My Favourite Bag Essay in English for Class 1 Students

Essay on My Favourite Bag for Class 1 Students

The Essay on “ My School Bag” has been prepared by our expert teachers at Vedantu to help you with your essay about my school bag. These are drafted in a structured way and very simple language for you to understand. The schoolbag is one of the most important things to carry essentials to the school. 

The Essay My School Bag in English for Class 1

  • My school bag is pink in colour and on the top of it, the picture of my favourite cartoon Cinderella is there.

  •  It is a two-compartment bag in which I keep my notes in the first compartment whereas books in the second compartment.

  • It has a separate pouch for a water bottle on the side and on top has separate zip for lunch and snacks box. 

  • The bag is made up of pure leather and it is waterproof as well, it can be carried to any place during any season. 

  • I take care of my bag very carefully as I love my bag very much. Every Sunday I clean the bag myself and arrange the books for the next day in the bag. 

  • Cinderella is my favourite character so my father got me the same bag. Every year my father buys a new bag for me. My favourite colour is pink, so all my bags are the same colour. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Why is a School Bag Important? 

Ans: Only in the school bag you can carry all the required essentials. A new school bag is an important thing to be purchased and one that should involve more thought than picking one featuring your child's favourite character. 

Q2: How to Choose a School Bag?

Ans: School bags have evolved to form a student’s identity in school. The school bag is considered important as it provides students with the impression that they form. Below are the things which you have to keep in mind when you are purchasing a school bag. 

  • Comfort

  • Style

  • Supportive

  • Durable

Make sure you’re not carrying a heavy bag which doesn't fit as it could cause increased muscle tension and may lead to back pain and the long term development of bad postural habits.