My Favourite Sport Essay in English for Class 4 Students

Essay on My Favourite Sport for Class 4 Students

The Essay on “ My Favourite Sport” has been prepared by our teachers at Vedantu to help kids with their essay about my best friend. These are drafted in a very easy and simple language for you to understand and remember it for a longer time. 

During our summer holidays, we even went to summer camp together to learn cricket and made a lot of memories. Moreover, we also invented new and our own handshake which only we both knew. This bonding between us has taught me that family doesn’t end with blood because my best friend is no less than my family. 

Last year, in summer we both went with his parents to watch a cricket match on the ground. From then, we both started liking it and decided to go and learn the sport together. Cricket is a very interesting sport and it has a lot of advantages to it. During the holidays we went to learn for 6 hours a day and learnt that we need to be good at both bowling and batting. Initially, we were taught how to hold the ball and catches. They focused more on running as Feilding is also necessary for Cricket. Our sports academy has many learners, we divide ourselves into a group and play matches every Sunday.

All these are making our bonding even more stronger. We always wait for holidays to play with each other and remain friends.