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GK Questions for Class 9

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Class 9 GK Questions

Class 9 is a senior class, and when students enter class 9, they have to decide their aims in life. Many students want to study science, some want to pursue their career in commerce, and others want to go into administrative services. There is hard competition in every field. If a student wants to excel in his/her field, he/she has to gain more knowledge. GK provides extra knowledge and information to the students of class 9 that not only helps in enhancing their knowledge but also helps to make them confident to pursue their careers. Students have to give various competitive exams to reach their goals and GK plays an important role in achieving their aim. Thus, students of class 9 must study GK to gain confidence and improve their knowledge. This will help them to scale new heights in their lives. 

The Advantages of GK for Class 9 Students

There are many advantages of GK for class 9 students. Some of the best advantages for the students of class 9 to study GK are given here:

  • When students of class 9 have to give competitive exams, GK is one of the main subjects. Thus, studying GK will help the students of class 9 to prepare for their competitive exams. 

  • GK will help the students of class 9 to get knowledge about the current affairs and events that are taking place in the country and the whole world. This will help to sharpen their minds.

  • GK acts as a brain topic for the students of class 9 because when they get bored from their regular classes, they can study GK to freshen up their minds. 

  • It helps to develop the personality of students because at most places, a person is judged by his/her knowledge. Having good general knowledge is a good personality trait. Thus, GK can help students to develop a good personality.

  • GK questions can help the students of class 9 in the growth of their knowledge and skills. They can build their personal and professional confidence. 

GK Quiz Questions for Class 9 with Answers

Here, 1 to 35 GK questions for Class 9 are given along with their answers. Firstly, try to guess the answer to the question. If you fail, only after that, check and answer. Do learn and remember all these questions. So, let's get started:

  • Question 1. You must have seen LTE written on your smartphone. What does LTE stand for?

Answer 1. Long Term Evolution

  • Question 2. Niagara Falls is an international border between which two countries?

Answer 2. Canada and the USA

  • Question 3. When was the first International yoga day celebrated?

Answer 3. 2015

  • Question 4. What is the full form of MGNREGA?

Answer 4. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act ( 2005 )

  • Question 5. The oldest stock exchange in Asia is situated in India? Which is it?

Answer 5. Bombay Stock Exchange

  • Question 6. Who was the first Vice President of India?

Answer 6. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

  • Question 7. When did the Right to Information Act pass?

Answer 7. 2005

  • Question 8. Where do the Onge and Jarawa tribes find?

Answer 8. Andaman Islands

  • Question 9. Where was the session of Congress held in 1919?

Answer 9. Amritsar

  • Question 10. Where is the Reserve Bank of India located?

Answer 10. Mumbai

  • Question 11. What is the full form of ICICI Bank?

Answer 11. Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India

  • Question 12. Who is known as the father of Economics?

Answer 12. Adam Smith 

  • Question 13. Who is the inventor of dynamite?

Answer 13. Alfred Nobel

  • Question 14. Mohiniattam is a folk dance of which state?

Answer 14. Kerala

  • Question 15. What was the name of the mother of Indira Gandhi?

Answer 15. Kamala Nehru

  • Question 16. Asiatic Lions are only found in?

Answer 16. India(Gir Forest, Gujrat)

  • Question 17. What is used in making pencils?

Answer 17. Graphite

  • Question 18. When did World War I happen?

Answer 18. 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918

  • Question 19. Who was the founder of the Khilji Dynasty?

Answer 19. Jalaluddin Khalji

  • Question 20. Who was the first female IAS officer?

Answer 20. Anna R. Malhotra

  • Question 21. An electric bulb is filled with which gas?

Answer 21. Noble gases (commonly Argon)

  • Question 22. Where is Tehran located?

Answer 22. Iran

  • Question 23. Where is Eravikulam National Park located?

Answer 23. Kerala 

  • Question 24. Which is the national sport of Japan?

Answer 24. Sumo Wrestling

  • Question 25. What is Petra?

Answer 25. One of the 7 wonders of the world in Jordan

  • Question 26. "As you like it" is written by?

Answer 26. William Shakespeare

  • Question 27. Who was Farruksiyar?

Answer 27. Mughal Emperor (1713 - 1719)

  • Question 28. Where is the Kalahari desert situated?

Answer 28. Africa

  • Question 29. What is the capital of the country Monaco?

Answer 29. Monte Carlo

  • Question 30. Which country's border touches the maximum countries?

Answer 30. China 

  • Question 31. Where is the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme?

Answer 31. Nairobi, Kenya

  • Question 32. When was the most famous mid-day meal scheme launched?

Answer 32. 1995

  • Question 33. What should be added in 634 so that it'll become a perfect square root?

Answer 33. 95

  • Question 34. What is H.C.F.?

Answer 34. The greatest common factor on which two numbers will be divided.

  • Question 35. From where does the Nile river originate?

Answer 35. Lake Victoria

FAQs on GK Questions for Class 9

1. How is GK useful for the students of class 9?

GK is very useful for the students of class 9. They can widen their vision and improve their knowledge by studying GK. This can help them to prepare for different competitive exams that are mandatory to reach their goals. Students can gain confidence in their personal and professional life by studying GK because general knowledge makes them stand out in the crowd. Students can gain general knowledge to keep themselves informed about the events taking place in the world and in their country. 

2. How do students of class 9 study GK?

There are many sources for class 9 students to study GK. There are different ways by which students can enrich their knowledge. First of all, students of class 9 must inculcate a habit of reading newspapers because newspapers can give them the best information about the latest events happening all over the country and all around the world. They can either look for the latest news on the internet or can get information from the newspapers. Students must read other books, magazines, and journals to enhance their general knowledge.

3. What are some sample questions for class 9 GK?

Some sample questions for class 9 GK are given here. Students of class 9 must know such types of questions related to general knowledge for enhancing their knowledge:

  1. Name the ruler who founded the Mughal Dynasty in India.

  2. Which planet has the largest number of moons?

  3. Which is the most abundant element found in nature?

  4. Which gland controls blood pressure in the human body?

  5. Name the metal that is found in human blood.

  6. Name the country where newspapers are published on cloth.

  7. Name the river on which Hirakud Dam is built.