My Favourite Game Essay

Essay on My Favourite Game

My Favourite Game - Badminton

Badminton is one of the most popular games that is played with a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock. In the past, shuttlecock was a tiny cork with a hemisphere having 16 geese- all attached and weighing about 5 grams. But present-day shuttles are made from synthetic materials allowed by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). In the following essay about my favourite game badminton, the rules and regulations, its origin, etc are discussed. Badminton is not only played for time-pass but also played to strengthen physical fitness, enhance concentration, and sharpen the reflex.  

Origin of Badminton

The origin of the name badminton is from the country Estate for Dukes of Beaufort in England. The game was played there for the first time in 1873. The roots of the game were also found in ancient Greece, China and India. The game was also closely associated with the children’s game shuttlecock and battledore. 

The apex authority of the game of badminton is famously known as Badminton World Federation (BWF). It was formed in the year 1934. The headquarter of BWF is in Kualulampur, Malaysia. Badminton is widely played in Indonesia, Japan, Denmark and Malaysia. The first championship under BWF was played in the year 1977. 

More About Badminton

Badminton is not only played in the International level; there are various tournaments played at the national, regional and zonal level in many countries. One of the prestigious tournaments in badminton is All-England Championships played in England. There are also famous international tournaments like Uber Cup and Thomas Cup. 

Badminton was played for the first time in Olympics in 1972 as a demonstration sport. The game was played in full-fledged competitive mode in the year 1992. The game has been played in several categories like men’s singles, women’s singles ever since. Men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles were started from 1996. 

Rules of the Game

Competitive badminton is always played indoors because even a slight wind can affect the movement of the shuttlecock. Badminton meant for recreation is played as an outdoor game. The singles match court for badminton is rectangular in shape and 13.4 meters long and 5.2 meters wide. The net is 1.5 meters high and stretches along the width of the court at its centre. Apart from that a clear space of 1.3 meters around the court is required. The game of badminton consisted of hitting and volleying the shuttlecock back and forth across the net. It should be noticed that the touching of the shuttlecock to the ground or floor within the court boundaries will lead to loss of points.

Badminton is one of the favourite games of many people. It is a great medium of timepass and a recreation. It also provides with physical fitness. Playing badminton keeps us physically fit and mentally refreshed. Badminton is a very popular game for women also. India has produced several renowned badminton players like Gopichand, Saina Nehwal, P.V. Sindhu and so on. India’s performance at the international level badminton is very much pleasing. Badminton is not an easy game to play. It requires physical fitness along with good eyesight and mental agility. Lack of concentration maylead to defeat in the game.