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What is a Scrotum?

Scrotum means it is a part of the male reproductive system, having a thin external sac of skin, which is divided into two compartments and each compartment contains one of the two testes. It is the gland that produces the sperm, and one of the epididymis, where the sperm is stored. It is a unique anatomical feature of humans and also in some of the other land-dwelling species. It is located directly behind the penis and in front of the anus and it continues with the skin of the lower abdomen. 

Scrotum meaning - A pouch-like skin having a testicle is the scrotum meaning. 

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Anatomy of the Scrotum 

The scrotal sac and scrotum means the same. 

The scrotal wall is a thin layer of skin lined with smooth muscle tissue known as dartos fascia. and Its skin contains more pigment compared to the surrounding areas and also they have many sebaceous (oil-producing) glands and sweat glands, and some hairs too.

The two compartments of the scrotum are differentiated externally as raphe to the middle ridge and Internally, the raphe connects to a muscular partition known as the septum, which divides the scrotum into its two main areas.

Each side of the scrotum mainly consists of the - 

  • Testicle - 

They produce the hormones, in that main one is testosterone. This hormone in the human is secreted with help of brain parts like the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Testicles also contain tubules and the cells to produce sperm also known as spermatozoa, it is transferred from the testicle to the epididymis.

  • Epididymis - 

It is a tightly coiled tube located on the top of each testicle. The main function of the epididymis is to store the sperm produced by each testicle until they are mature. In general, you can consider it for 60 - 80 days. Epididymis also absorbs the extra fluid secreted from the testicle for the better movement of the sperm through the reproductive tract.  

  • Spermatic Cord

Each of them contains the blood vessels, nerves, tube, and lymph vessels known as vas deferens. This tube helps to move sperm out of the epididymis in the ejaculatory duct. 

  • Cremaster Muscle - 

Each muscle surrounds the testicle and its spermatic cord. This muscle also helps to move the testicle towards and away from the body to maintain the ideal temperature for sperm production. This is the reason why the scrotum hangs lower in warm condition and closer to the body in cold weather.  

The Function of the Scrotum 

The main function of the scrotum is to protect the testes and to maintain the temperature of scrotum several degrees below the normal body temperature. The scrotum thus extends beyond the body wall. Moreover, the scrotum will contract during cold, exercise, or sexual stimulation and they expand and relax during the warm condition. When contracted, it conserves heat and while relaxed it will be smooth and elongated, permitting the circulation of air for cooling. The temperature of the scrotum is relatively cool, which is important for the production of viable sperm.

The Muscle tone of the male scrotum is weakened and relaxed in older men but In animals like rats, boars and stallions, the scrotum is always tight against the body. The cooling of testes works on the intricate blood system which surrounds them. In some cases, if the scrotum fails to cool the testes causes temporary sterility. some of the conditions when it occurs are during high fevers or, in some animals, during the hot summer months. The root of scrotum and testis originates from L1-L4 and S2-4 nerves through the iliohypogastric, ilioinguinal, genitofemoral, and pudendal nerves.

Did You Know? 

What will happen if male lack scrotum? If a male does not have a scrotum after crossing prepubescent age. It may mean he has undescended testicles. Levin says that “This can end up leading to infertility”. Most of the human testicles descend eventually, but sometimes they can be helped along with surgery. 

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FAQs on Scrotum

1. Define Scrotum.

Answer. The scrotum is the external pouch, which contains the testis in most mammals. 

2. What is the difference between Testicle and Scrotum?

Answer. A testicle is an egg-shaped organ that is in between the legs and testicles are responsible for making testosterone and producing sperm. And the scrotum is the skin bag that hangs outside of the body to hold both the testis, located below the penis.

3. What is a Normal Scrotum?

Answer.  When the testis is smooth without any lumps and bumps and is firm, not hard. There will be a soft tube behind each of the testicles known as epididymis. The normal human scrotum contains all this, if you find any irregularity in this you may have to consult the doctor.   

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