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Question Bank

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Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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What is Question Bank?

Students tend to take a lot of tests online. These tests are stored somewhere, right? Well, the place where all these questions are stored is known as the question bank. It is a place that stores all the quiz-related questions and organizes them in perfect categories. Some of the different types of questions that are included in the question bank are multiple-choice questions, true and false questions, file uploading, essays, and filling the blanks along with some other specific types. 

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What is the Purpose of a Question Bank?

The question bank allows the people adding the questions to select a particular category so that they can store their questions in a proper manner. They can choose the categories that are provided in the question bank websites. 

Categories will allow the students to group the questions that have a similar format into categories. Some of the categories include the genre, difficulty level, and the subject of the question. Students will be able to build, analyze, and share the results with their set of questions from every single category that is found in the question bank. With this article, students will be able to know what is question bank

How Does a Question Bank Work? 

In order to create the question bank, you will have to select the questions that you want to add and then select the categories as well. In order to start the process, you will create the bank and add all the questions that you want to the quiz. There are multiple ways to do that. One of the methods is to create a particular quiz using the usual format. You can select the question and add it to the category that you one. Another method is used in order to create the question bank. You can use the excel template in order to upload multiple questions at the same time period. This actually saves a lot of time in case you have to upload a huge number of questions in the question bank. 

When you are creating an online quiz, you will be able to include as many questions as you want according to the category given in the bank. All you have to do is simply select the number of questions that you want to add from a specific category. 

The Experience of the Test Taker 

Every single time a test taker will start taking the quiz, the system will then randomly select all the questions and the number of questions according to the chosen category of the candidate. This example will clear any doubt of yours. Suppose a person A has to create a question bank biology with about 500. Suppose that all of these questions have the same difficulty level as they are placed in the ‘Easy’ category of questions. A creates a quiz consisting of ten different questions related to the category. So, every single time the test taker will start the exam, the system will then pick 10 different questions from the 500 questions that have been provided in the question bank. 

Since there are a large number of questions, there is a chance that students will always get questions that are not similar to one another. In case the student decides to repeat the entire quiz again, the system will ensure that random questions are selected again. 

Benefits of Creating a Question Bank

There are certain benefits to creating a question bank. Suppose you want to create a question bank biology for the test taker. These are the benefits that creating a question bank will include. 

  • It is basically an organized and simple way to ensure the secure storage of questions to use in future quizzes. 

  • This method is efficient and convenient for creating online tests by simply picking out the number of questions you need from every single category. 

  • This enables the students to retake the test more than once. There will always be different questions included in the set when the test is repeated. 

  • The creation of a question bank also minimizes cheating since the pool of important questions is pretty large. It is less likely that the students will get the same questions in another set. Plus, the order of the questions will also be randomized. 

  • The inclusion of categories ensures that questionnaires are able to analyze as well as view the performance of the test taker according to the category that they choose. Hence, the question bank also helps in assisting with the development requirements of the test takers.


The article provides a detailed explanation of the usefulness of a question bank. Students can use this article to create their very own question bank. 

FAQs on Question Bank

1. What is a question bank? 

Ans: A question bank can be defined as a place online where people will be able to store the questions that they want someone to take. The question bank allows the proper storage of a set of questions. It also organizes them in a particular manner based on the categories of the questions. With the help of categories, people will be able to store the questions that have a similar format. Some of the examples of categories in a question bank include the level of difficulty, the genre of questions, and the subject that the questions are related. Test takers can access these questions online and the system ensures that random questions are picked every time they decide to take the test. 

2. What are some benefits of creating a question bank?

Ans: A question bank efficiently stores all the questions in a particular format so that test-takers can access them without trouble. So, one of the main benefits of a question bank is that it is a convenient location where you will be able to systematically store your questions on the basis of the category that they belong to. A question bank will ensure that no matter how many questions you have, they get stored without any trouble. Also, since the number of questions is pretty huge, it ensures that students aren’t able to cheat. The system randomly picks out the questions to ensure that no two sets of questions are the same.