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My Favorite Game Badminton Essay

Last updated date: 21st Apr 2024
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Essay on My Favorite Game Badminton

Badminton is an indoor game played across the net with a shuttlecock and a racket. It is considered one of the most popular racket sports among amateurs as well as professionals and serves to be a great recreational activity. The most commonly played patterns are singles which only require one player on each side of the net and doubles consists of four players with two on each side. So, this essay on my favorite game badminton is an insight into the history, rules, and regulations of the game and its gaining popularity.

Short Essay on My Favorite Game Badminton

Games including shuttlecock were played in Europe and Asia in countries like China, Greece, and India for centuries but the rise of modern game badminton in the mid 19th century. And, its name is also taken from the country's residence for the dukes of Beaufort in England where the first match was played in the year 1873. It is played in a rectangular court which is divided into halves by a net and the size of the court differs for singles and doubles. The tournaments are of five types, Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women Singles, Women Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. The court is wider for the doubles tournament and a single line is marked at the center dividing the width of the court.

This racket sport does not use a ball unlike others like tennis and squash, a lightweight shuttlecock is used which is easily affected by the wind and therefore played as an indoor sport. All the equipment required for the sport like rackets, strings, grip, shuttlecock, and shoes must be BWF approved. BWF is short for Badminton World Federation which is the governing body that was established in 1934 and the first championship was held in the year 1977. And the BWF Championships is the most prestigious tournament. This game also helps in leading an active life by increasing stamina and strength.

Long Essay on My Favorite Sport Badminton

Badminton in India is the most popular sport after cricket and is casually played outside but matches take place indoors. The governing body of Badminton is Badminton World Federation which famously also goes by BWF. It monitors the court, nets and is also responsible for approving all other equipment used to play the sport. All matches are played under the supervision of this body and the championships organized include the Thomas Cup for Men and Uber Cup for Women which is held every two years and more than 50 national teams compete to qualify for the tournament. One of the popular leagues in the Premier Badminton League of India featuring the world's best players. 

Badminton among all racket sports is very demanding and is the fastest racket sport in the world. 

Rules and Regulations of My Favorite Game Badminton Essay

  1. The rectangular court for a singles match is 13.4 meters long and reduced to  5.2 meters wide, and the net which is 1.5 meters in height is stretched at the center throughout the court, whereas the court for doubles is the full width of 6.1 meters.

  2. The game commences with a coin toss and the team who wins the toss has a choice to pick a side to play and whether they will first serve or receive.

  3. It is always to be observed that the service is from below the waist, diagonally and at no point the shuttlecock can be carried or come to rest on the racket during the game.

  4. The player should not reach over and touch the net with racket or body to hit, nor should he touch any of the lines drawn in the court during the serve.

  5. In a singles match, the server stands on the right service court corner when the score is even and the server moves to the left corner when the score is odd.

  6. The scores are given on the basis of the best 2 of 3 games, with each game played up to 21 points. And when both teams tie at 29 points, then the game continues till one team achieves a two-point advantage. 

  7. A point is given each time a player wins a rally, or strikes by the shuttlecock and it touches the floor of the opponent’s side. The player also scores when the opponent commits any fault by not abiding by the aforementioned rules. 

Badminton as an Olympic Sport

After the year 1934 when the Badminton World Federation held the first match, it was not until 1972 that Badminton was introduced as a demonstration sport. Due to its gaining popularity, in 1992 the game was introduced in the medal category and the medal category included both singles and doubles for men and women. The mixed doubles category was introduced into the Olympics four years later i.e in 1996. 

Badminton is the most delightful game, and each time I play, there is some fervor and uneasiness eventually. In the last round, there must be a champ that makes the fight considerably seriously invigorating.

I began playing badminton matches when I was just ten years old in light for different reasons. I was impacted by my disposition towards playing badminton, and from that point, I acquired the greater part of the abilities by noticing him in numerous expert competitions where he normally arises as to the champ. 

How to Play a Badminton Game?

Shuttlecock behaves like a ball and is produced using a goose feather connected to a little piece of the plug.

The rackets for playing are lightweight, around 90 to 100 grams. While playing, you should crush the light shuttlecock towards the adversary's bearing. 

These sorts of vans are still used these days. However, the vans are produced using manufactured materials permitted by BWF, which is a short name for Badminton World Federation. Thus, this essay is an understanding of my beloved game, and the principles and guidelines kept around the world.

