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GK Questions for Class 12

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Class 12 GK Questions by Vedantu

General knowledge is an important aspect of students’ life, and it is an important foundation for the intellectual building for students from Class 12. General knowledge helps students from Class 12 to grow both on the personal and academic level. Class 12 Students always use to rote things and it is really important to make them learn instead of rote. It is important to take some twist in their studies by introducing general knowledge quizzes at both the home and school. 

Through general knowledge, students can analyze the situation better. Here some GK quiz questions and answers are given below which will help students from Class 12 in their mental growth. These are some questions and answers for general knowledge for Class 12 students which will help them increase IQ and will make them smarter. 

General Knowledge is important for enhancing our sense of perceiving the world, for better understanding, and analysis of the situation cannot be possible without proper knowledge. These GK questions will help the Class 12 students not only in updating their knowledge but also in the future as well when they will be going to take admissions in colleges. These GK questions will help the students in cracking entrance tests in colleges and universities.

Our experts have compiled a list of all the important general knowledge questions for Class 12 students. These questions will help the students to know and understand about all the important historical as well as current affairs of the world. While solving these questions, the students will be more curious to know about these topics and this will help them to widen their scope of knowledge. Below is the list of some of the most important GK questions for Class 12.

Some General Knowledge Questions for Class 12 Students

General knowledge is an important aspect of a student’s life and though not always prescribed in the syllabus, forms an important foundation for intellectual building. Some important GK questions for Class 12 have been mentioned below.

  1. Who first proposed the atomic theory of matter?

Answer: John Dalton

  1. Which reaction is mainly responsible for the cause of energy radiation from the sun?

Answer: Fusion Reaction

  1. The Ramon Magsaysay Award is given in memory of the former president of which country?

Answer: Philippines

  1. Which field did Amartya Sen win the Nobel Prize in the year 1998?

Answer: Economics (Welfare Economics)

  1. The book titled “1283” illustrates the career of which Football legend?

Answer: Pele

  1. The Rohingyas are a minority of which state?

Answer: Myanmar

  1. What does ”Global Dimming” mean?

Answer: Gradual reduction in the amount of global direct irradiance at the Earth’s Surface.

  1. Which viceroy of India withdrew the Doctrine of Lapse?

Answer: Lord Canning

  1. Set A has 3 elements and set B has 4 elements. Then the amount of injective functions that will be defined from set A to line B is





Answer: 24

  1. Who led the revolt of 1857 from Gwalior?

Answer: Tantia Tope

  1. Who is the writer of the Bengali play Neel Darpan?

Answer: Dinabandhu Mitra

  1. Harauti Language is spoken in which Indian State?

Answer: Rajasthan

  1. The Heredity Unit gene is made up of?

Answer: DNA

  1. The scientist who is considered as the father of genetics?

Answer: Gregor Johann Mendel

  1. P and Q together have 3 times what Q and R have, while P, Q and R together have thirty rupees more than P. If Q has 5 times what R has then what amount does P have?





