Difference Between Estrogen and Progesterone

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Estrogen and Progesterone DifferencesĀ 

The human body is made of different organ systems. The biochemical reactions occur in every cell in the tissues. Most of the functions of the organs are governed by hormones. These steroidal biochemical compounds are produced by different organs are subjected to control the functions of other organs. One of the most important hormones in the human body is sex hormones. These hormones vary between males and females. In this section, we will study the female reproductive organs, estrogen and progesterone. Both the hormones are responsible for the development of the reproductive organs and conduct the female reproductive features. There are some differences in the functions of both the hormones. It is easy to get confused between the two hormones. This is why the teachers of Vedantu has tabulated the differences between estrogen and progesterone in order to make it easier to understand and learn the concept well. You can refer to the table of differences while studying the chapter and prepare well for the exam. Use this table to learn and revise the chapter better and score well in the exams.

What are Estrogen and Progesterone?

Hormones are biochemical messengers comprising of a steroidal structure. This type of chemical is released by a specific organ to provide a signal to the other organs or tissues and promote a particular physiological function. In this section, we will study the two sex hormones produced in a female human body, progesterone, and estrogen. Both the hormones are very closely related and need to be understood properly. This is why you will find the difference between estrogen and progesterone tabulated on this concept page.

Estrogen is a female hormone produced in the ovaries before ovulation occurs. The secretion of this hormone is controlled by the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). When a female becomes pregnant, estrogen plays the role to develop the features of pregnancy such as the enlargement of breasts and the formation of different features of the uterus. This hormone is produced in the Graafian follicle and is responsible for the formation of secondary sexual characters such as pubic hair, armpit hair, broadening of the hip, etc. Estrogen also controls the menstrual cycle of a female body and the other functions of the reproductive system. It is responsible for preparing the female body for fertilization and to bear a child. In fact, the striking difference between a female and male body is developed by estrogen.

Progesterone is produced by the corpus luteum present in the ovary. This hormone plays an important role to develop certain female physiological features such as the formation and development of the placenta, the attachment of an embryo formed after the union of sperm and ovum on the uterine wall, etc. The formation of this hormone is controlled by Luteinizing Hormone (LH). This hormone is released inside the ovaries after a cycle of ovulation is over. When a woman is pregnant, this hormone is also released by the placental cells. This hormone is responsible for the growth of mammary glands. It is also responsible for the contraction of the uterus during labor.

Now that you have understood what is estrogen and progesterone, you need to understand the differences and memorize it. You can see how confusing the differences can be. This is why you can refer to the tabulated differences created by the experts. The tabulation is done using simple language so that the students can easily understand the biological differences properly and prepare the chapter.

Why Should You Study the Differences Between Progesterone and Estrogen?

Now that you are aware of the definition and functions of both the female sex hormones, you can proceed to understand and study the differences. After completing studying the function of estrogen and progesterone, you can easily understand and memorize the differences. Check out the table of these two hormones to find the functional differences. You will find many more minute differences if you refer to the table prepared by the expert teachers. This will help you understand the hormones even more and carry on studying the chapter properly.

Understanding the female reproductive hormones is very important. It will help you study the entire chapter properly by guiding you to remember the points to differentiate between the two biochemical messengers. The language used by the experts will help to simplify the concept and differentiate between the two hormones. Learn the estrogen vs progesterone and make the chapter easy to comprehend.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Can You Learn the Differences Between Progesterone and Estrogen?

Answer: Study each of the hormones individually first. Study the sections thoroughly and go through the classroom sessions. There is actually no difference between estrogen and estrogen. Proceed to the functions of each hormone first. You will find more differences between the hormones. To make it clearer, you can proceed and refer to the differences cited by the expert teachers in this section. Study point by point to understand and revise the differences. you will surely grab the concept well.

2. What are the Basic Differences Between Progesterone and Estrogen?

Answer: Study the section where both the hormones are described. Estrogen and progesterone are secreted by the Graafian Follicle and Corpus Luteum respectively. Both the hormones are produced to perform a certain set of features. Learn them individually and find out the differences. Proceed to the tabulated section in this concept page for revision.