My Favourite Subject Essay

Essay on My Favourite Subject


We start our school. We are introduced to many subjects. There are some subjects that we are scared of. There are some subjects that we are comfortable with. And then there is that one subject that is closer to our heart. For me, that is science or Physics as some may call it.

Why I Like Physics

We live in this world. I believe everything that happens in this world has a ‘why’ behind it. I love to find the ‘why’ behind the things. And Physics helps me do just that. Years ago, a man questioned why things fall down and do not go up. He did not stop till he uncovered the truth that there happens to be force within the celestial bodies that attract things. That man was Isaac Newton. And no, there was no internet or even authoritative books on Physics back then. He realised the fact by using his brain and the little prior research of others that was available to him. This is the beauty of Physics. A sharp mind is all that is needed to question the phenomena of nature. 

Another reason that Physics is my favourite subject is the fact that it requires very little rote learning. One has to understand the basic theory behind anything that pertains to science. If I want to know why the sky is blue, I do not need to memorise anything. My teachers just have to tell me that the blue part of the sunlight is scattered more by the molecules in the air through which the sunlight passes. If I understand this cause and effect relation correctly, I will not forget it ever.

I also love science, because it helps the poor. Earlier, a farmer had to work hard to grow crops, but now with advanced tractors and other scientific tools, he can grow the same amount of crops doing much less work.

Importance of Physics in Our Life

Without our knowledge in science or Physics, we would still be living like cavemen. From the discovery of fire to the invention of wheels - everything happened thanks to our innate love for science, what if an unconscious one. Science can be the synonym for progress. No science, no progress. Every modern electronic equipment - from computers to rockets, from mobiles to street lights - everything needs electricity. And this electricity is also a gift of science!

The beauty of science is it starts from the basic and then it builds up to focus on the more advanced aspects. When Newton discovered gravity, he first thought about why things fall down. However, he soon used the same theory of gravity to reveal that it is the gravitational attraction of the Earth that prevented the moon from straying away from its orbit.


Science is not just about dealing with dry theories and reasons behind the natural matters and events. Science has taught me the value of truth. No matter how hard my elders tried, I would not have understood the value of truth without science. Galileo Galilee could have accepted the Church’s theory of the Earth’s immovability. But he did not. He chose to embrace death rather than live with a lie. I hate darkness. It is with the help of science that I can move from darkness to light - literally and figuratively.