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GK Questions for Class 5

Last updated date: 22nd May 2024
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Class 5 GK Questions

Solving the GK Questions For Class 5 will help young students learn valuable information that will help them grow up, regardless of the class they are going to, all their lives. The GK For 5th Class will help students refine their reasoning skills. It will allow them to become more sharp, insightful, and competent. The questions and answers given in the GK Question 5th Class quiz do not generally need to be relevant to the Class 5 syllabus or have a bearing on its academic performance. In the long term, though, it would certainly support Class 5 students in their lives.

General Knowledge plays a very crucial role in the life of the students and since Class 5 is the beginning step for the mental development of the child, it is imperative to teach them, General Knowledge, as a subject to help them develop their knowledge well.

Advantages of General Knowledge for Class 5 students

General Knowledge has a number of benefits for the students of class 5, some of them are as follows:

  • A fun way to learn:

The path of learning, be it GK or any other subject, is neverending. For the students competing in GK quizzes, it is a fun way to learn and look ahead to it. Also, playing games to reinforce the concepts of general knowledge will make learning a measurable parameter while enjoying. 

  • Helps build a foundation:

World Politics, Sports, Celebrities, Monuments, Personalities, Interesting Science Experiences, etc. are some of the common general knowledge topics that must be introduced to the children to help them build a solid foundation. 

  • Eliminates fear of public speaking:

The importance of general knowledge is more deep-rooted than just being a qualified conversationalist. Strong command over the language when combined with knowledge about various subjects and current affairs can help the students to eliminate their fear of public speaking, as they will no longer be worried about filling the long pauses and gaps that occur due to lack of knowledge.

  • Helps improve thinking skills:

As we know that knowledge and mental stimulation plays a massive role in enhancing the student's brain. So, when the students are exposed to more knowledge-based topics, they improve their higher thinking capability. This inculcates a radical improvement in their perception, knowledge, and communication skills. Thus, thinking creatively and objectively enhances their behavioral skills.

  • Helps students prepare for competitions:

There are many competitions like GK quizzes and olympiads that are held over the year and have achieved popularity. As these olympiads test a student's knowledge and skills the students can really perform well with the hands-on knowledge and that adds real value to their learning exposure and experience about different areas of general knowledge. 

  • Enhances the arena of Knowledge:

General knowledge helps the students to learn beyond academics. Since education is all about experiencing and understanding what goes around you from a unique perspective GK satisfies this evidently. 

List of Questions About GK for Class 5

1. What is Mahatma Gandhi called?

Answer: Father of Nation.

2. Name the folk dance of Assam?

Answer: Bihu

3. Name one heavy metal?

Answer: Gold.

4. Name the 4th planet of our solar system?

Answer: Mars.

5. 30th January is celebrated as:

Answer: Martyrs’ day

6. Name the largest river in the world?

Answer: Amazon.

7. Where is Gir National Park located?

Answer: Gujarat.

8. Which animal can live without drinking water for many days?

Answer: Camel.

9. Name one plant which grows in the Desert?

Answer: Cactus.

10. Delhi is situated on the bank of which river?

Answer: Yamuna

11. National fruit of India:

Answer: Mango.

12. How many UT’s are there in India?

Answer: 8.

13. Which city is called Pearl City?

Answer: Hyderabad.

14. Victoria Memorial is located in which city?

Answer: Kolkata.

15. Name one famous crop of Assam?

Answer: Tea.

16. Name one cash crop.

Answer: Tea, Jute, Sugarcane, Cotton, and Tobacco, etc.

17. Name the brightest planet in the Solar system.

Answer: Venus

18. Where does a lion live?

Answer: Den.

19. How many players are there on the football team?

Answer: 11.

20. Name the president of the USA.

Answer: Joe Biden.

21. Young one of a cow is called:

Answer: Calf.

22. In Which sea Ganga river falls?

Answer: Bay of Bengal.

23. PV Sindhu is associated with which sport?

Answer: Badminton

24. Where will the 2021 Olympic Games be held?

Answer: Tokyo.

25. How many sides are there in Hexagon?

Answer: 6.

26. A Place where dead bodies are kept:

Answer: Mortuary

27. Name the largest ocean in the world.

Answer: Pacific.

28. Samsung is the company of which country?

Answer: South Korea.

29. The scientific study of an earthquake is called:

Answer: Seismology.

30. Name the author of the book ‘Wings of Fire’.

Answer: A P J Kalam.



All of this will include topics on important heads of state of various countries, prominent people that have accomplished success in different fields, large deserts, rivers on different continents, global events, most famous islands around the world, oceans, bridges, monuments, winners of most famous science awards, literature, etc. These Simple Gk Questions For Class 5 are prepared by the Vedantu experts from various fields like history, science, math, society, geography, maps, sports, etc. This will give them the courage to engage with new persons, exchange information with them, and continue to learn knowledge at the same time. This will help them develop closer relationships with like-minded individuals and expand their circle of peers, who will support them in their later stages of life.

FAQs on GK Questions for Class 5

1. How is GK useful for the students of Class 5?

General knowledge is something that is imperative beyond standards as it really helps the students to grow both on a personal as well as an academic level. General Knowledge narrows the student’s sense of perceiving the world, understanding, and analyzing the situations better as others would without proper knowledge. General knowledge as a subject also helps the students develop themselves well on the academic front. Thus, promoting their holistic development through its study. Therefore, to be aware of the world’s situations and to have an edge over others, the study of GK is required for the students of class 5.

2. Is General knowledge a good thing for the students of Class 5?

General Knowledge does much more than just to help the students of class 5 hone their thinking skills. It is definitely a good thing to acquire since it actually makes learning a lot easier as when the student has in-depth knowledge about a topic they tend to answer the questions much better. General Knowledge is not cumulative, but it grows exponentially over a period of time. The students who have a rich base of factual knowledge find it easier to learn more things than the others and thus, the rich get richer.

3. What are the benefits of being knowledgeable for the students of Class 5?

The benefits of General knowledge are innumerable; however, it helps the students to develop the ability to study effectively, enhancing their minds with knowledge and skill, thus, resulting in better grades. The students become able to understand things and perform tasks that make them feel confident and good about themselves. The students gain knowledge through the study of GK and skills through the application of what they have learned in the subject. Thus, it is of utmost importance for the students to study General Knowledge.

4. Where can I get the GK questions for class 5?

The students of class 5 can easily refer to the GK questions provided by Vedantu on their sire for the student's reference. The study material provided by Vedantu will help the students to enrich their knowledge and understanding while making their doubts clear. The resources available on Vedantu are free of cost for the students’ easy access. The resources on Vedantu include revision notes, worksheets, practice exercises, important questions, and sample papers, amongst others to facilitate better preparation on the students' part.

5. Are the GK questions for class 5 by Vedantu helpful?

Yes, the general knowledge questions provided by Vedantu are 100% accurate and prepared by the subject experts after in-depth analysis and understanding of the subject, while keeping in mind the students' learning and mental capabilities. The questions by Vedantu are very useful for the students in not just enriching their knowledge but also developing a new perspective for looking at things. This way the students can improve their overall personality and also maintain their learning practical. Vedantu offers all the possible resources for the students to make them succeed in their studies.