NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots


Class 11 English Snapshots NCERT Solutions

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Snapshot is a way of instantly clicking pictures to capture the best emotions and memories; Snapshot Class 11 tries to celebrate this moment of joy by compiling eight stories by different authors.

These stories are written in a lucid language which has underlying meaning within the plot. A student by thorough reading will understand the duality in characters and their action. They will explore the world of literature where plots, setting, theme, symbolising, point of view and conflict plays a vital role.

This Class 11 English Snapshot solution is the best way to prepare for exams and strengthen the base.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is Chapter 1 From Snapshot Important for Class 11 Students?

Ans. The first chapter from Snapshot deals with human emotions and truthfulness. This chapter is critical for class 11 as there are underlying meanings which need to be derived.

Aram and Mourad, the two Armenian boys, steal a horse from an Assyrian farmer John Byro. Throughout the story, they keep justifying their actions, but as the story progresses, they understand the value of truthfulness. Their consciousness makes them give up the horse to value the right morals.

This chapter carries good weightage in the exam; therefore, more attention must be given in revision.

2. Where Can One Find the NCERT Solution for Snapshot Class 11?

Ans. NCERT, the education board tries to offer quality reading material to students for free. One can easily download NCERT solutions from education portals like Vedantu. These solutions are available in PDF format for the convenience of students.

Many students still prefer the traditional way of studying; they can download the PDF and print it without hassle for revisions. Apart from solutions, one can also find chapter wise notes and live classes for better understanding of lessons.

These notes are prepared by experts who are skilled and know the ways to write marks fetching answers. A student can take its help and sharpen their skills to secure praiseworthy marks.

3. What is the Summary of the Chapter the Address?

Ans. The Address is a short story which deals with a human dilemma and the aftermath of war. This story very beautifully showcases the complexities of human behaviour like anger, pain, anguish and psychological issues. Margo Minco, the narrator, after returning from her native city after war suffers loneliness and trauma.

She was already in pain due to the loss of her mother, and the misbehaviour of Mrs Doring added to the depression. Getting a call from Mrs Doring ignited a ray of hope as Margo found her mother’s belongings. These articles, like a table-cloth, Hanukkah, crockery, cutlery, etc. bring back the sweet memory before the war.

Embracing the truth that objects were just a part of the past, Marco decides to let the memory of her mother and material world go. Leaving behind the painful memories and moving to a brighter and happier world.