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Bones of the Leg

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Know All the Details About Bones of the Leg

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Just like the upper limb of a human body, there are three regions to the lower limb as well. The portion that is located right between the hip joint and the knee joint is known as the thigh. The leg is actually the location that is specifically situated right between the ankle joint and the knee joint. The foot is then located pretty distal to our ankle. There are a total of 30 different bones located in the lower limb. We are going to discuss all these bones of the leg and mention their names as well. So, for those who need to have an idea about the different bones that are located in the leg, this is exactly the right place to be.

Leg Bones Names: What are the Different Human Leg Bones?

As we already know, there are 30 different bones that constitute the lower limb. These bones include the patella, femur, fibula, tibia, metatarsal, and tarsal bones along with the phalanges as well. These are the different leg bones names that people need to know about.

We are going to provide an introduction to each and every single one of the leg bones that we have mentioned above. This is a very vital piece of information for the people who need a whole idea about the different bones that are a part of the human leg. So, if you are looking for information on bones in the thigh or some other location of the leg, this is where you are going to find it.

An Introduction to the Bones in Your Leg

One of the main bones that we are going to talk about is the patella which is also the kneecap of the leg. This particular portion articulates along with the distal femur that we have. A slightly larger and more weight-bearing bone that is situated right not the medial section of our leg is known as the tibia. The fibula is mostly considered to be a majorly thin bone that is a part of the lateral section of the leg. 

When it comes to the lower leg bones, there are three different groups in which they have been divided. In the posterior section of the foot, there are seven bones each that constitute the tarsal bones. There are a total of five different bones located in the midfoot region and these are the metatarsal bones. In the toes of human beings, there are 14 different types of bones and these constitute the phalanges.

  • Femur

When it comes to the bones in the thigh, the Femur is the only one that dominates the entire area. It is considered to be the strongest and the longest bone that is present in the body. It is equal to about 1/4th of the entire height of the person. The femur is mostly rounded at the proximal end and this section is known as the Acetabulum.

  • Patella

Another one of the most important human leg bones and feet includes the patella. It is also known as the kneecap of the leg and it is basically a very large sesamoid bone. This means that it is a particular type of bone that is included in the muscle-tendon and that too right at the crossing of a particular joint. This type of bone is definitely articulated with some of the underlying bones. It helps in the prevention of certain types of damage that might happen to a particular muscle tendon.

  • Tibia

Here is another one of the most important parts of the leg bone and it is known as the Tibia. This is certainly a medial bone and is a bit large when compared to the fibula. The tibia is considered to be the bone that tends to take the main weight of the entire leg region. This bone is also known to be the second largest one on the list going right behind the femur.

  • Fibula, Tarsal, Metatarsal Bones, and Phalanges

The fibula is another one of the bones of the leg and foot that is situated right on the leg’s lateral side. One of the main things to know about the fibula is that it is just serving the purpose of muscle attachments and doesn’t really take any of the weight. It has a smaller head that is shaped like a knob. The foot’s posterior side is formed with seven different tarsal bones. Amongst these seven, the talus is the most superior option. The metatarsal bones are the ones that tend to be a part of the anterior section of the foot. There are a total of five different metatarsal bones. These bones are all situated right between the different tarsal bones. There are about 14 phalanx bones present in the toes and these combine to form the phalanges.

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FAQs on Bones of the Leg

1. What are the Different Parts of the Bones in Your Leg?

Ans: There are many different parts of the leg bone. The names of these parts are the Femur, the patella, the tibia, the fibula, the tarsal bones, the metatarsal bones, and the phalanges. The femur is the section of the bone that is present in the thigh region of the leg. When you go a bit below it, there is the patella which is also named the knee cap. The tibia and fibula are slender bones that are located on the lateral sides of the legs. There are the tarsal and metatarsal bones located on the posterior side of the leg. The toes are constituted with the phalanges.

2. Name the Thigh Bone and Give Some Details about it.

Ans: The name of the thigh bone is Femur and it is situated right between the hip joint and the knee joint. This is a particular type of bone that is longer in size. One very interesting thing to note about the Femur bone is that it is the only bone that is situated in the thigh and hence it dominated the entire section. Another interesting fact about the thigh bone is that it is considered to be the longest bone and also the strongest bone in the entire area of the human leg. The size of the femur is about a quarter of the entire height of a human being. It has a round head in the proximal end.

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