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What is Tonsil?

Tonsils are the two masses of lymphatic tissues, which are located near each side of the thorax, which is on the wall of the pharynx. They are placed behind the mouth cavity. They act as a defense mechanism and protect the human body from infections entering through the mouth. The surface of each tonsil has numerous pits, which helps to reach the inner parts of lymphatic tissues. The microbes or debris which enters into the mouth will get settled in the pits and causes infected tonsils called tonsillitis. 

We Can Encounter Three Types of Tonsils in Human Being

  1. Palatine Tonsils (tonsilla palatina)

  2. Adenoids (pharyngeal tonsil or tonsilla pharyngealis) 

  3. Lingual tonsil (tonsilla lingualis)

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This image shows the complete view of tonsils made up of lymphatic tissues, which are located in the human mouth.

Functions of Palatine Tonsils

Palatine Tonsils are common among human beings. The palatine tonsils are responsible for preventing the entry of microbes/antigens into the respiratory system and digestive system through the mouth.  And produces necessary antibodies to kill the antigens/microbes. However, the tonsils in children cannot fight against antigens/microbes and result in enlarged tonsils, which require surgical aid to get back to a normal state.

Functions of Adenoids (Pharyngeal Tonsil or Tonsilla Pharyngealis) 

Adenoids are also known as pharyngeal tonsils, which are located on the upper wall of the nasal pharynx. They act as a filter for inhaling air. The enlargement of Adenoids will lead to breathing obstacles These enlarged tonsils will disturb the sinus drainage, which may pave the way for sinus or mid-ear infections. While encountering the blockage in nasal respiration, the mouth breathing starts. This may prohibit facial bone development among children. The surgical aid helps to bring back the respiratory breathing again for children. Tonsils will automatically decrease as humans reach adulthood. 

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Functions of Lingual Tonsil 

The lingual tonsil is made up of lymphatic tissues, which are lined up on the lamina propria of the tongue. These tonsils contain B and T lymphocytes, which get activated once the harmful antigen targets. The chance of finding infection in the Lingual tonsil is less. It may occur due to the infection on pits of the tonsils

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What is Tonsillitis?

Children get affected by tonsillitis easily. This is due to close contact with each part of the body and less developed immune system. In grown-ups, the tonsils will reduce in size and may not cause any defects. But, the person who is in a crowded or polluted area can also have tonsillitis. The infected tonsils are known as tonsillitis. The infections may be due to the entry of bacterias, viruses, or any other antigens. There may be a variety of reasons for the causes of tonsillitis.  Symptoms include painful Tonsils, swollen tonsils. In some, it may remain normal tonsils.  Tonsillitis can be easily diagnosed through simple medicines. It may require surgery at the critical stage.

Types of Tonsillitis

In General, Tonsillitis is of Three Types. 

  1. Acute 

  2. Chronic 

  3. Recurrent 

Symptoms of Tonsillitis

The person who has tonsillitis will encounter the below symptoms. They may feel painful tonsils or swollen tonsils 

  1. A sore throat

  2. Difficulty while swallowing the food. 

  3. Feel feverish and chill

  4. May have earaches, stomachaches, headaches

  5. Tonsils may have yellow or white spots

  6. Broken voice

  7. Difficulty in breathing.

  8. Muscular weakness

  9. Neck stiffness 

Children may have poor appetite, irritability while facing Tonsillitis. An adult will require more time to get recovered while compared to the children. 

Causes of Tonsillitis 

The tonsils will act as the first-line protection for the human body. The tonsils protect the immune system and simplify the work of white blood cells. Sometimes it will get affected severely through bacteria and virus, which enters into the body through the nose and mouth of the human body. 

Viral Tonsillitis 

Viral Tonsillitis Mainly Occurs due to the Infections Caused by the Viruses Namely, 

  1. Rhinovirus

  2. Epstein-Barr Virus

  3. Hepatitis A

  4. HIV 

This will cause painful tonsils, swollen tonsils with heavy cough.

Bacterial Tonsillitis 

About 15 - 30 % of tonsils are occurring only due to bacterial infection. Bacterial tonsils are common among children between the age of 5-15 years. 

Diagnosis and Treatment for Tonsillitis 

For diagnosing Tonsillitis, the physician will directly examine the tonsil and absorb the variations of tonsils. Doctors may pick the sample from tonsils and send them to the laboratory for identifying the cause of enlarged Tonsils.

Can take antibodies to treat tonsillitis in its initial stage. At the advanced stage, the doctors will suggest a tonsillectomy. This surgery may produce the perfect remedy for all problems, It may require 1-2 weeks for perfect recovery. 

Home Remedies for Tonsillitis 

  1. Drinking plenty of fluid

  2. Complete rest for a long time

  3. Should avoid smoking 

  4. Avoid eating frozen foods

  5. Can use the humidifier to moisturize the air 

  6. Mild hot water gargling

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FAQs on Tonsil

1. When Tonsils Should be Removed?

Ans. In the chronic stages, the doctors will advise the patients to remove tonsils through surgery. Usually, children get affected through the tonsils. Infected children will have breathing difficulties or chronic fever. To overcome this, doctors will suggest surgery for the tonsils. This will stay as a perfect and permanent remedy for the tonsils. The person who is experiencing chronic infection for 1-3 years may be suggested tonsil surgery. The person who cannot resolve the enlarged tonsils problem can be suggested to undergo surgery. 

2. How do You Cure Tonsillitis?

Ans. Tonsillitis can be cured through some home remedies at the initial stage. It is possible to avoid tonsillitis through advanced measures as listed below. 

  1. Adequate Rest

  2. Gargle with warm saltwater

  3. Eat smooth foods, such as ice-creams 

  4. Taking plenty of fluid.

  5. Can take mild antibiotics for the recovery from a mild infection

3. What is the Best Medicine for Tonsils? 

Ans. If the bacterial infections cause tonsillitis then doctors will prescribe antibodies as a perfect remedy. Taking penicillin for continuous 10 days will boost the immune system of the body. This will often fight against streptococcus group A bacterias. At the advantaged stage physicians will suggest surgery with 1-2 weeks for recovery time for getting perfect remedy for tonsils.

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