My Favourite Subject Essay in English for Class 3 Students

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Essay on My Favourite Subject for Class 3 Students

Essay writing tasks are introduced in the syllabus of junior school so as to improve the English writing skills of young kids. It also helps the kids learn to put their ideas into meaningful sentences and paragraphs. While writing an essay on ‘My Favourite Subject’, kids will be able to communicate what exactly they are interested in when it comes to academics. We at Vedantu have come up with two essays on ‘My Favourite Subject’ that are easy to understand for the kids of class 3. 

My Favourite Subject: Mathematics

My favourite subject is Mathematics and Miss Olivera teaches us this subject in school. Our school has given us three books on this subject. One book is for mental maths, another book is full of worksheets and the third book has all the chapters explained with example sums.

Of all the subjects, I like doing maths homework the most. I like solving the sums on double-digit addition and carry over subtraction. Whenever my mother takes me to the market along with her, I try to add up all the money spent before the shopkeeper makes the bill. Sometimes I can add it faster than the shopkeeper does.  

I also like to solve the sums on Time and Calendar. My friends and I make teams and play games on time sums, at school. Another Maths chapter that I find very interesting is Metric Measures. I do not like to learn all the conversions in this chapter, but I love to measure the lengths of my play tent and my teddy bear with a ruler. My father asks me to convert the length of my play tent into the other units of length that are given in my Maths book. He keeps giving me a new task every day to calculate something.

My father helps me with my mathematics homework on the weekends. He always sets a timer on his mobile phone and asks me to finish all the sums within that time. He takes me out for an ice-cream treat whenever I am able to finish all the sums before the timer goes off. He keeps on telling me that I will be able to do good in Maths if I practice more. 

My Favourite Subject: English

My favourite subject is English and I love to read the stories in my English book. Miss Stephen is our English teacher at school. Our school follows two textbooks for English of which one is for English Grammar and another is for English Literature. Most of the stories and poems in my English book have interesting pictures illustrating the main plot. These pictures help me to understand the stories even better. 

I get to learn many new words from each chapter in my English book. The meanings of the new words in every chapter are always given at the end of it. I find it very interesting to make sentences with every new English word that I learn. Also, our English teacher gives us five new vocabulary words to learn at home, every week. We have to write a spelling test on these vocabulary words, at the beginning of every week. I like to use these new vocabulary words when I write or speak to others in English. 

In our school, inter-house competitions are held every month and I always participate in the activity of creative writing. All the stories and poems that I get to learn in the English classes help me perform better in this inter-house activity. My mother always tells me to write simple sentences in English so that the reader can understand my message. I love creative writing tasks as I get an opportunity to explore my imaginations more and to express my thoughts into words.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Write an Essay on ‘My Favourite Subject’ for Class 3?

Answer: The essays for class 3 kids should contain three paragraphs at the least. The first paragraph of the essay on ‘My Favourite Subject’ will be an introduction stating why the kid is fond of the subject. They may also write basic information about the books they have for the subject. In the next two paragraphs, a little detail has to be given, as to how the kid understands the subject and the things that make it more interesting for the kid. They may also write how they like the tasks they get to do on the subject and how these tasks are helpful in enhancing their knowledge.

2. What are the Important Points to be Covered in the Essay on ‘My Favourite Subject’ for Class 3?

Answer: The following points will help the kids of class 3 to frame the essay on ‘My Favorite Subject’.

  1. Which is your favourite subject?

  2. Who teaches you this subject?

  3. What books do you like to read on this subject?

  4. What new things do you like to learn on this subject?

  5. How do you like to perform various new tasks on this subject?

  6. How do you apply the new things you learn in this subject in your day-to-day life?