapter 14. The whole chapter of Sandhya Ke Baad Class 11 is easily described here to make it understandable for everyone. The analysis of various chapters of Hindi is prepared by expert teachers which will help you to score better in your Class 11 final examination. You can now read the Class 11th Hindi Antra Chapter 14 here with proper analysis.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Antra Chapter 14 Poem - Sandhya Ke Baad part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Briefly explain what changes occur in the rural areas in the evening, according to the poem.

Sandhya Ke Baad, the poem describes the rural natural beauty. The poet has described how the sunset makes the villages look like beautiful portraits. He has talked about the aesthetic view of the sunset and how the leaves become colourful with the colour of sinking sun. The poet also told that the falling of colourful leaves in the evening becomes a fantastic view to enrich the eyes. He said that the water of the river also looks beautiful with the light of the setting sun.

2. Explain the dilemma of Lala's mind in your own words.

In the poem, Lala is the face of the poor class of the village who has been oppressed by the rich for a long time. Lala tries to find out the reason behind his poverty and suffering. He questions why he is deprived of happiness. He feels sad for his inability to give his near ones a lovely house. He doesn't understand why he can not become rich like the 'Mahajan' of the village. He tries to find out whose action has prevented his growth. Lala shows his longing for a good life like the rich of the village in the poem.