My Favourite Teacher Essay In English for Students and Children

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500+ Words Essay on My Favourite Teacher

Teachers play an essential role in our life as an ideal teacher is responsible for the development of the students. I am a student of 10th Class of a reputed private school. There are many great teachers in my school, but my favourite teacher is Manish Sir. Manish Sir teaches us Maths, and he has a really attractive personality. He is very polite and humble and we all the students love him.

Qualities of My Favorite Teacher

Manish Sir is tall and quite good looking. He is 32 years old and very experienced. His way of teaching is excellent. He believes in simple living and high thinking. All the students love him for his superb way of teaching and humble behaviour. He has an experience of 9 years in education, and he has done masters in Mathematics. He easily solves complicated mathematical equations and makes it very easy to understand for all students. He has all favourite teacher qualities in him.

He has excellent command on English, and focuses more on logical reasoning rather than memorising the complicated equations. He is very disciplined and punctual. He understands the importance of time and always come on time. His accent and pronunciation are perfect and accurate. He believes in the overall development of the students and thus encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities. He prepares students for Maths olympiads so that their confidence can be boosted and they excel in a complex subject like Maths. Under his guidance, many students have won prizes in Maths olympiads, and even I have scored the first position in many Maths competitions. He is an asset for our school and we students are really fortunate to have him.

Why is he My Favourite Teacher?

Manish Sir is my favourite teacher because he is very humble, kind and polite. I love his way of teaching. He loves all students and doesn't believe in physical punishment. He never scolds students. He asks students to be honest with him and always gives equal attention to all the students. He never makes fun of any students and gives extra attention to the weak students. Whenever a student fails to understand any question or equation, he puts extra effort to make him understand, and that is the reason why all students love him.

He is very experienced and full of life. He is very sober and has a great sense of humour. His mathematical knowledge is very vast. He loves reading books and always encourages students to spare some time to read novels. He advises students to pursue their hobbies or interests. He understands students' problems and always provides them with a helping hand. He explains everything with examples and makes every concept so interesting to learn for students.

We students love to attend his class because he is very talkative and understanding. He covers each topic in detail and gives his full attention in the class. He knows how to draw students' attention in class, and after class, he provides us with regular assignments to check our knowledge about a particular topic. In case if any student fails to do the assignment or perform poorly in a specific topic, he doesn't shout at him but makes him understand the concept again with his simple way of teaching. I have never seen a humble and polite teacher like him, and one day I will try to be like him in my career.


Manish Sir is not just a great teacher but also my ideal person. He has all the favourite teacher qualities, and everyone loves him. I am lucky to be his student, and I will always follow his principles in my life. Even after leaving this school, he will remain my favourite teacher, and I will never forget him. I will always remember what he has taught us, and I will try to be a great person like him in my future.