NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Hornbill

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Class 11 English NCERT Solutions - Free PDF download

NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Hornbill gives students a detailed idea about the language and helps in a quick understanding of the subject. Vedantu has a team of specialized professionals who find solutions to every question and deliver an easy understanding of the subject. The dedication of the teachers and their grip over the language will help students improve their linguistic skills. Class 11 English Hornbill has both prose and poems. Every question is provided with an explanatory answer. Also, with this, several MCQs will test the verbal ability of students.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Detail the Changing Bond Between the Author and His Grandmother. Did Their Feelings for Each Other Change?

During his boyhood, the author was utterly dependent on his grandmother. She was a part of his life. The path-breaking point in their friendship came when they travelled to the city. They occupied the same room, but she could not help him in his education. She often asked him what the teachers had taught. She didn’t understand or believe whatever was taught. She was disturbed to know that there was no teaching about God and the scriptures. She found the study of music disturbing and distressful. She expressed her disapproval silently. However, their feelings for each other remained intact always. 

2. What Do You Gather About Crocker-Harris from the Play?

In the story, Mr Crocker-Harris appears as a strict master who is a man of principles and believes in following the rules. He trusts in the fair judgement and assessment of his students and is not swayed by emotions. He is not a sadistic person, but strict in the performance of his duties. On his last day of school too when he was occupied in his affairs, he did not neglect his duty towards his class or students. Mr Crocker-Harris did not tell them the results unlike the other masters.

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