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Class 11 NCERT Books for English Snapshot Free PDF Download

Learning a language subject requires a different approach compared to subjects like science, mathematics, history etc. A language subject consists of mainly two elements – literature, grammar and writing skill. Students should have a thorough grasp of these two main aspects to score top marks in English. 

Accordingly, they can refer to NCERT English Snapshot Book Class 11, which will broaden their mind and help them to gain a better understanding of society and human beings. Consequently, Snapshot Class 11 Book is also preferred by teachers as it encourages students to read more and improve their reading skill. 

Reading different types of literary work as given in NCERT Snapshots English Book Class 11 will encourage pupils to think and write creatively.  

NCERT Books Class 11 English Snapshot PDF Download










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NCERT English Snapshot Book Class 11 PDF Download

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NCERT English Hornbill Book Class 11 PDF Download

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to improve writing skills in English?

To improve your writing skills, you should first go through the guidelines to understand the format for different types of writing. Then you should refer to the samples to know the style of writing. After you have understood the style of writing, practise from the exercise to improve your writing skill.

2. How to get top scores in English literature?

You need to prepare the literature section to get top scores thoroughly. However, for the literature section, you should read the chapters given in Hornbill and Snapshot book class 11 multiple times to understand the plot and theme of the story. Then you can practise the exercises given at the end to test your comprehension.

3. What is the marking scheme for class 11 English?

Class 11 English question paper for CBSE will have three sections – reading comprehension, writing skills and grammar and literature and carry a total weightage of 80 marks. The first section will be of 20 marks while the grammar and literature section will be of 30 marks each. Students will also be assessed internally based on their listening and speaking skills, which will be of 20 marks.

4. What are the two features of NCERT Textbooks?

One of the main features of NCERT textbooks is they are framed according to the curriculum prescribed by CBSE. Moreover, the books are written in simple language to promote comprehensive understanding.

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