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GK Questions for Class 1

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Class 1 GK Questions

Acquiring solid general knowledge is very important for students, especially at an early age so they can have good fundamentals. Here we bring the list of Important Gk Questions for the Class 1 students. All these questions are from a wide range of topics. Solving all these questions will help increase the student’s general awareness, and it will also help the students build the base for the future. Mastering basic general awareness will boost the student's knowledge about general knowledge. Here we will look at some general knowledge questions that will help the Class 1 students become aware of general knowledge.

List of Questions About GK for Class 1

  1. How many sense organs do we have?

Answer: 5

  1. What is the colour of the sunflower?

Answer: Yellow

  1. Which is the national sport of India?

Answer: Hockey

  1. How many legs does a cow have?

Answer: 4

  1. In which season do we wear a sweater?

Answer: Winters

  1. On which date, do we celebrate independence day in India?

Answer: 15th August

  1. Who was the first prime minister of India?

Answer: Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

  1. How many minutes does an hour have?

Answer: 60 min.

  1. What is the colour of cow’s milk?

Answer: White

  1. Which planet is closest to the Sun?

Answer: Mercury

  1. Name the vowels in English.

Answer: a, e, i, o, u.

  1. Which is the longest animal on earth?

Answer: Giraffe

  1. Which is the biggest country in the world?

Answer: Russia

  1. Which is the smallest state in India?

Answer: Goa

  1. What is the capital of India?

Answer: Delhi

  1. Which part of the plant is under the ground?

Answer: Roots 

  1. What is the colour of the sky?

Answer: Blue

  1. How many wheels does a car have?


  1. Which gas do humans breathe to survive?

Answer: Oxygen

  1. What comes after Monday?

Answer: Tuesday

Here we have provided a list of important questions for Class 1 students to upskill their general knowledge. The team of experts has designed all the questions at Vedantu to help the students of Class 1 increase their general knowledge. There are many benefits of solving GK questions by the Class 1 students like, they're going to become more curious and excited to learn new things, begin to ask questions and express their thoughts in front of others. They will become more aware of their surroundings and the latest developments worldwide.

Tips to Increase General Knowledge

In the advancing times, it is important to keep yourselves updated with the latest affairs which would help you enhance your general knowledge on the same. 

A few tips that can be used to do so are listed below. 

  • Watching TV 

You shall consider watching TV for at least half an hour a day. Specifically, the news channel so that you get to know about whatever has been happening around you, across the world. The best time to watch it is during the night hours so that you get an insight into the entire day. 

  • Reading Newspaper 

These days, the newspaper has become one of the most underrated mediums. The old people still have a habit of reading it but when it comes to the younger generations, they don't do so. As a matter of fact, it conveys every detail of what has been happening. The first thing that you should do after waking up is read a newspaper, if you don’t have enough time, try reading just the headlines. 

  • Apps and Websites 

Since the current generations have a habit of being on their phones or laptops for most of the hours of the day, they should use the apps and websites that keep them updated. Some news apps are very popular these days and spending a good 20 minutes reading and scrolling through them would do all the good to you. 

  • Refer to GK Books 

Another resource that can be used to stay updated is books that state the General Knowledge facts. Since it is an old school technique, it is known to be very effective. Reading through a book can put the concepts straight into your mind and this can also help you memorise them better. Students can consider using a highlighter to mark the important points so that it becomes easier for them to locate the most important parts. 

  • Social Media 

Students shall also consider scrolling through social media to keep themselves updated. Although it is considered to be a platform used for entertainment, as a matter of fact, it presents information in a creative manner that can be easily registered by someone who views a post or reads it. 

  • Read Magazines 

Although reading a magazine might seem like an out of fashion kind of thing but in reality, it is one of the most powerful things that can be used by people to stay in tune with the world. They are also very accessible resources which means that it is easily available near your surrounding areas and also, in the school and college libraries. 

  • Attempt Quizzes 

Nothing is guaranteed until you test your knowledge. Hence, students are advised to take up some small general knowledge-based quizzes so that they can self evaluate and also, get to know about current affairs. There might be times when you give wrong answers but once you get to know where you went wrong, you can easily improve with time. 

  • Attend Seminars and Webinars 

Attending workshops or seminars or webinars can eventually help you get better at updating yourselves. Since these kinds of events are flooded with information, mostly, it can help you gain a lot of understanding of what is happening around you. This is also a great way for people to socialise and discuss various topics.


This is a small list of GK questions for Class 1 for you to study. It is obvious that the list of such questions is endless. To increase your knowledge, make sure you study more and focus on remembering what you have read.

FAQs on GK Questions for Class 1

1. How can you prepare before a quiz competition?

There are no such preparation guidelines for participating in quiz competitions. All you can do is stay calm, be confident, and build a strong team. Talk about different topics when you are free with your teammates as coordination is must during answering questions on the competition day. Watch quiz competitions, read as much as you can, and remember what you have read.

2. What is the benefit of studying GK questions?

Studying GK questions increases your knowledge in different dimensions. Be it history, current affairs, or any other subject, when you know the answers of different questions, you work on your foundation. Moreover, answering questions in a competition also makes you confident, smart, and prompt.