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General Knowledge

Last updated date: 27th May 2024
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General Knowledge Topics

General Knowledge has always been a very interesting subject. It gives the students a chance to enhance their knowledge of various national and international events of the world. General Knowledge or GK plays a major role in every students’ life as most of the competitive exams ask various questions based on general knowledge. 

If answered correctly, this particular subject can be very scoring. But many students often find difficulty in finding out the important GK topics that must be covered by them. Therefore, in this article, we have provided some of the important General Knowledge questions with answers.

These questions are framed from various sections like History, Geography, General Science, Politics, Economics, Sports, Agriculture and several other current events of the world.

General Knowledge Questions

The GK section forms a major part of various bank exams, UPSC and several other government exams. We at Vedantu have, therefore, provided some lists of important questions and answers.

GK Topics

As mentioned above, the general awareness sections in various Government competitive exams cover questions from all the fields. However, candidates are advised to go through the below-mentioned topics which can help them clear the exams with flying colours:

  1. Various Government schemes

  2. Largest rivers, lakes, mountains in the world

  3. Latest Summits and Conferences

  4. Latest Awards and Nominations

  5. List of Ministers of India

  6. List of IPL and WorldCup Winners

  7. Largest National Parks and Sanctuaries

  8. Name of historical monuments in India

  9. UNESCO World Heritage

  10. Full forms of organisations

FAQs on General Knowledge

1. Can I download solved General Knowledge questions online?

Yes, you can download General Knowledge questions online. You can get free PDFs of solved questions of GK by registering yourself in Vedantu’s app. These questions are solved by our team of experts.

2. How can I learn current affairs on a daily basis?

You can learn current affairs on a daily basis by referring to the newspapers and news channels regularly. There are also various sites online where you can opt for mock tests on General Awareness.