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Speech on Aim of My Life

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Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Speech on Aim of My Life for Students in English

Speech my aim in life can be a dicey one. Since the presenter may have a particular aim that the audience might find unrelatable or irrelevant to them according to their perspective. Ambition is often associated with a negative terminology of one being greedy and selfish. The speaker who is assigned to deliver my aim in life speech can focus on the direction ambition can give to an individual. Ambition surely is a very individualistic process of discovering one aim, especially for a student. In this article, of speech on aim in my life, we will explore different ways of delivering it. It can be a long speech on the aim of life student or a short my aim in life speech.

Long and Short Speech on Aim of My Life

Long Speech on Aim of My Life

This type of long speech on aim in life can be helpful for students in grades 8-12 who can elaborate on the importance of aim and speak about their ambitions as well.

Good morning everyone, respected principal, teachers, and my dear friends, I am Xyz (mention your name) here to talk about the aim of my life. Let me first ask all of you, my friends, what are your ambitions? Have you ever thought about what it is to have an aim in life is? Ambition is a very subjective term it means different to different people. The common ground for everyone when one thinks of aim is the desire to achieve something by doing something that they are passionate about and interested in.


It is a very common question that our peers and even elders ask what is your aim in life? Many people find it difficult to decide on one specific aim in particular some have multiple interests and want to excel in all, which is quite a task. I have always believed that instead of being a jack of all trades one needs to be a master of one. 

I have always seen my elder brother having an aim throughout his school life. Sometimes it was to score well in exams, be the school captain and sometimes it was to get admission to his desired university. It was through him that I understood having ambition is so important, it is the source of inspiration and the driving force behind leading a fulfilling life.


Having an aim drives you to have a purpose in life and to continuously keep on working towards it. To discover your aim, one must explore different interests and keep on trying. One can have a short-term goal that can also be the aim to be fulfilled. And other kinds of ambitions can be professional or personal. Aimless people have no driving force that inspires them to wake up every morning to get to work and fulfil their ambitions. And they often fall prey to the vicious cycle of lethargy, inactiveness, lack of motivation, or will to do better or get anywhere in life. And thus one must be ambitious.


I was also one among those who had many interests and tried to do everything, it was a challenge to sit still and think about something that I am truly passionate about and ambitious enough to achieve as well. I have always been philanthropic thanks to my grandfather who has always inculcated this value in me since I was a little girl/boy.


During one such visit with my grandfather where I was accompanying him to assist in his medical aid program to the underprivileged, I realized I want to do just this. I want to become a doctor just like my grandfather. It was a shocker for my family when I told them this, they reasoned saying since I was always into extracurricular activities and arts completely diving into such an academic route will require hard work and a lot of sacrifices.


Having an ambition doesn’t make the mountain of hurdles and obstacles smaller it just makes the climb easier and gives strength to keep going. I am preparing and working hard in all the subjects that I need to for scoring well in the entrance exam. Only then I can attend a prestigious university.


Everything in life needs our effort, time, and patience no matter what field it is. Nothing is served on a silver platter, one might think it would be so much better to enjoy than to work hard. Well, decide what it is that you want to achieve, having an aim will make all the hard work worthwhile. I know some of my friends want to become, teachers, singers, actors, mathematicians, dancers, sportsmen. I wish you all the best to work and have patience even when it gets difficult. 

Thank you.

Short Speech on Aim of My Life

This short speech on the aim of life student will find it very easy to deliver and understand its meaning. Very helpful for students in grades 4-7.

Good morning everyone, I am ABC (mention your name) here to speak about the aim of my life. We all have dreams and multiple ones that we wish would come true. Ambition and aim on the other hand do not work like that, one cannot wish for it to come true. When dreams become realistic goals we can consider them as our aim in life to be achieved so we feel worthy and happy.


My aim in life is to become a teacher just like my mother, and all my teachers here have also played a part in me coming to realize my aim. My mother is the most important and inspiring person in my life. She is the best teacher, many of her students reach out to her even when they have something personal to share. A teacher is a teacher even beyond classrooms, I find so much beauty and depth in my mother’s profession that it has inspired me to take upon this as my aim as well.


I also want to have a part and role in children’s development and help them become responsible and accountable individuals. Teachers truly hold a reputation for being strict but when one has the responsibility of the next generation leaders of the country some level of strictness will push the students. The teacher understands when to be strict and when to be the student’s friend. And they walk a tightrope in balancing all of this. I hope my inspiration will help me to work hard and achieve the aim of my life.

