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Class 6 Chapter 6 - "Major Landforms of the Earth." Embark on an exciting exploration of Earth's diverse landscapes, discovering towering mountains, expansive plateaus, vast plains, and winding valleys. This chapter unveils the secrets of these major landforms, offering a captivating journey into the fascinating topography of our planet. CBSE Class 6 Geography Chapter 6 notes are carefully prepared by expert teachers who have years of experience in teaching Social Science. These Major Landforms of the Earth Class 6 notes are easy to understand, comprehensive, and good study material to refer to before the board exams. Students can download notes of Class 6 Geography Chapter 6 in free PDF format to study offline as well.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Explain how mountains are useful to a man according to Chapter 6 of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Geography.

Mountains have a lot of benefits that are quite crucial to man in a variety of ways. For example, mountains retain water. Water that comes from the mountains has a lot of uses. They are used for agriculture and hydroelectric power generation. The mountains also support a lot of popular activities such as paragliding, hang gliding, river rafting, and skiing. Mountains are home to a diverse range of vegetation and wildlife. Tourists may enjoy an ideal setting in the mountains. These are just a few of the many benefits that we get from these mountains. For more detailed information, you can visit Vedantu website or app for solutions of Chapter 6 of Class 6 Geography. 

2. What are the major insights of using the NCERT Solutions for Chapter 6 of Class 6 Geography?

The following are the main takeaways from utilizing the NCERT Solutions for Chapter 6 of Class 6 Geography:

  • The solutions include all of the important ideas to help students get a thorough grasp and knowledge of the subject.

  • Subject matter experts have handpicked the solutions to provide students with a simple and useful study guide.

  • It is a fantastic time-saver for students looking for the correct solutions to textbook questions and an outstanding review resource.

  • Students can download the solutions from Vedantu in PDF format for free.

3. Which are the major landforms of Earth according to Chapter 6 of Class 6 Geography?

There are four primary types of landforms, and they are mountains, hills, plateaus, and plains. Some primary examples of minor landforms are the buttes, canyons, valleys, and basins. As tectonic plates move under the Earth, they can push mountains and hills upwards, creating landforms. Any natural elevation that exists on the surface of the earth can be termed a mountain. Three types of mountains exist; Fold Mountains, Block Mountains, and Volcanic Mountains. As the name implies, a plateau is a flat-topped tableland that rises above its surroundings. For thorough study material, you can visit Vedantu for Chapter 6 of Class 6 Geography. 

4. What do you mean by plains according to Chapter 6 of Class 6 Geography?

A plain landform is a large expanse of flat, sweeping terrain with little variation in height. Within a common region, it is quite level and does not fluctuate greatly in height. This sort of landform is lower than the surrounding landmass and may be found both inland and along the shore. Many different types of plains exist, including coastal plains, valley bottoms, and uplands. They are one of the four major forms of landform that cover up the earth.

5. How can I download the solutions for Chapter 6 of Class 6 Geography?

The solutions are easily available on the Vedantu site. 

  • Visit the page-NCERT Solutions for Chapter 6 of Class 6 Geography.

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