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Weight of Heart

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What is the Weight of Heart in Males and Females?

There are many subtle differences that tend to exist between the hearts of males and females. However, the most significant difference would probably be the weight of the heart. On an average scale, the heart in males weighs about 315 grams in total. In the case of females, the average weight of heart is around 265 gms. 

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While all the other differences are pretty subtle and can be seen through the physical characteristics, the difference in the hearts of both males and females are internal. This article deals with the differences in the hearts of both males and females in detail. Here students can learn the weight of heart in human body. 

Difference In the Hearts of Females and Males 

When it comes to the size as well as the functions of the heart of men and women, the weight of heart in grams has an important role to play. Here, a few of the differences are mentioned below so that students can explore the topic in great detail. 

  • When it comes to size, the heart in females tends to have smaller chambers. Hence, it can be said that the weight of the heart in females tends to be a bit less when compared to males. 

  • As far as the density is concerned, the walls that result in the division of some of the chambers in the women’s hearts tend to be a lot thinner. Also, the veins are a lot finer in the female heart. 

  • When it comes to the function, the heart of females pumps blood faster than the male hearts. However, the heart of a male ejects more quantity of blood with every single pump. Apparently, this also has an effect on the average weight of heart. 

  • Stress can cause the hearts of females to rise in terms of the pulse. So, more blood is pumped in the process. In the case of men, the arteries tend to constrict and hence cause higher levels of blood pressure. 

Health Conditions Related to the Weight of Heart in Human Body 

There are certain ways in which the male and the female hearts tend to differ. This not only causes a difference in weight but also leads to some health effects in both genders. The differences can become more evident in the case of heart diseases that occur in both males and females. There are also some other variations included in the functioning of the coronary arteries in both females and males. However, the most common difference that is seen could be the way in which both the genders tend to experience heart attacks. The weight of heart has an impact on the number of cardiovascular diseases that are seen in men and women. 

Heart Diseases in Women and Men

A very common type of heart disease that is found to exist in both men and women is ischemic heart disease. It happens due to the narrowing of the arteries due to the presence of a particular substance that is called plaque. This presence of the plaque can actually lead to a number of blood clots that can potentially cause heart attacks in human beings. With the help of this article, students can learn how the normal weight of heart tends to keep the heart healthy and in turn prevents heart diseases.

It is seen that in younger women, the effect of plaque on the coronary arteries tends to be different than in men. While heart attacks are more commonly caused in men due to the obstruction in the major cardiac arteries, in women, the main cause is due to the vessels that are present in the heart. In some rare cases, the vessels in the heart of women tend to become constricted while there is no evidence of any blockage. 

Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Women and Men 

The weight of heart in female and male bodies tends to be one of the reasons for the heart attack that occurs. However, there might be some differences in the symptoms that are experienced by the females and the males. Delayed diagnosis and treatment also tend to play an important role when it comes to the cause of heart attacks.

While both men, as well as women, tend to experience chest pain and discomfort due to the heart attack, women will experience more symptoms of the attack than men. 

Some Symptoms Seen in the Women are: 

  • A sudden sense of dread

  • Lightheadedness, dizziness, or fainting 

  • Extreme back and jaw pain 

  • Extreme fatigue 

  • Vomiting or nausea 

  • Shortness in the breath

Some Symptoms in Men Include:

  • Crushing pain in the chest 

  • Cold sweats 

  • Pain in the left arm


The weight of the heart has to play a very important role in the symptoms and signs of a heart attack. It is also seen that most men and women tend to have a difference in the normal weights of their hearts. By studying more about the weight of the heart in the human body, it is possible to learn more about the impact of cardiovascular diseases on both genders.

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FAQs on Weight of Heart

1. What is the weight of Heart?

There are different factors that tend to have an effect on the weight of the heart in female and male bodies. For example, the size of the women’s hearts tends to be smaller when compared to the size of the heart in male bodies. This leads to the deduction that the weight of the heart in the case of men will be more than the weight of the heart in women. On an average scale, the weight of heart in grams in men is found to be somewhere around 315 gms in total. In comparison to that, the average weight of the female heart is found to be somewhere around 265 gms in total. As you can see, there is a pretty vast difference in the weights of both the male and female hearts.

2. What is the difference between male and female hearts? 

Aside from the weight of the heart, there are a lot of differences between male and female hearts. Since these differences are internal, one will not be able to spot them without proper testing. For instance, it is found that the heart in females has chambers that are smaller when compared to the chambers of a male heart. This can prove that the women’s hearts tend to be smaller in comparison to the male heart. Apart from that, there are also some differences in the density of the male and female hearts. While the female hearts tend to pump blood faster, the amount of blood ejected by the male heart is more.

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