Thank you.


10 Line Speech on Aim of My Life

This easy 10 line speech is helpful for students in grades 1-3 for a better understanding of my aim in my life speech. 

  1. Ambition is the willingness to achieve something in life depending on one’s interest, it can be different for every individual.

  2. Having an aim makes one’s life meaningful and filled with purpose. 

  3. It inspires, motivates, and humbles an individual when they are trying to achieve something they have set their minds on.

  4. An aimless person is directed towards hard life with no purpose and no hope.

  5. Ambitions give us hope for a better future.

  6. For a better tomorrow, we need to put in the work today and be dedicated to it and consider every challenge as an opportunity to get closer to achieving our ambitions.

  7. When you achieve your aim in life you feel honoured and empowered. 

  8. People around you also respect a successful person who puts in the work to achieve and excel at anything they have set their mind to.

  9. My aim in life is to become a dancer, I have already enrolled myself in a course. Thanks to my mother who has always encouraged me to pursue my interests. 

  10. I wish to become a renowned Kathak dancer and give stage performances on an international level and bring laurels to my country and make my parents proud of me.

Speech in English on Aim of My Life for Students.

Speech in English for the students on the topic of Aim of My Life.

Everyone should have some aim in their life. Because if you do not have an aim, then life does not have direction. Aim gives direction to life, but more importantly, it gives you the strength to face all the problems and to achieve greatness. Therefore, the students need to have the Aim in life, and so it is a good idea for the students to write a speech on the aim of life.

But to make things easy for the students, Vedantu provides the speech in English to the students on the topic of Aim of Life, and also it is completely free of cost.

Benefits of preparing the Speech on Aim of Life

Preparing the speech is very important for the students because it helps in developing two of the most important skills in the students. And these two important skills are writing and speaking. As speech requires you to speak publicly it automatically forces you to deliver your speech in such a manner that everyone can understand you, and everyone can hear you as well. And for delivering a good speech you are required to write a good speech first and hence it helps in developing the writing skill as well.

Since the topic here is “Aim of My Life” it also helps the students find their aim, and in a very subtle manner, it helps the students to be active for their aim.

Also, if you are looking for a speech about life in English, you can find it here: Speech About Life in English for Students (

FAQs on Speech on Aim of My Life

1. Why should I give a speech on the “Aim of my life”?

Delivering the speech helps the students in many ways. The most important thing is that, since the speech on the “Aim of my life” is supposed to be given in front of the people it helps the students in getting rid of the stage fear. The second thing is that it helps the students in writing their thoughts and ideas in such a manner that it becomes easy for the listeners to understand. And it also makes you a good speaker, whom people like to hear.

2. What should the Aim of my life be?

It is not for the other to decide the aim of your life, it is you, and only you, who have to decide for the aim of your life. If you are having trouble deciding the aim for your life then, you must think about your idols, and try to find out that why do you like them. Maybe you admire Nelson Mandela for his fearlessness and his love for his country, and therefore, maybe serving your country can be your aim. If you admire some sports person, in particular, may become like him can be your aim in life.

3. Is it necessary for everyone to have an aim in life?

Yes, everyone should have some aim in their life. Because a life without the aim is like a traveller who knows not the destination end of the travel and thus keeps on wandering the lonely road. Because if you do not have an aim in life then you will keep on wandering here and there, and probably you can never find your destination. While if you have an aim in life then you can prepare a road map to reach there and keep walking on that map until you reach your destination.

4. I want to write a speech on “Aim of my life” but I don’t know-how, what should I do?

It is really good that you have decided to write the speech on the “Aim of my life” all by yourself. But also, you may be wondering that how to write a good and impactful speech, that everyone likes to listen and admires you as well. In that case, you can use the speech provided by the Vedantu as a sample model and according to that, you can prepare your speech. The speech that Vedantu provides gives you an idea of how to compose a good and impactful speech.

5. Why should I use the English speech provided by the Vedantu for the “Aim of my Life”?

You must use the English speech provided by the Vedantu on the topic of “Aim of my life” because this speech is written by educators who have years of expiring in writing a good and powerful speech for the students. Also, Vedantu provides various types of speech, such as Long-form speech on the “Aim of my life”, short form speech on the same subject, and also the speech on the “Aim of My Life” in 10 lines. And the most important thing is that all of these is available for free.