My Favourite Game Essay in English for Class 3 Students

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Essay on My Favourite Game for Class 3 Students

Unseen essay writing is introduced in class 3 and children happen to be very fond of this part of their English class. Essay writing gives them an opportunity to discover their creativity and to put their thoughts into words. Vedantu presents easy and simple essays on various topics that are likely to be asked in the junior school examinations. Here is a sample essay on ‘My Favourite Game’ for the kids of class 3.


My Favourite Game

Playing games is my favourite pass-time and I like to play both indoors and outdoors. I play indoor board games with my parents and my sister on Sunday evenings. Most of the time, we play the board game of Monopoly on Sunday evenings but sometimes I like to play other board games like Chinese Checkers also. I love to go outdoors to play cricket and hide and seek with my friends, but nowadays, nobody goes to the playground. So, now my favourite game is Monopoly.

The best part about this board game is that only two players can play it and also eight players can play it together. When our parents are busy with their work and household chores, my sister and I take the board game to the terrace and play over there. These days, our parents and grandma join us in the game late in the evenings and all of us have a great time playing it. 

There are a total of 40 spaces on the board and there is a pair of dice that each of us rolls on the board to begin the game. There are ‘Go’, ‘Jail’, ‘Go to Jail’ and ‘Free Parking’ boxes on the four corners of the Monopoly board. We have to begin at ‘Go’ and move our game tokens as many spaces as the number on the dices. We can buy or build spaces from a total of 22 properties, Electric Company, Water Works and 4 railway stations. Some of the spaces on the board are marked as Community Chests and Chances, Luxury Tax and Income Tax. There is a set of Chance and Community Chest Cards that is kept at the center of the Monopoly board. 

In this board game, each player gets a game token to move on the board and one of us plays the banker. The banker is in charge of all the money and distributes a total of 1500 game money to each player. When all of us play Monopoly, my grandma plays the banker and keeps all her share of 1500 game money in a red coloured case. 

The banker is in charge of the houses, hotels, and deed cards. Every time each of us passes the ‘Go’ space, the bank rewards 200 game money to the player. When we purchase a space on the board, we pay the bank for it and our grandma gives us the deed card for that space in return. When any player happens to visit a space owned by another player, he has to pay the rent on that space. The rent increases if the owner has houses or hotels in that space. The bank collects taxes from the players when they happen to visit that Income Tax box. 

When any of us has to visit the Jail space and misses his or her chance to play and pays a fine. The game continues for a long time until we all get tired and decide who the winner is. The player who has the maximum game money and property is crowned as the winner. Most of the time, my father wins the game and he treats us with ice-cream when he wins. This board game has become my favourite during this vacation.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the easy ways to write unseen essays in class 3?

The following tips will help you write unseen essays easily:

  1. Understand the topic and relate it to your daily life.

  2. Think of all you know about the given topic.

  3. Write down the points in rough work.

  4. Make meaningful sentences with these points.

  5. Practice writing in paragraphs. Each paragraph should consist of related points.

  6. Make smaller paragraphs.

  7. Write in simple sentences.

2. How to develop essay writing skills?

It is important that young kids of class 3 get an opportunity to read various interesting storybooks. This will develop their creativity and they will become familiar with sentence building skills. There are sample essays available on Vedantu that are easy to understand for these young kids and will guide them to write essays on their own.