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Vedantu aims at providing the crucial details of Democratic Politics Class 9 chapters in its Class 9 Political Science revision notes. The notes focus on various topics like Constitutional Design, Electoral Politics, Democratic Rights, etc. Class 9 Political Science is fascinating as well as scoring subject which will help students to secure good marks in the exam. Electoral Politics Class 9 notes are prepared by the experienced teachers which cover all the chapters in an explicit manner. Go through the notes to get a concrete overview of the chapters. Download the free PDFs now!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Why do we Need Elections?

Ans. NCERT Class 9 Civics Chapter 3 notes provide the reasons behind the conduct of elections. The election takes place in almost 100 countries in the world. An election is such a procedure through which the people of a particular country can elect the representatives as per their choice. Various choices can be made by the voters in an election. Those are as follows:

  • They can select the representatives by whom the laws are made.

  • The representatives who will make the government and take most of the decisions are also selected by them.

  • The party whose policies will lead the government and lawmaking is also selected by them.

Q2. Why is Indian Election Considered as Democratic?

Ans. Class 9 Civics Chapter 3 notes explain the fact why Indian Election is considered as Democratic. The reasons are as follows:

  • Elections are conducted by an independent Election Commission of India which is led by the Chief Election Commissioner along with two other members. President of India appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India. 

  • The quality of a particular election process can be verified by observing the participation of people in that election. Voter turnout figures gauge the participation of people in the election.

  • The outcome of the election must be accepted by all the political parties.