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GK Questions for Class 8

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Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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GK Questions for Class 8 with Answers

General knowledge is a vast subject and there's no end to learning general knowledge. It is a multi-dimensional subject that helps in gaining knowledge of all the subjects and helps the student to enhance his general awareness. It keeps the person updated and more confident than others.

Here, we're presenting GK questions for Class 8. Solving these questions will help the students in gaining confidence and more and more knowledge with respect to different subjects and fields. The student will come to know about various developments and their surroundings. It helps them to create a base for their future and develop their own opinions on a number of topics. Go through the list of important GK questions and practice them and learn those facts of which you were not aware. So you can test your general knowledge with the help of these questions available on the website of Vedantu and its mobile application.

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GK Questions for Class 8th with Answers

Here 1 to 67 GK questions for the 8th class are given along with their answers. Try to guess the answer by yourself first. If you fail to guess, you will still learn something out of it.

1. How many players are there in one Baseball team?

Ans: Nine

2. Who founded the search engine " Google"?

Ans: Larry Page & Sergey Brin

3. How many sides does the Pentagon have?

Ans: Five

4. What does 4G mean?

Ans: Fourth Generation

5. When was the camera invented?

Ans: In the year 1816

6. What is the height of Kanchenjunga?

Ans: 8,586 meter

7. What is the origin of the Tapi river?

Ans: Satpura Ranges

8. Which is said to be the highest region of the earth?

Ans: Tibet - 14,370 feet above sea level.

9. Which public sector bank is the largest in India?

Ans: State Bank of India

10. What was the ruling period of Razia Sultana?

Ans: 1236AD - 1240AD

11. Where is Salim Ali National Park located?

Ans: Jammu & Kashmir

12. Name any other search engine besides Google.

Ans: Yahoo

13. Where is the World Health Organisation situated?

Ans: Geneva, Switzerland

14. When does National Science day celebrate?

Ans: February 28

15. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of which country?

Ans: Malaysia

16. What is the currency of Japan?

Ans: Japanese Yen

17. Where is the pyramid of Khufu present?

Ans: Egypt

18. Which Mughal ruler is associated with Bibi ka Maqbara?

Ans: Aurangzeb

19. Where was freedom fighter Udham Singh born?

Ans: Sangrur, Punjab

20. How many times can an American President be elected?

Ans: Eight years (Two times)

21. Who is known as the Father of Mathematics?

Ans: Archimedes

22. What is the capital of Mexico City?

Ans: Mexico City

23. How many MBs are there in 1 GB?

Ans: 1024 MBs

24. Name any one country which is present in both Asia and Europe.

Ans: Turkey

25. What does COVID-19 mean?

Ans: Coronavirus Disease 2019

26. Which probe launch influenced the movie "Mission Mangal"?

Ans: Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) / Mangalyaan

27. Which revolutionary established the slogan "Jai Jawan Jai Kisan"?

Ans: Lal Bahadur Shastri

28. Who is the writer of "The God of Small Things"?

Ans:  Arundhati Roy

29. Which was the first state on the basis of language in India?

Answer 29. Andhra Pradesh

30. Where does the Bhil tribe find?

Ans: Rajasthan

31. What does "DC" mean in Washington DC?

Ans: District of Columbia

32. What is Nagpur famous for?

Ans: Oranges

33. What is the full form of ISRO?

Ans: Indian Space Research Organisation

34. How many prime and non-prime numbers will there be in between 1 to 100?

Ans: 25 and 73

35. Which date is written in the preamble of India?

Ans: November 26, 1949

36. What is produced when there is friction?

Ans: Heat

37.  What is the International Committee’s motto?

Ans: Faster, Higher, Stronger, and Together

38. How long does a Test Match last?

Ans: Over 5 days

39. When is Earth day celebrated?

Ans: 22nd April

40. ‘Taekwondo’ is from which country?

Ans: Korea

41. Which state in India has its own constitution?

Ans: Jammu and Kashmir

42. Name the smallest continent in the world.

Ans: Australia

43. What does LED stand for?

Ans: Light Emitting Diode

44. What is the language from which the word ‘Tsunami’ comes from?

Ans: Japanese

45. What is the largest organ in the human body?

Ans: Skin

46. Who is the author of the book “The story of my experiments with truth”?

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

47. Which state in India has the longest coastline?

Ans: Gujarat has the longest coastline of 1,596 km.

48. Which desert is the latest desert in the world?

Ans: Sahara

49. Which two oceans are linked by the Panama Canal?

Ans: Atlantic and Pacific

50. Which year did India celebrate its first Republic Day?

Ans: 1950

51. Which continent is considered the hottest in the world?

Ans: Africa

52. Which bank is known as the “Banker’s Bank”?

Ans: Reserve Bank of India

53. Which animal never consumes water at all?

Ans: Kangaroo rat

54. Which element glows in the dark?

Ans: Radioactive element

55. Which planet in the solar system has the longest rotation?

Answer: Venus

56. Which metal is found in the earth’s core?

Ans: Iron

57. Which metal is a soft metal?

Ans: Gold

58. Which metal is in liquid form?

Ans: Mercury

59. Which is the largest animal on land in the world?

Ans: African elephants

60. Which country in the world is the smallest in size?

Ans: Vatican City

61. Which is the fastest animal in the world?

Ans: Cheetah

62. Who invented electricity?

Ans: Benjamin Franklin

63. Which continent is called a “Dark continent”?

Ans: Africa

64. Which number has no number?

Ans: Zero

65. How many stars does the flag of China have?

Ans: Five

66. What are the mediums through which sounds travel?

Ans: Solid, liquid and gas

67. Which is the largest animal in water?

Ans: Blue whale

Here we’ve provided several General Knowledge questions for Class 8 to upgrade their level of general knowledge. These questions are prepared by the Vedantu experts from various fields like History, Science, Maths, Society, Geography, Maps, Sports, etc. so that students can practice and gain knowledge of diversified fields. We hope you've practised all these questions and have also learned them. Practising General Knowledge questions help in understanding the general topics and helps in increasing general awareness. It makes the person more curious about his surroundings and various recent developments & issues. So, keep practising and keep updating your knowledge.

FAQs on GK Questions for Class 8

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