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Essay on Rabbit

Found almost in all parts of the world, rabbits are animals which come under the class of mammals. They are considered extremely cute for their appearance. In a rabbit essay, it is important to mention that the most attractive thing about them is their soft body and behaviour. They are extremely careful animals and can sense danger easily. Read on to get more information on Rabbit. 

Physical Features, Habits & Habitat- In An Essay on Rabbit

Rabbits are kept as pets by many. A rabbit essay should highlight that they are extremely loyal to their masters. This playful mammal is known to make a beautiful bond with their masters very quickly. Training rabbits is very easy. In a Rabbit essay in English, we should highlight that they love to play with toys when kept as pets. Rabbits show signs of depression when confined in a small cage with no toys. They also are famous for hopping and exercising in order to stay fit and fine. There are 305 known species of domestic rabbits while 13 non-species of wild rabbits in the world.

In a rabbit essay in English, we should mention that rabbits are grazing animals. They love to feed on fresh carrots and other vegetables or fruits. They also graze on fresh green grass and vegetation. 

In an essay on rabbit, we should highlight that they are very careful when they roam about in an open area. Rabbits are blessed with sharp vision and hearing. They can see and sense danger from a great distance. Rabbits have long ears. In a rabbit topic, it is important to highlight that their eyes can move 360 degrees in order to detect danger. They make holes in the ground and stay there to protect themselves from danger. When a predator chases them, they start running in a zigzag pattern to make the predator tired. These holes are called burrows. 

Rabbits have thick fur on their body. The hind legs of rabbits are stronger and larger than their forelegs. They have two sets of incisors, one behind the other. Rabbits tend to lose their hair regularly and hence should be brushed and removed to avoid hairballs being formed in their stomach. Teeth and nails of rabbits never cease to grow and need to be trimmed in case you are domesticating them. They should be fed frequently. 

In a rabbit essay in English, it is important to highlight that carnivorous and omnivorous animals are predators to rabbits. Foxes, snakes, bears, tigers and lions are few of the predators. Human beings also kill these animals for their flesh. 

10 Lines on Rabbit in English

  1. Rabbits usually prefer to live in groups. A group of rabbits is known as a warren. 

  2. A male rabbit is called a buck. A female rabbit is called a doe. The young ones of the rabbit are called kittens. 

  3. The gestation period of a female rabbit is about one month and they can give birth to about 12 kittens at a time. 

  4. Rabbits are also known by the name of the bunny. 

  5. The average lifespan of rabbits is up to 10 years. 

  6. Rabbits are considered to be a symbol of fertility and rebirth. Hence, they are associated with spring and Easter and known as Easter bunnies. 

  7. In Japanese folklore, rabbits are considered to live on the moon making rice cakes!

  8. Rabbits are extremely vulnerable animals. They need more attention than any other pets. 

  9. Due to their soft and friendly nature, they make great companions of humans

  10.  Rabbits feed on hay/grass and other leafy vegetables. Root vegetables like carrots should be given to them in small quantities as they contain high sugar.  

So, that’s all for an essay on rabbit. The soft, furry animal is only to be befriended and loved and not killed for meat. 

Rabbit Essay for Kids

A Few Lines on Rabbit for Class 2

Rabbits also popularly known as bunnies are vulnerable, small mammals. They are often kept as pets but in that case, extreme care is needed for them. In a short essay on rabbit, it’s important to mention that they are herbivorous and usually feed on green grass and vegetation. Domesticated rabbits feed on vegetables and especially carrots. 

They are found in almost all parts of the world except for Antarctica. They love to play with their masters and with toys. They show signs of depression when kept in captivity without toys. If we were to write five lines on rabbit in English we must mention that-

  1. Rabbits are playful in nature and very loyal to their masters.

  2. They have a sharp sense of hearing and eyesight. 

  3. They have long ears which can detect danger from a long distance. 

  4. In the wild, rabbits dig holes called burrows in the ground and live inside them. 

  5. Rabbits purr like cats when happy. 

Now writing just 5 lines about rabbits is quite a challenge. If we are to write a short paragraph on rabbits, we should mention that rabbits prefer living in a group called a colony or warner. 

In a rabbit paragraph in English, it should also be highlighted that they fall prey to larger animals like wolves, bears, and foxes in the wild. They are otherwise very cautious animals. 

So, that makes for a perfect rabbit essay for kids! Rabbits are of unique personality which makes them a favourite pet among children.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is “binky”?

Ans. When a rabbit is happy, it jumps, twists and spins around in the air. This cute behaviour is known as “binky”.

2. Why do Rabbits scream?

Ans. Screaming of rabbits is an indication of fear, stress, pain or a seizure. It also screams before it dies.

3. Do Rabbits die easily? Why?

Ans. Rabbits tend to fall ill very quickly. They die with extremely common diseases. Rabbit calicivirus is one of the most common infections in rabbits. They are also prey animals to larger animals.