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In Social Science subjects history holds a lot of weightage. Students must learn class 9 history as it helps them understand world history and how it has shaped the twenty-first century. The CBSE notes for history covers a total of five chapters, which cover topics such as the French Revolution, socialism in Europe, the rise of Hitler and colonialism. It provides students with a brief understanding of the history of the world before India got its Independence and the way colonialism came to India.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How did Pastoralists cope with the changes?

For some of them, they were able to find new land and others reduced the number of cattle they had to make more economical solutions. After India's Independence and the divide between Pakistan and India had happened, the sheep and camel rearing and trading had stopped. A lot of the Nomads had settled down with the lands they had already owned. Some of them became land cultivators, or they had indulged in trading. The poor pastoralists had found it very hard to cope and had to borrow money from money lenders with a high rate of interest; a lot of them are still surviving.

2. What is the importance of class 9 History?

Class 9 is a vital subject for students to learn because it makes students aware of world history that they haven't been appropriately taught in previous grades. By studying class, 9 History students will be able to grasp a better understanding of how the modern world has been moulded. 9th-grade history sets the basis for 10th-grade social history and especially if students plan to take arts and history in their future. By making thorough, this subject students will be more politically aware and informed of world history and what causes the first world war and the second world war.