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Essay on My Favourite Book

My parents love reading books. They have always encouraged me to read good books. Though I love reading e-books, there is something very special about going through the printed varieties. I particularly love the smell of book pages, both old and new. My parents have also shared many of their childhood books with me. I have a good collection of classics. I don't have any favourite author as of yet because I have read different books from different authors. Each of them has an engaging writing style. However, there is a book that I am never tired of reading.

The Book I Like Most

The novel, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is a timeless classic for all ages. Roald Dahl authored it. Every time I read the book, it leads me to a world that I have fantasized about. Even amidst the fantasy, it has some very realistic elements that make me feel that I have known the characters for years. Moreover, the novel is amusing in every sense. This is a book that I can recommend to all my friends, even those who have seldom given reading a try.


The novel revolves around Charlie Bucket, an eleven-year-old poor and fragile boy with a golden heart and strong values. Charlie stays in his small but happy home with the parents and ailing grandparents. His Grandpa Joe keeps talking about an eccentric chocolatier, Willy Wonka, who made wonderful chocolates and confectionery. However, after some people try to steal his secret recipes, Wonka has closed the factory for outsiders. Surprisingly, the next day, Charlie learns that Wonka is reopening his factory for visitors. However, only five children, lucky enough to get a golden ticket inside Wonka Bar, would be allowed. Charlie almost miraculously received the fifth and final golden ticket. 

On the other side, the other four went to the unruly children, Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, and Mike Teevee. Charlie visits the chocolate factory with Grandpa Joe. The magical factory inside has Cacao loving little Oompa Loompas working. With the trip's progress, four children suffered Bizzare and even painful results for being unruly and self-centred. 

The gluttonous Gloop transforms into fudge; Violet changes into one blueberry, Veruca is thrown away in the trash like the 'bad nut' while Mike shrinks into pocket size. In this scenario, tiny Oompa Loompas would regularly peep in and comment on the miscreants through moralizing songs. Finally, Wonka names Charlie as the next heir to his factory to be respectful throughout the tour and not give in to any temptation.

Why I Love The Book?

Under hilarious and intriguing storytelling, some messages in the story have a strong effect on me.

First of all, it tells how deceiving our external appearances can be. Many characters in the novel are not what they look like. Charlie, for example, receives pity from others because of his malnourished, frail structure. However, he has the integrity and goodness that made him an heir to one of the finest chocolate factories in the world. Even the small Oompha Loomphas have high morale, something which is rare even among adults. The factory, which looks ordinary from the outside, is the key to an amazing world.

The novel also shows that miracles do happen in all unexpected situations. Charlie, who had the money to buy a single Wonka Bar, got his ticket to the trip. While the other children coming from affluent families bought hundreds of bars before getting theirs.

The Storyline also highlights the subjects like kindness and gratitude that kept Charlie's family happy, even amidst poverty.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1. Who are the Main Characters of Charlie in the Chocolate Factory?

Ans: The pivotal characters in the book are:

  1. Willy Wonka: The enthusiastic owner of a chocolate factory. He is talkative, charming, friendly with quirky ideas. He had a painful childhood.

  2. Charlie Bucket: A selfless, kind-hearted boy who is the second leading character.

  3. Grandpa Joe: An ailing man in his nineties who accompanied Charlie in the chocolate factory.

  4. Augustus Gloop: One of the four antagonists in the book. His mother is very proud of his gluttonous eating habit. He has always been a bully.

  5. Violet Beauregarde: The second antagonist in the book. She is self-centred, rude, and addicted to chewing gum

  6. Veruca Salt: The third antagonist who is demanding, spoilt, and greedy.

  7. Mike Teevee: A bad-tempered young boy who is obsessed with television. He is the fourth antagonist in the book.

Q.2. What Happens After Charlie Wins the Chocolate Factory?

Ans: There is a sequel to the book Charlie and the chocolate factory. It is called Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. The Storyline begins right after where the first novel ends. Here Charlie, with his family, undergoes several incidents, including accidentally landing in the Earth's orbit. Also, an underdose and overdose of Wonka's formula led to surprising results. There was also a spin-off to this sequel. It was named Charlie in the White House. However, the work remained unfinished.

Q.3. Can You Name Some Other Works of the Author of this Novel?

Ans: Roald Dahl was a celebrated author for children. Some of his best-known works include George's Marvellous Medicine, Fantastic Mr.Fox, Matilda, The BFG, The Witches, Danny the Champion of the World, and James and the Giant Peach. Many of his books have been adapted into movies, video games, and plays.