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There are certain drugs and medications that tend to affect the thought process as well as the perception in people. These medications are highly dangerous since they end up causing distortions in reality and lead to fatal consequences. These medications or drugs are known as hallucinogens. 

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The influence of the drugs represents the experience of new and expanded consciousness in people. Some of the major effects of hallucinogens include an altered sense of time, dissociative experiences, hallucinations, and synesthesia (the sensory experiences that include hearing the colors and seeing the sounds)

What is Hallucinogens? 

According to hallucinogens definition, these compounds belong to a diverse group of psychological drugs that alter the awareness that a person has of his surroundings. The people who take hallucinogens experience certain forms of changes in the feelings and thoughts that they have. The hallucinogens are divided into two different types. 

One of the common types of hallucinogens is classic hallucinogens. An example of this type of hallucinogen is LSD. The other type of hallucinogen is referred to as dissociative hallucinogen. An example of such a type is PCP. Now, it is important to note that both of these hallucinogen types can cause different sensations, images, and hallucinations that seem real, even though they aren’t. Apart from that, the dissociative hallucinogens make the users feel like they are not in control of their own body as well as the surrounding environment that they live in. 

There are some hallucinogens that are mostly extracted from mushrooms and other plants. However, there are other man-made or synthetic hallucinogens that are sold in companies. From a historical perspective, hallucinogens have been used in different regions for healing rituals and religious purposes. Most people also use these drugs for recreation. 

Common Examples of Hallucinogens 

There are some common examples of hallucinogens that most people use these days. The hallucinogens have different properties and the effects of these on people are also pretty different. 

  • LSD 

Also known as D-lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD is a very powerful mind-altering chemical. The color of the compound is white and it has no odor. The main component in LSD is lysergic acid that is mostly found in the fungus that is mostly seen on the rye grains. 

  • Psilocybin 

Psilocybin or 4-phosphoryloxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine can be classified as another one of the prime hallucinogens examples that can be extracted from 200 different types of mushrooms. These mushrooms are mostly found in the regions of Mexico, the USA, and South America. Some of the common names for this drug are magic mushrooms, shrooms, or mushrooms. The mushrooms are meant to be eaten normally but they are also used in tea. 

  • Peyote 

It is basically a small plant of cactus that contains a particularly active ingredient which is known as mescaline. This ingredient comes from the buttons or the tiny protrusions that are found in the cactus. Peyote is one of the hallucinogenic drugs that can be synthesized using certain artificial means. It is also known to be one of the oldest hallucinogens to be discovered. 

What are the Uses of Hallucinogens

Talking about the different uses of hallucinogens, there are various reasons for which people consumed these drugs. One of the prime examples of the uses of hallucinogens is for recreational use. The dissociative, as well as the classic hallucinogens, are used by people who want to feel a little lighthearted. According to certain details of history, these medications and drugs were also used in certain spiritual pursuits in order to create the visions that were separated from reality. People used the drugs in order to induce detachment from the actual reality and to feel a connection to the mythical beings. Apart from that, hallucinogens were also used in different cultures for indigenous practices in religious rituals. 

Hallucinogens were consumed by different poets, artists, and writers so in order to find the creative inspiration that they need to complete their work. Also, there are certain therapeutic conditions of hallucinogens and hence people tend to use these drugs in order to heal from the problems of depression, anxiety, and other issues. So, it can be said that the use of hallucinogens has been going on for a very long period of time. Even though there are so many uses, the repeated use of hallucinogens in a large quantity can actually lead to several problems in human beings. Mental disorders and poor health conditions are some examples. 


While most hallucinogens are popular in terms of use and the effects that they have, it cannot be negated that these chemical compounds can alter the thought process of people and hence can have disastrous results in the end. Some of the hallucinogens are also pretty addictive and people often deal with problems of overdose due to an increased usage of hallucinogens.

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FAQs on Hallucinogens

1. Are hallucinogens addictive?

In certain cases, the effects of hallucinogens have proven to be addictive. People can also develop a certain kind of tolerance to hallucinogens. As a result of that, they will have to keep on increasing their doses of the hallucinogens so that they can keep on having the same experiences that they are used to. This can lead to addiction in several cases of hallucinogens usage. For instance, people who consume LSD in regular intervals tend to develop a tolerance to the drug. Hence, the users who take the drug must increase the doses. This practice is a very dangerous one since the effects of a higher dose of the drug are not known properly. LSD can also cause tolerance to other drugs as well.

2. How can hallucinogen addiction be treated?

Since these medications of hallucinogens tend to produce certain effects that alter the process of thinking, most people use them for recreational purposes. However, this turns out to be a very dangerous action since some of the hallucinogens can be pretty addicting in nature. Those who keep on taking their dosage of the hallucinogens tend to have an addiction to the medication and must be treated in order to cure the addiction. But there aren’t any medications that have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of hallucinogen addiction in particular. Still, behavioral therapy can sometimes be useful.

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