Answer: 65

  1. Where is the Volcano “Mount Elgon” located?

Answer: Border of Uganda and Kenya

  1. During which session of the Muslim League was the demand of Pakistan put forward?

Answer: Lahore session

  1. Which civilization is considered as the oldest civilization of the world?

Answer: Mesopotamian Civilization

  1. Who is known as the father of Modern Medicine?

Answer: Hippocrates

  1. Who was the first to sail around the world?

Answer: Ferdinand Magellan

  1. Which newspaper was the first newspaper of the British Government?

Answer: Bengal Gazette

  1. Who was captured during the Chittagong Armory case?

Answer: Surya Sen

  1. Lavani is a dance form of which state?

Answer: Maharashtra

  1. Who was the founder of the Pallava Dynasty?

Answer: Simha Vishnu

  1. Who has written the famous handbook ‘Arthashastra’?

Answer: Kautilya

  1. Who built the Vijay Stambha Tower of victory in Chittorgarh?

Answer: Rana Kumbha

  1. Which committee recommended for the constitutional position to be provided to the Panchayati Raj?

Answer: LM Singhvi Committee

  1. Who was appointed as the constitutional Advisor of the Constituent Assembly?

Answer: BN Rau

  1. Which Command is the first and the only Tri-service theater command of the Indian Armed Forces based in Port Blair?

Answer: Andaman and Nicobar Command

  1. Who was the First women Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force?

Answer: Marshal Padmavathy Bandopadhyay

  1. What is the Russian Name for INS Vikramaditya?

Answer: Admiral Groshkov

  1. Which sport is associated with the Ryder Cup?

Answer: Men’s Golf

  1. Who has written the Man Booker Prize winner book White Tiger?

Answer: Aravind Adiga

  1. Which former United States first lady has written ‘Becoming’?

Answer: Michelle Obama

  1. Which day is celebrated as International Labor Day?

Answer: May 1, 2022

Here we have provided a list of important questions for Class 12 GK questions with answers for students to upskill their general knowledge. The General Knowledge Questions provided by our experts will surely help the students to improve their general knowledge about the topics from all around the world and from all varied fields. Practicing these GK questions will improve the base of vital fundamental knowledge of an individual and will boost their confidence as well. We hope that you have practiced these Class 12 GK questions with answers and will surely help you in updating your knowledge.

These are some questions and answers for a general knowledge quiz for students from Class 12 which will help them increase IQ and will make them smarter. The GK questions for Class 12 provided on Vedantu helps students from Class 12 to grow their confidence level and they have been proven to be of great help during some important events such as quizzes, texts, interviews etc. It also helps students to narrow their sense of perceiving the world. They can understand, and analyze the situations better as one would without proper knowledge. General knowledge opens gateways to their thinking, and takes it to a level from where the whole world seems to be a better place. 

FAQs on GK Questions for Class 12

1. What is General Knowledge (GK)?

General knowledge can be defined as culturally valued knowledge about any particular topic relating to the social interest of a country, society, culture, civilization, or a community, which may be communicated by a range of some non-specialist media. It is knowledge of various different topics and subjects. General Knowledge (GK) can be divided into two parts, Current Affairs and Static GK. Current affairs include events that are currently happening in the world whereas; static GK includes fact based knowledge.

2. How can students from Class 12 learn General Knowledge (GK) fast?

The best way for students from Class 12 to learn General Knowledge (GK) is with Vedantu’s GK Questions for Class 12. It covers almost all types of topics that they need. Other than that, students can watch news, read newspapers or books. Expansion of knowledge occurs through constant reading either in the means of books, magazines or newspapers. Students learn most by writing down the things that they studied or they watched and they tend to retain these facts for a long time once you practice by writing or making notes.

3. Why is General Knowledge (GK) important for Class 12 students?

General Knowledge (GK) is very important for Class 12 students as it can help them in developing your mind and knowledge. Vedantu has provided GK Questions for Class 12 to give them insight into numerous things that will make them an aware person. A good general knowledge enables students from 12 to be a part of various general quizzes at their school, university and office level, on which they tend to gain a lot of respect along with some great rewards.

4. What are the advantages of GK Questions for Class 12 from Vedantu?

The following are the advantages of GK Questions for Class 12 from Vedantu.

  • Better Grades: GK Questions for Class 12 from Vedantu can help students enhance their academic knowledge to a great level. 

  • Makes Conversation Interesting: This will enable students from Class 12 to start conversations and convert their conversation into something meaningful.

  • Effective Interaction: With GK Questions for Class 12 from Vedantu, interaction with different students, teachers and people becomes really easy and enjoyable when students have proper knowledge about them. 

  • Enhance your Public Skills: GK Questions for Class 12 from Vedantu will help students get rid of the fear of public speaking as they will no longer be worried about filling the long pauses and gaps.

5.  How can students improve their General Knowledge (GK)?

Students can improve their General Knowledge (GK) by referring to Vedantu’s GK questions for Class 12. The questions and answers provided in Vedantu’s GK questions for Class 12 are not only helpful in the field of education for students from Class 12 but also in enhancing their overall personality and competitive spirit. With proper knowledge of various ongoing events and useful events of the past provided in Vedantu’s GK questions helps students have a broad knowledge of some basic facts that are also part of the Class 12 academic syllabus.