While playing, there are six significant shorts, and these are the forehand drive, the strike drive, the crush, the drop, the clearing, and the serve. Badminton is played over a rectangular court that has a division in the center utilizing a net.

Badminton resembles tennis; the main contrast is that the net is raised higher, and the ball is lighter. The name "badminton" was derived from the place of Duke of Beaufort, in England, and there the principal game was being played.

Challenges and Friends During Playing My Favorite Sport Badminton

I play badminton with my remaining energy since I can have a bond with my loved ones. My companions and I have played countless contests, and I have even arrived at the finals.

The most intriguing thing about playing this game is that the more you play, the more you feel tested by the rival. This game additionally reminds me of the principle that my dad gave.

The normality of this game is even if it isn't played consistently, it was effectively recollected. The normal in playing badminton is the more you play, the more companions you'll get tested, and realize that you are an incredible player.

Badminton is a game for 2 or 4 individuals. The game is played by one or the other player against one player or a group of two players against one more group of two players. The players use rackets to hit a bus over a net.

Badminton plans to hit the shuttlecock over the net such that the other player or sets can't hit it back appropriately before it hits the floor. Each time this is done, the player gets one point. He additionally will serve, and the principal player or pair to arrive at 21 focuses dominates a match. Here, the victor of the match is quick to win two sets.

History of Badminton Game

That game was returned by resigned officials to England, where it was created and immediately filled in prominence.

In 1877, the principal composed guidelines were organized by the recently shaped Bath Badminton Club. This game has been an Olympic game starting around 1992, and regardless of whether it began in England, it has predominantly been played in nations of Asia like India, the Republic of Korea, Indonesia, and China that presently rule this game.

As referenced before, badminton match-up depends on the country domain for the dukes of Beaufort in England. Further, this game was played there and followed to antiquated India, Greece, and China. Additionally, this game was firmly identified with children's down battledore and shuttlecock.

The BWF broadly is the administering body for the game, which was formed in 1934. Additionally, the main title under the Badminton World Federation was held in 1977. Presently, there are a few zonal, provincial, and public competitions that assist in various nations.

One of the renowned competitions in badminton  All England titles, and others incorporate the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup.


Badminton was presented in the Olympics without precedent for 1972 as an exhibition sport. While at the 1992 Olympics, the game was under the total decoration classification. Further, this opposition included all kinds of mixed pairs being presented in the 1996 Olympics.

Further, sporting badminton is played outside and is a well-known open-air movement. Further, the net is 1.5 m high and stretches all through the width of the court in the middle.

There is a reasonable space of 1.3 m around the court that is required. The play in badminton contains volleying and hitting the shuttlecock this way and that across the following. Presently, it ought to be borne as a top priority that the shuttlecock shouldn't contact the floor or ground inside the court limits.

What is the Importance of Playing a Badminton Game?

Having sports is great as sports fill in as more intriguing than mobiles or PCs that we use. Playing badminton can cause your body to have a decent body dynamic and strength in all things. It will likewise assist you with making new companions and a renewed individual train how to play it.

Playing badminton much of the time makes you need to consummate your abilities and be a decent player. This game is really satisfying, connecting with, and more fun than playing PC games.

Badminton playing for quite a while acquires your body in great shape and you can make companions en route. Anybody can play badminton; it isn't only a game; rather, it likewise assists anybody with remaining dynamic for the duration of the day.

It makes me great as a solid individual in light of the fact that each time I play it, my body feels an entire decent day. It will make you great as well. I honestly think playing sports such as badminton will unquestionably take care of your body to become solid. It is an exceptionally intriguing game in light of the fact that in each fight that you join, there is energy, however, in the last round match, there is just a single champ and a washout.


In this essay on My Favorite Sport Badminton, it is safe to say that this competitive sport is played in great zeal and the number of courts is only increasing in each district, town, and city as well. This is a great recreational activity often played outdoors as it is a good way of bonding a great source of engaging entertainment and a way to remain fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Badminton is considered to be a very physically demanding sport like any other sport and it requires a great deal of focus and dedication to enhancing strength and stamina for playing it competitively.

FAQs on My Favorite Game Badminton Essay

1. What is the importance of Badminton?

Badminton is an engaging sport that requires great physical strength and it helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle as it is a great form of exercise, it gets the heartbeat faster and the blood flowing which keeps one agile and active.

2. Is Badminton an expensive sport?

Badminton expenses are only depending on the type of equipment one wishes to purchase. Usually, the racket and shuttlecock are widely sold and cheaper and the shoes required for practice are also easily available at a reasonable price.

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