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The Little Bully Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 8 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Class 5 English The Little Bully Revision Notes PDF for Better Preparation

in his class, He did not have a big figure but he was strong. He used to tease and bully the boys and girls. This was the reason everyone disliked him.  Once there was a picnic where everyone had come. But, nobody wanted to play with Hari and nobody even gave him company. During the entire picnic, he was all alone. 

To understand the story and the moral of the story better, refer to The Little Bully revision notes. These notes are created by experts at Vedantu according to the CBSE guidelines. You will be able to understand the chapter better once you know the meaning of words and have gone through the summary given in The Little Bully revision notes. 

Class 5 English Revision Notes - Chapter-wise List

The class 5 english notes will help students prepare better for their examinations. They are prepared by experts and are in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines.


Access Class 5 English Revision Notes Chapter 8: The Little Bully

The Little Bully Revision Notes

  • The Little Bully is a story adapted by Enid Blyton which revolves around a boy who is a bully.

  • The boy named Hari bullies everyone in his class and enjoys making fun of the other students. 

  • He even tries to harm them by pinching and pricking them with a pin at school. 

  • The boys and girls at school try to pinch him back, but then he pinches them in a harder way.

  • The other children thought it would be like telling a tale if they complained about Hari to the teachers.

  • Everyone hated Hari because of his despicable behaviour and decided to stay away from him.

  • One day, the class decides to go on a picnic at the beach. Everyone else is having fun, except Hari. 

  • Hari sits alone on his train ride as no one wants to spend time with him.

  • He feels angry and sits on the rock by the pool alone to have his lunch.

  • Crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and prawns then appear and begin pricking him. 

  • He cries in pain and escapes from their pricking.

  • He finds that the sea animals are busy eating his lunch that has now floated in the water.

  • He feels sorrow and understands why everyone hates him.

  • Everyone hated him because he treats his classmates in the same manner as the sea animals treated him.

  • He decides that he will not repeat this behaviour and will not bully anyone.


The Little Bully - Moral of the Story 

  • The moral one can take away from this story is that what we do comes around to us in one way or another.

  • Hari was a mean kid and tried to hurt others by pinching and pricking them and he faced the same when the crabs, lobsters, prawns and shrimps pinched and pricked him.

  • We should treat our peers and everyone with kindness and not hurt anyone intentionally.


Class 5 English New Word Meanings with Examples - The Little Bully





A wound or injury caused by an external force on the body.

Her bruise needs immediate care and medical attention.



I had a horrid experience at the mall today.


Sounding harsh and rough.

Their voices were hoarse from shouting.


A tool to grab or get a grip on something.

Crabs grab their food with their pincers.


Stem of a plant.

Cattles chewed on the stem.


Pinched or being bit.

The dog nipped the thief’s leg.


The Little Bully - About the Author

  • Enid Mary Blyton, born 11 August 1897 in Hampstead, London, England, was an English children's author whose novels have sold over 600 million copies worldwide since the 1930s. 

  • Her works are still hugely successful and have been translated into 90 other languages. 

  • Blyton was the fourth most translated author as of June 2018. 

  • She wrote on a variety of subjects, including education, natural history, fantasy, mystery, and biblical stories. 

  • She is mostly known for her books Noddy, Famous Five, Secret Seven, the Five Find-Outers, and Malory Towers.

  • Along with this, she also authored many more, including the St Clare's, The Naughtiest Girl, and The Faraway Tree series.       

The Little Bully Class 5 Questions Answers

1. Why did all the children hate Hari?

(i) Because he would not talk to anyone. 

(ii) Because he always pinched them. 

(iii) Because he loved stealing their food.

Ans: (ii) Because he always pinched them.


2. “Nobody took Hari’s hand. Nobody went near him. Nobody played with him.” This shows that Hari had 

(i) Many friends. 

(ii) Few friends. 

(iii) No friends.

Ans: (iii) No friends.


3. Which of the following actions would make a friendly person? Write them down.

  • Respecting other people.

