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Opposite Words for Class 1

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Opposite Words in English for Class 1

Antonyms are also referred to as opposite words. In opposite words, we find and write the contrasting word for the given word. For example, if your teacher asks you the opposite of fat, then your answer would be thin. Opposite words are one of the components of grammar. A teacher can introduce early students to opposite words with the help of contrasting pictures, fill in the blanks and match the following activity.

Opposite Words

Opposite Words

In easy language, we can say opposite words are the reverse of something like day and night, hot and cold, dirty and clean and white and black. Sometimes you need to make opposite sentences also like “I like hot tea”, then you could say “I like cold tea” or “I dislike hot tea”.

Ten Easy Opposite Words for Class 1

  1. Narrow - Wide

  2. Opposite - Same

  3. Normal - Strange

  4. Deep - Shallow

  5. Tiny - Huge

  6. Unity - Division

  7. Entrance - Exist

  8. Rich - Poor

  9. Shiny - Dull

  10. Left - Right

Easy Opposite Words

Easy Opposite Words

Opposite Words A to Z

The opposite words A to Z are given.


  1. Above - Below

  2. Asleep - Aawake

  3. Ally - Enemy


  1. Bad - Good

  2. Back - In front of

  3. Big - Small


  1. Cold - Hhot

  2. Calm - Angry

  3. Careful - Careless


  1. Dry - Wet

  2. Deep - Shallow

  3. Dark - Light

E- Letter:

  1. Empty - Full

  2. Enemy - Friend

F- Letter:

  1. Fat - Thin

  2. Fancy - Plain

  3. Fix - Break


  1. Girl - Boy

  2. Giant - Dwarf


  1. Hate - Love

  2. Hot - Cold


  1. In - Out

  2. Inside - Outside


  1. Junior - Senior


  1. Kind - Cruel


  1. Large - Small

  2. Lazy - Active


  1. Marked - Unmarked

  2. Man - Woman


  1. No - Yes

  2. Night - Morning


  1. Off - On

  2. Out - In


  1. Pull - Push

  2. Pass - Fail


  1. Queen - King

  2. Quiet - Loud


  1. Right - Wrong

  2. Rainy - Sunny


  1. Slow - Fast

  2. Soft - Hard


  1. Take - Give

  2. Tall - Small


  1. Ugly - Beautiful

  2. Under - Over


  1. Vacant - Occupied

  2. Victory - Defeat


  1. Wet - Dry

  2. Warm - Cold


  1. Yes - No

  2. Yesterday - Tomorrow

Some More Opposite Words

Some commonly used Opposite words in English for Class 1 are as follows.

Opposite Word for Clean

Cleaning is very important for us, we and our surroundings should be clean. The opposite word is dirty . Let us learn the opposite word of clean with one activity.

Write the Opposite of the Sentence: My house is so dirty, the opposite of this sentence is “My house is so clean”.

Opposite Word for Heavy

You get the feeling of heaviness after eating too much delicious and tasty food. You do not like lifting your heavy bag home from school. Heavy opposite word is light. Write the opposite of the given sentence: I like heavy jewellery, the opposite of the given sentence is “ I like light jewellery”.

Opposite Word for Little

I don't like tasty food in small amounts. All we want are our favourite things in a large amount. Little Opposite word is large. Write the opposite word of the given sentence: I want a little amount of sugar in my tea, the opposite of the given sentence is “I l want a large amount of sugar in my tea.

Opposite Word for Narrow

You see small and narrow streets in your neighbourhood every day. We say, “he is narrow-minded”. The word narrow is related to the word small. The narrow opposite word is broad. The streets were broad. He is Broad-minded.

Opposite Words Related to Personality

Some commonly used opposite words in English for class 1 related to personality are as follows.

  1. Tall - Sshort

  2. Fat - Thin

  3. Big - Small

  4. Shy - Bold

  5. Brave - Coward

  6. Funny - Serious

  7. Honest - Dishonest

  8. Cruel - Kind

  9. Skinny - Fat

  10. Lazy - Active


Opposite words are part of grammar in which students teach contrasting words. Opposite words are also known as antonyms. Opposite words are one of the Grammar activities. The teacher can use many tools to teach students opposite words like matching activity, picture activity, fill in the blank activity, etc. Students get aware of the opposite words in early classes. Opposite words help children in comparison and increase their English vocabulary. The teacher should first introduce class 1 students with simple and easy opposite words, like day-night, hot-cold, love-hate, big-small, girl-boy, etc. This will help students to learn opposite words easily.

FAQs on Opposite Words for Class 1

1. Use the opposite words to rewrite the underlined words.

Jerry is a lazy bird. He likes to sleep for 12 hours. He does not like it if anyone comes to his house. One day he found his old friend that came to his home. He shouted at him. The friend started crying, due to his crying other birds also came and shouted at Tom that day Tom realised how bad he was shouting at others.

Below given paragraphs are written with the help of opposite words:

Jerry is an active bird. He dislikes sleeping for 12 hours. He does not dislike anyone coming to his house. One day he found his new friend that comes to his home.  He shouted at him. The friend started crying, and due to his crying, other birds also came and shouted at Jerry that day Jerry realised how bad is shouting at others.

The opposite of anger is calm, likes are dislikes, and old is new.

2. What is the use of teaching opposite words in class 1?

Teaching opposite words in class 1 is advantageous for kids since it makes learning figures of speech like oxymorons and antithesis easier in higher classes.

3. Write 5 opposite words.

Below are given 5 opposite words

Up-down, true-false, early-late, fast-slow, healthy-sick