Oldest Civilizations in the World

About the Oldest Civilization

In the process of human evolution, there has been the practice and the method of living together in a congregation. Things happened by way of interdependence and mutual understanding. It was the best implication in making life useful and practical. The man now shifted from small isolated groups to large communities. In the process, societies were formed, giving way to the oldest civilization in the world. There are various reasons leading to the growth and development of the oldest civilization in the world. The development of society became possible due to the initiative taken by the communal people. 

The Mesopotamian Civilization 

The Mesopotamian is the most popular civilization you get to know. It is the oldest civilization originating between the years 3500 BC–500 BC, and the current places of the same are Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. The word Mesopotamia means the land between the rivers. People of the civilization were highly skilled, and they had the idea of agriculture and animal rearing. Slowly people started to domesticate the animals for the reason of both farming and food. People in Mesopotamia even had the conception of art. There were the refined systems in the oldest civilization contributing to the development and augmentation of the society in specific. 

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The Indus Valley Civilization 

After the world's first civilization came to the Indus Valley Civilization in order, the time of the civilization ranged between 3300 BC–1900 BC. The original location of the civilization was around the basin of the River Indus. The recent location of the same is the north-east part of Afghanistan which extended to Pakistan, and you even find the civilization in the northwest portion of India. It is also known as the Harappan Civilization and the Mohenjo Daro civilization. From the place, the remains of the civilization have been discovered, and it is known to be the first urban center rich in arts and crafts. 

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Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Among the world's first civilizations, right after Mesopotamian and Indus valley, we can talk about the Ancient Egyptian Civilization and things that originated on the bank of the River Nile. The current location of the same is in Egypt. It is one of the oldest known civilizations, and it is known for the prodigious culture and the pharaohs. It is known to be the civilization and the land of the pyramids and also of the Sphinx. The civilization coalesced in the period of 3150 BC. At the time, there was the political unification of Lower and Upper Egypt. The Egyptian Civilization can be categorized into three ages. People at that age practiced the art of preservation of mummies, and they were also known for other wonderful and magical things. 

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Maya Civilization

The Maya Civilization came into being during the period of 2600 BC–900 AD. The original location of the civilization is the present-day region of Yucatan. It is the prime civilization of Central America and it is a much talked about civilization because of the calendar being introduced. The civilization started prospering and it became extremely sophisticated with a stunning population of 19 million at its zenith. The specialty of civilization lies in the creation of the solar calendar that is being engraved on the stone. The civilization collapsed somewhere during the middle of the eighth and the ninth centuries, though the exact reasons are not known. 

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The Chinese Civilization

The Chinese Civilization developed around the Yellow River and Yangtze region, and the civilization is mainly known for the invention of silk and paper. The civilization flourished during the time of 1600 BC–1046 BC. It is also known to be the Yellow River Civilization and things began with the establishment of the Xia dynasty and you can find the mention of the same in the ancient historical chronicles. The civilization came to an end with the Qing dynasty in 1912 AD due to the occurrence of the Xinhai Revolution. The civilization is known for things like gunpowder, paper, printing, the compass, alcohol, cannons, and other things. 

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Ancient Greek Civilization

The ancient Greek Civilization expanded in the regions of Italy, Sicily, North Africa, and the far western part of France. The civilization is all about the concept of democracy and other things and the civilization also deals with concepts like the Senate and Democracy and here things are known to have originated from Cycladic and Minoan civilizations. Much is known about the civilization from the Franchthi Cave in Argolid and this dates back to the time of 7250 BC. 

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Therefore, in this well-article, we have comprehensively covered all the vital information related to some of the oldest civilizations known to man.

FAQs on Oldest Civilizations in the World

1. What are the four oldest civilizations? 

Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus valley, and China are the four most ancient civilizations in the world. These are the places where you can see constant cultural growth and development. After the prime emergence of the Minoan society, Crete was completely destroyed, and the cultural influence and the legends passed over to the mainland of Greece. 

2. Which is the beginning of civilization?

Mesopotamia is on the list of oldest civilizations in the world, and what is now Iraq came to be called Egypt. Most of the civilizations thrived by the banks of the Indus River. The deposition and the utility of the water body made the people flourish down the years. More places came into being one after the other, and the richness in culture and setting made them great social growths at the time of 1200 BCE. After this, civilizations started growing in most of the continents, and Antarctica was the only exception. All the oldest civilizations have been popular for one reason or the other, and you would see them with a set of social and political specialties. 

3. Why is Jerusalem called the oldest city? 

Both Jerusalem and Beirut boast the kind of developed urbanisation, and for the same, you can easily go back to 3,000 BC. The city of Jerusalem grew up on the west bank of Jericho. The archaeologists have excavated the area well and found the most vital remains of the ancient city. You can find evidence of successive settlements at the place, and things date back to the time of 9,000BC. The settlements have been developing since ancient times, and you find the places to be prospering with a set of specialties and uniqueness.