  • Eating a small child’s tiffin.

  • Calling people rude names.

  • Pushing a smaller boy and making him cry.

  • Being helpful to everyone.

  • Helping your classmates in school.

  • Mocking at friends and hurting their feelings.

  • Protecting a weaker person.


Ans: The actions which make a friendly person are 

  • Respecting other people.

  • Being helpful to everyone.

  • Helping your classmates in school.

  • Protecting a weaker person.


Solved Example Practice Questions

Now with the knowledge of The Little Bully Summary let us answer a few questions.

1. Why was Hari Angry?

Ans: Hari was angry because nobody sat with him on the ride to the seaside and no one wanted to play with him.


2. What did Hari do after reaching the seaside for a picnic?

Ans: After reaching the seaside Hari saw that other children were holding hands and jumping with joy and he was left behind. So, he took his lunch and went by the rocky pool to eat alone.


3. Did Hari change in the story The Little Bully?

Ans: In the end, Hari realised everyone hated him for his actions. He felt the same pain when nipped by the shrimps, crabs and lobsters so he decided to never bully anyone.


Importance of CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 8 The Little Bully

Chapter 8 of Class 5 English tells us the story of a bully named Hari. Although he was not big in body stature, he was strong enough. He would use his physical strength to bully his classmates. He would pinch and prick them. All his classmates hated him for this reason.

Hari learnt a lesson when he was left all alone in a class picnic where no one even came close to him. He was also pinched and pricked by the sea creatures. This event made him realise how others felt when he hurt them. 

This story is important because it gives us a number of lessons:

  • The Little Bully story tells us how we should not behave with our friends.

  • We should be happy and play with others. 

  • We should not be harming anyone physically or mentally. 

  • This chapter gives us a subtle definition of bullying in the image of Hari. 

  • This chapter also urges the students to learn actions which would make a friendly person.


Benefits of Vedantu’s The Little Bully Class 5 Revision Notes

The clear explanations in the revision notes make understanding this chapter effortless, aiding in answering fundamental questions like 'why did all the children hate Hari?' Solving exercise questions becomes simpler with the comprehensive explanations provided. Explore how experts simplify this chapter and assess your preparation level by solving the notes. Check the answers to learn how to formulate responses effectively. 

Download the Little Bully Revision Notes PDF

Get the free PDF version of the revision notes and notes for this chapter. Learn how The Little Bully Class 5 questions and answers can help you with your preparation. Get the answers to the common questions given in the exercise without any hassle. Make your preparation better with these notes and practice notes to remember the answers to fundamental questions such as ‘what are the new things the boy has?’ Escalate your comprehension skills with these notes.



The CBSE Class 5 notes offer a comprehensive understanding of key concepts in "The Little Bully," English. Students gain insights into the properties and characteristics of bullying, its impact on individuals and communities. The well-organized format supports efficient revision, aiding better retention. Practical examples and real-life applications enrich the understanding of the subject. These notes are essential for building a strong foundation in addressing bullying and excelling academically. They've proven invaluable in helping students succeed in understanding the complexities of interpersonal relationships and fostering a culture of empathy and kindness.

FAQs on The Little Bully Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 8 (Free PDF Download)

1. What did he bring for lunch?

He had a lunch box containing two hard-boiled eggs, six jam sandwiches, a ginger cake, three pieces of bread and butter, and chocolate to eat at the picnic.

2. Where was the picnic held?

The picnic was held at the seaside for the entire day. Children played on the sandy beach and went on the rides. Everyone enjoyed it with their friends but the bully did not have anyone to share his happiness with.

3. What did Hari do with the monster crab?

Hari wanted to shake the claw of the crab. The crab thought of it as a threat. It used its pincer to nip his hand.

4. Who was little bully?

A boy named Hari was the little bully. He was not big in stature but was strong enough. He used his strength to bully other children. 

5. What lesson did Hari learn in the end?

Hari learnt how it felt when he hurt others by bullying them. So, he decided not to do so and be friendly with other kids from now on.