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Names of Colours

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Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Introduction to Colours

Colours are seen as a result of light reflecting from an object. It is a visual character that helps us distinguish between two objects. 

We can see a million different shades of colours on earth. 

Each colour is associated with an object and at times is a characteristic feature of the same. 

The colour is visualized by us because the light gets reflected from the object to the retina of the eyes. The eyes have the ability to distinguish the colours because every colour has a different wavelength of light which is reflected from the object.

Types of Colours

Colours are grouped into three basic types

  • The Primary Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow

  • The Secondary Colors: Violet, Orange, Green

  • The Tertiary Colors: Blue-Violet, Red-Violet, Yellow-Green, Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange, Blue-Green


  • The red colour is at 625 to 740 nanometers wavelength. 

  • It is present at the end of the visible spectrum of light and is a very dominant wavelength.

  • This colour is a symbol of love, hatred, anger, etc.

Red colour fruit (Apple)


  • It is a primary colour and a colour of nature. The ocean and sky are completely blue. 

  • It is the symbol of stability, inspiration, and wisdom. 

  • This colour is not very common in living organisms. 


  • This colour is very soothing to the eyes. This colour is very dominant in nature and all the plant life is mainly green. 

  • It is a colour that is symbolic of luck, health, and jealousy. 

  • This colour is very important in the improvement of the reading ability of the human eyes.


  • This is a colour made up of a mixture of two different colours, i.e. yellow and red. 

  • This colour is symbolic of energy. It often shows excitement, warmth, and enthusiasm.

The Fruit is Orange in Colour


  • This colour is basically a mix of all colours. 

  • This colour has been representative of the purity of heart and innocence. 

  • This is considered worldwide as the colour of peace and politeness. 

  • In marriages, brides wear white to convey their spirituality. 

  • It is also known to symbolise balance, harmony, and courage.


  • This colour is often associated with darkness or the absence of light and also symbolizes negativity. 

  • The colour is very directly related to death and evil.

  • In a professional and corporate scenario, it is associated with style.

  • This is a colour of business professionals and professional settings. 


  • This colour is very bright and fluorescent. 

  • Because of its bright nature, it can attract your attention very easily and from a far distance.

  • It is a colour that is symbolic of optimism, enlightenment, happiness, and creativity.

Yellow-coloured Lemons


  • This colour is a very rich colour and is a symbol of royalty, luxury, ambition, and power. 

  • It has got a very rare element and has a supernatural aura with mystery added to it. 

  • It has the shortest wavelength and a very concentrated colour. 


  • This colour has a shiny lustre to it. It is very common to be seen on silver jewellery. 

  • Various metal articles are painted in silver to give them a very sophisticated and shiny look. 

  • It is often used in automobiles to make them look rich and glamorous. 


  • This is a very simple and subtle colour which is cool and simple.

  • It is a very silent colour and is quite emotionless and is directly associated with dullness, as well as formal and conservative. 

  • It is a characteristic colour for loss or depression.


  • This colour is very closely associated with love, femininity, and kindness. 

  • It is very closely linked with romance, and femininity and is loved by girls worldwide. 


  • This colour is a mixture formed of yellow and green colours. Because of its dark and natural tone, it is commonly used by the military and for making military suits and weapons. 

  • The camouflage suits have the main colour olive because of their easy blending ability in dense forest areas.

Olive Army Uniform


  • This colour is very similar to the purple colour. It is made up of a mixture of red colour, and blue colours. 

  • It is very symbolic of royalty, prosperity, and richness.


  • This colour is a symbol of universal harmony and emotional balance. 

  • It is the characteristic colour for compassion, happiness, contentment, and kindness. 


Chromophobia is known as the fear of colours that can have a negative impact on a person’s daily activities. The yellow and red colours together can make you hungry. That is why fast food chains often use this colour combination for branding and decor. The colour wheel was invented by Isaac Newton in the year 1665 as he used a prism to turn white light into a rainbow. Red colour is the first colour a baby can see and that is due to it having the longest wavelength. And a baby's eye can process it much easier.

FAQs on Names of Colours

1. Which is the most expensive colour pigment in the world?

The most expensive pigment is called “Lapis Lazuli”. The price of this pigment is more than the price of gold. This pigment is in the shade of blue and the painters often compared this pigment to the stars in the sky.

2. Write a short note on the white colour and its symbolism.

Short note on white colour is:

  • This colour is formed basically from the mix of all colours. 

  • This colour has been representative of the purity of heart and innocence. 

  • This is considered worldwide as the colour of peace and politeness. 

  • In marriages, brides are made to wear white to convey their spirituality and purity of soul

  • It is also known to symbolise balance, harmony, and courage.