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Essay on Election

The day when India freed herself from the shackles of the British Rule, she gained her independence as a democratic country and set a new platform where everyone has the right to give his/her political opinion. This is the definition of democracy where a leader is chosen after conducting a poll. The voters will put their choices in the ballot boxes from the available options. The candidate who has got the highest votes will be chosen as the leader. This is called an election.

An election is considered as the prime pillar of democracy. Not only for the country, but the election can also be conducted in any case where public opinion matters the most. An election is also defined as a decision-making process within a group of people sharing similar interests. For example, if you are a member of a club and you want to fill the vacant position of the chairman, choose the most suitable members and let the others cast their votes. On counting, the highest vote winner will be chosen as the chairperson. This is how a democratic government works.

In a democratic country, every person has the right to showcase his political views. This is called suffrage. It is the prime element of the election. Going a step ahead, we need to find out who can cast their votes. People of all ages will not be able to commend the importance of voting and choosing a leader. For this, one needs to be mature enough to understand the situation of a country. This is why the country’s voting authority has set the minimum voting age to 18 years. In India, people entering their adulthood at the age of 18 can cast their votes.

The second phase is to choose the candidates who can compete in a voting session and do campaigns. The electorate authority has set a list of guidelines that a candidate has to follow to register his name as a nominee. It happens in the public office where the candidate will have to file the nomination. Furthermore, testimonials and endorsements are provided in support of the candidates who have filed their nominations.

The Election Commission sets the platform where the voting session will be carried in different states. As per the constitutional arrangements, a voting platform is set where eligible people will cast their votes. Based on the result, a political decision will be taken. Once all the votes are cast, ballot boxes are opened and all votes are counted. The digital ballot panels can also count votes automatically. The counting results will then be tallied. The number of votes each candidate has secured will be counted and compared to find the winner.

The electoral body will make decisions regarding scheduling and conducting votes. Elections are conducted on a regular basis in every democratic country. The nominees can campaign in their respective areas to gather more traction and win the election. Individuals understand the candidates’ propaganda and wisely choose the right one based on their experiences.

Election gives us the power to choose the best leader in every session. If one is not performing up to the mark, he can be replaced in the next voting session. All we need is proper awareness of the public for making the right decisions. This is what democracy stands for. One has the power to replace an undesirable candidate with a suitable nominee in an upcoming voting session.

Elections are conducted to allow the common to participate in making political decisions. Common men have many responsibilities in their personal and professional life. It is the election that helps them choose their leaders to run the country.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  What is an Electoral System?

Ans: A democratic country gives importance to every common man’s decision by conducting voting sessions. Elections are the ideal opportunities that common men get to choose their leaders among the nominees. For this, the Election Commission prepares a platform where the common people can cast their votes. This constitutional arrangement is done as per the decisions made by the electoral body. Once all the votes are cast, they are counted and compared. The winner is decided based on the number of votes secured by the candidates. Hence, this is how a political decision is made. This is called an electoral system. You can witness it in any democratic country where common people cast their political views.

2. Why is election important for a Democratic Country?

Ans: Political leaders enjoy the power given by the common people. It is often found that elected leaders misuse it for their benefits and turn out to be corrupt. This is where the power of elections lie. Common people can find out what the political leader has done and decide to reelect or replace him in the next voting session. Election reminds us that the common people are the most powerful in a democratic country. It reminds the leaders that every deed will not go unnoticed and the consequences will depend on it.

3. How does election represent Political Freedom?

Ans: In a democratic country, a person is eligible to cast his vote to choose a suitable candidate among the nominees. This power is given by the Election Commission of India. It means that everyone has the right to express his/her political views and discreetly cast a vote to choose a desirable leader. This political freedom represents democracy.