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Teaching Toys - Let’s Play, Kids!

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Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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4 Exciting Games - Playing and Learning Done Simultaneously

Some games that are played do not always follow any specific rules or format, isn’t it? Can you name one such game? Hide & Seek! Great! Also, who doesn’t love playing games? No one! So, for you, my child, here we have 4 interesting games for your playtime that you will definitely wish to play!

In this topic of teaching toys for the kids, we will be providing you with 4 such games which will ease the mind of the children and also give them a good vocabulary. 

Without wasting time, why not begin our games! 

Heads Up before the Games Begin - What to Play? What to Learn? What Do You Need to Play? 

Different toys to play with

Different toys to play with

What to Play? 

We will be playing 4 exciting games, namely:

Find the hidden item

Shout out the name

Fetch it and drop it

Musical touch

What to Learn?

With these exciting games being played, we will learn a lot about English vocabulary. We will also learn to identify the colours of toys and their names as well. 

What Do You Need to Play?

Let us take a look at our checklist to ensure we have all the items that we require to play the games.

You need:

Flash Cards

Songs to play

Some toys like teddy bears, blocks, dolls, balls, balloons etc. 

A box

Bean bag or ball

Now, we will be beginning with our first game ‘find the hidden item’. 

From here, the content is directed for the teachers suggesting them to play these exciting games in the classroom. This will surely excite the children.

Find the Hidden Item

In this game, hide toys, blocks, dolls, teddy bears, balloons, etc., everywhere in the classroom. 

Do not let the children enter.

After this, let the children enter the classroom and settle them down. And give them each a printed flashcard with the image of the things hidden all over the classroom. Now ask the children to find that one thing which they got in the printed flashcards. The children will go for the hunt to find the items back. 

Now place each item on the table and ask the children to repeat after you. Like, if they found a toy car make them repeat after you “A toy car.” Ask the children to identify the colour of the item (in the example the toy car). Suppose, the colour is red. Make them repeat after you “This is a red toy car.”

Shout Out the Name

This game is very simple. You are required to pick up any toy and pass it to the children. Each child, while receiving the toy, needs to shout the name of the toy. Like, you pick up a teddy bear. Now each time the children participate in the round of passing the teddy bear they will shout “teddy bear!”Another way, ask the children to close their eyes.

Now hold up any toy before them and ask them to open their eyes. As soon as they open their eyes and see the toy they need to shout the name of it. Like, you pick up a toy truck. Now when they open their eyes, they will shout “It is a toy truck!”

Fetch It and Drop It

Now scatter the toys all over the classroom and place a box at the front of the class. Now direct each child to go and fetch a toy as directed by you. 

After identifying the toy, the children will pick it up and drop it in the box. 

Musical Touch

In this game, make the children sit in a circle and place all the toys in the centre of the circle. Now play some music while the children will pass a bean or ball on to each other. 

Stop the music randomly. The children who have the ball or the bean will pick up a toy as directed by the teacher. Like if you say “Pick up the toy cat” they need to identify the toy cat and pick it up. 


Well, we hope you will have a fun time playing with the children. Children will most definitely enjoy this activity. They will be eager in picking up and identifying the toys with their colour. It will enhance their identification power and give them a free opportunity to learn vocabulary. The activities are also intended to encourage children to participate in classroom activities and not shy away from others. Learning with fun also ensures that children have a strong memory and recall information at the same time.

FAQs on Teaching Toys - Let’s Play, Kids!

1. Name some indoor games loved by the children.

Some indoor games loved by the children are:

  • Balancing Beam

  • Pictionary

  • Indoor Bowling

  • Follow the leader. 

Indoor games help a child to build cognitive and creative skills.

2. What are some educational games that can be played by the kids?

Some educational games that can be played by the kids are as follows:

Charades, puzzles, hot potato, bingo and hangman. 

Kids play these games to learn numbers, colours, and to expand their vocabulary.