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Grassland Dominant Plants

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The land which is dominated by grasses rather than larger shrubs or trees is called Grassland. Approx 25 million years ago, mountains rose in western North America and created a continental climate favourable to grasslands. With the passing of time, ancient forests converted into grasslands. Majorly there are two types of grasslands are Savanna and Temperate grassland. 

Origin of Grasslands

Grasslands that are most extensive in nature are thought to work as intermediates between an environmental gradient, with forests at one end and deserts at the other. As forests are mainly present in the area where there is an abundant amount of moisture for proper growth and survival of organisms. Whereas the areas which are desert in nature lack moisture and permanent vegetation is not found here. And the grassland found between these two regions.

Types of Grassland

A. Temperate Grassland: Areas, where grasses are the dominant vegetation, are called temperate grassland. In this area trees and large shrubs are absent. In this type of grassland, temperatures vary more from summer to winter and rainfall is very less in this area. Major areas of temperate grassland are  veldts of South Africa, the puszta of Hungary, the pampas of Argentina and Uruguay, the steppes of the former Soviet Union, and the plains and prairies of central North America. 

B. Tropical Grassland: In this grassland individual trees are tropical grassland. This type of grassland covers almost half the surface area of Africa along with large areas of Australia, South America, and India. Climate acts as a major factor in the tropical grassland. This grassland receives rainfall of approx 50.8 to 127 cm, per year. They are mostly found in hot or warm climates. Major plants here are tall grasses or short grasses.

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FAQs on Grassland Dominant Plants

1. Write a Few Examples of Flowers that are Found in Temperate Grassland?

Ans. Flowers that are majorly found in temperate grassland are: 

blazing stars, goldenrod, aster, milkweed, lupines, purple coneflower, clovers, sunflowers. wild indigos.

2. Write Examples of Plants that are Commonly Seen in Tropical Grassland?

Ans. Temperate grassland receives rainfall of about 10 to 30 inches per year whereas tropical grasslands receive 20 to 50 inches per year. Plants that are commonly seen in this grassland are taller grasses of about 3-6 feet, elephant grasses of about 10 feet, Bermuda grass, blue fescue, feather grass, Rhodes grass, red oats grass and lemongrass. In dry condition, these grasses go under the dormancy phase and then grow rapidly during the wet season.

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