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Difference Between Male and Female Society Finches

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Society Finches: An Introduction

Have you ever seen colorful and beautiful dancing birds in or near your area? These birds are society's finches.

Do you know why they are society finches? As we know a male and female can act as foster parents but in these birds, Male-male and female-female birds can also act as foster parents when provided with an egg in a closed setting. Finches male and female can be bred in cages.

What are Society Finches?

Society finches are the domesticated birds most commonly found in the north, central, and south America. These birds are not found in the wild. Society finches provide the name of society because of their social identities. Finches are the most colorful and beautiful birds on the planet.

Male Society Finches

Male society finches are birds that can not lay eggs and have special proficiency in singing and dancing. These male finches dance and sing during the breeding season to attract their female partner.

The male society finches are commonly found in their nest. These birds also have narrow pelvic bones.

Image of Male Society Finches

Male Society Finches

Female Society Finches

Female society finches are the birds that lay an egg and play an important part in reproduction. These female finches can't sing or dance.

Image of female society finches

Female Society Finches

Types of Finches

There are various types of finches.

They are found in various places but mostly society finches reside in the northern hemisphere and are native to the neotropics and Hawaii islands.

Some Types of Society Finches are Given Below:

  1. PinGrosbeak - These birds are generally found in Canada, the United States, and Germany. Generally, these birds do not migrate from one place to another place but in lack of food, they can migrate.

  2. Golden-Winged Grosbeak - These are one of the smallest finches and permanently live in the Somalian region.

Socotra grosbeak and Arabian grosbeak are also types of finches

The Similarity between Male and Female Society Finches

There are various similarities as well as differences between male and female society finches. Some of the differences between male and female society finches are as given below:

  1. Both male and female society finches are domesticated birds. There is not any single wild category of these birds.

  2. The life span of both these birds is 5-10 years.

  3. The color of male and female society finches is the same and also have the same size.

  4. Both male and female finches give rise to the chirping sound

  5. These society finches feed on simple and small food such as small fruits, and pelleted feet.

  6. Both types of finches can be bred fast

  7. Both society finches play role in the incubation process of eggs and feeding of the young and small birds

Difference Between Male and Female Society Finches

In the previous paragraph, we discussed the similarity between male and female society finches. The difference between male and female society finches are as given below:

Male Society Finches

Female Society Finches

The male society finches can sing, they sing during the breeding season which helps them to reproduce

Female society finches can't sing.

Male society finches can dance

Female society finches can't dance

Male society finches can't lay an egg

Whereas female society finches lay eggs and help in reproduction

The pelvic bone of the male society finch is small and narrow

Whereas the pelvic bone of female society finch is wide.

Fun Facts About the Society Finches

  • Society Finches are very quiet birds

  • Society finches are social birds

  • The size of the shortest finch is 3 inches and the largest size of finches may be 10 inches

  • Finches are recognized by their toes, they are also known as songbirds

  • The best of the finches are mostly basket shaped

  • The average lifespan of finches is 5-10 years

  • These small finches need the large cage

Important Questions

1. What is the difference between zebra finches and society finches?

Ans: Society finches range from dark to light brown, white, and cream whereas zebra finches have brown, gray mutations.

2. Do society finches sing?

Ans: Male society finches sing but female society finches do not sing they only make chirping sounds.

3. Do society finches fight?

Ans: Society finches fight over whichever they perceive in prime position. It is good to avoid placing the best together.

Practice Questions

1. What is the lifespan of society's finches?

2. How can we tell whether a society's finch is male or female?

3. Do male and female society finches stay together?

4. Do female finches lay eggs without a male society finch?

5. Can society's finches be tamed?


In this article, we have studied society's finches. Differences and similarities between male and female society finches. Types of society finches and some interesting facts about society finches.

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FAQs on Difference Between Male and Female Society Finches

1. Explain the sexing of society's finches.

Male and female finches can be distinguished by sexing activity.

Male society finches always represent themselves. 

Introduce two birds into the same cage and look after two days for which the bird presents itself to the other bird. If the first bird presents itself then it is a male bird. If that bird does not represent itself and redoes activity then it is a female bird.

If a second bird presents itself to the first bird then it is a male bird.

2. Can two male society finches live together?

Generally other birds of the same sex can't live together but society finches of the same can live together. Such as two male society finches can be paired in a breeding cage and conditioned, they will nurture the other exotic finch's egg.

Same for females, two females can also live in the same cage and will nurture the other egg. Many people used to keep two males or two females together in the same cage.

We should keep more than one finch in the cage.

3  Describe the behavior of society finches.

Finches are birds well adapted to the company of humans.  Finches can't live alone, they always live in pairs. In finches, two males can accept the eggs without any hesitation. It is very difficult to differentiate between male and female finches, but there is a way to identify male and female finches. Always male finches present them to female finches. These finches are easy to breed. Society finches can be placed with other finches such as zebra finches and spice finches.

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