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Class 11 GK Questions

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Acquiring good General knowledge is an essential part of human life. General knowledge opens gateways of our thinking, and takes it to a level from where the whole world seems to be a better place. It not only helps the students to improve their academic scores but also helps in their personal development. Developing a solid general knowledge right from the school days gives a student an edge for future interviews and competitive examinations. We have compiled a list of all the important 11th standard gk questions. All these questions are from a wide range of topics. Our aim is to help the students to widen their scope of knowledge beyond their academics for the overall development of their personalities. Below is the list of important gk questions for Class 11.

11th Standard GK Questions

1. Which team won the cricket world cup in the year 2019?

Answer: England

2. Who is the founder of the Ramakrishna Mission(1897)?

Answer: Swami Vivekananda

3. The Beighton Cup is associated with which game?

Answer: Hockey

4. Which Athlete is nicknamed as the Golden girl?

Answer: PT Usha

5. Who was the leader of the Young Bengal Movement?

Answer: Henry Vivian Derozio

6. During the reign of Harshavardhana, where was the largest Buddhist monastery established?

Answer: Nalanda

7. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)was established in the year?

Answer: 1981

8. Dreams from my Father is a New York bestselling autobiography of?

Answer: Barack Obama

9. Who is India’s First sportsperson to receive Padma Vibhushan Award?

Answer: Viswanathan Anand

10. The ancient  Hindu temple 'Preah Vihear' is a source of dispute between which two countries?

Answer: Cambodia and Thailand 

11. Worlds largest cave is located in which country?

Answer: Hang Son Doong (Vietnam)

12. The slave dynasty was founded by which Delhi Sultan?

Answer: Qutb al-Din Aibak

13. There are 10 points in a plane and 4 of them are collinear. The number of straight lines that will be joining any two points is?

  1. 45

  2. 40

  3. 39

  4. 38

Answer: 40

14. The solution 5x - 1 < 24 and 5x + 1 > -24 is?

  1. (4, 5)

  2. (-5, -4)

  3. (-5, 5)

  4. (-5, 4)

Answer: (-5,5)

15. What does SWAN stand for?

Answer: State Wide Area Network 

16. The International “Yoga Divas” is celebrated on?

Answer: 21st June

17. An “Autobiography of a yogi” is a book written by?

Answer: Paramahansa Yogananda

18. The ‘City Next’ initiative technology for the sustainable growth of cities in India has been launched by?

Answer: Microsoft 

19. The Nobel Prize was started by which country?

Answer: Sweden

20. Which country in the world initiated the process of the Fourth Wave of Democratic Transition?

Answer: Tunisia

21. Operation Meghdoot was carried out by the Indian Army to establish control over?

Answer: Siachen Glacier

22. Who was the first Indian mountaineer to climb Mount Everest 10 times?

Answer: Ang Rita Sherpa

23. Who was the first and last  Indian to be Governor-General of free India?

Answer: C Rajagopalachari

24. The Pravasi Bhartiya Divas is celebrated every year?

Answer: 9 January

25. Who was the chairman of the Drafting Committee set up by the constituent assembly?

Answer: Babasaheb Ambedkar

26. Which act of the British government in India had introduced the dual government in provinces?

Answer: Government of India Act (1919)

27. The Dachigam Sanctuary is located at?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

28. The Veliconda Hills, which is a part of Eastern ghats, is situated at?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

29. The Theosophical Society in India was founded by?

Answer: Annie Besant

30. The famous book Tahqiq-i-Hind was written by which scholar?

Answer: Al Beruni

31. The statement ‘Matter cannot be created or destroyed’ is validated by which rule?

Answer: Rule of Energy Conversion

32. Who was called the “Indian Napoleon” by VA Smith?

Answer: Samudragupta 

33. The secretory product pectin of the cell wall is chemically a?

Answer: Carbohydrate

34. The term ‘Meiosis’ is coined by?

Answer: Farmer and Moore

35. Space Research Centre ‘Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is located at?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)

We have provided a list of all the important GK questions for Class 11 with answers. These questions have been created from a wide range of topics like science, historical events, important places or persons, mathematics, etc so that students can get a fundamental base of all the spheres of surroundings. These questions will help the students to improve their general knowledge. Solving GK questions can benefit students in a lot of ways. They will be more intrigued about new concepts and things and would want to know more about them, which in return will help them deepen their scope of knowledge.