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Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Learn Basics of History

History has always been an important subject for the students as it let them become familiar with all the important events and events that happened in the past. It also has a major part to play in various competitive exams as several questions are asked based on important historical events and years. Having a deep knowledge of the subject of history will also enable us to know more about the world.

In this article, we will talk about some of the important topics of Indian and World history that must be followed by the students to score well in various exams. 

History Topics

World History

The term ‘world history’ can be defined as the field of study that deals with the study and examination of ancient events and happenings from a global perspective. This does not deal with the emergence of a single culture or nation rather gives a proper study of multiple cultures, linguistics, capitalism and economy. It is very important for the students to have a proper hold on World History as it is also a part of the general awareness section for several competitive exams.  

The Central Board of Secondary Education has also included various topics of world history as well as practical assessments in the Class 10 and Class 11 syllabus to help students not only to know about these events but also to enjoy reading history. These topics are important for their board examinations. 

Important History Topics

World History deals with the study of various nations, traditions and systems across different boundaries. It aims to study the emergence of different linguistic, cultural, and social dynamics which resulted in large-scale changes in our society. These changes also include industrialization and the growth of capitalism in different parts of the world. Some of the major topics that are included in the CBSE curriculum to make students familiar with past world events are as follows:

  • Making of a global world

  • Nationalism in India

  • Rise of Nationalism in Europe

  • The Age of Industrialization

  • The Modern World and Print Culture

  • French Revolution

  • Industrial Revolution

  • Empires across the continents

  • Nomadic Empires and cultures

  • Changing Cultural Traditions

  • Paths of Modernisation

Students are advised to gain a thorough understanding of the above topics to have basic knowledge of world history. These are some of the important world events that took place in the past and several questions are asked based on these during the examination.

FAQs on History

1. Why is it important to study World History?

Studying world history will help you know about all the major happenings that took place in the past. It gives you a broader idea about the development and growth of multiple nations and capitalism. It is very important to know about all the global changes and progress that the world has made today.

2. Where can I find CBSE World History notes for class 10?

You can find CBSE World History Notes for class 10 online. You can easily download free PDFs of these notes by registering yourself on Vedantu’s website. Each note of Class 10 History has been made chapter-wise in a very detailed and easy to understand manner.

3. Will studying World History help me improve my general knowledge skills?

Yes, studying history will always help you develop a better understanding of important events and help you improve your general knowledge. Many competitive exams tend to ask questions based on important world events and programmes, therefore, if you stay familiar with all these events, it will help you score better.