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Crying Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 4 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Crying Revision Notes and Worksheets For Easy Class 5 English Chapter 4 Preparation

Class 5 English Chapter 4 is about crying and its aftermath. The poet explains how important is crying for your mental health. It is a natural physiological phenomenon that helps us to get rid of pain, sorrow, and other negative emotions. This is why the poet urges the children to cry more and louder to shed the last tear and reveal the happiness hiding behind them. To understand the Crying summary, refer to the revision notes prepared by the experts at Vedantu.

The Crying revision notes are designed following the CBSE Class 5 English standards. It will help you to get the best insights into this poem. Resolve your queries and learn how the experts have compiled the answers for the worksheet solutions.

Class 5 English Revision Notes - Chapter-wise List

The class 5 english notes will help students prepare better for their examinations. They are prepared by experts and are in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines.


Access Class 5 English Revision Notes Chapter 4: Crying

Crying Revision Notes

  • The poem is about crying and discovering pleasure. 

  • The poem begins on a sad note saying crying for a short while is useless because when you cry a bit, you don't let it all out.

  • You can never be completely joyful if you are filled with hurt feelings. 

  • As a result, the poet encourages everyone to weep till the pillow is soaked in their tears.

  • Once the last tear is shed, your mood will improve since you will be free of despair. This is because you have let it all out via your tears. 

  • You will be delighted to shower after crying out to your heart’s content.

  • You can appreciate the water splashing and can find it relaxing.

  • There will be no reason to be sorrowful anymore. 

  • The poet goes on to explain that you can even open the window if you like and sing joyfully.

  • People might take notice of you while you are having fun. Some may even ask you about what is going on over there.

  • The poet tells you not to let such questions in between your enjoyment. 

  • In fact, you might simply declare your delight and can assuredly say that the last tear had happiness hidden within it all along.

  • As a result, this poem is an excellent method of conveying the fact that we often dread crying.

  • Crying, on the other hand, is what will set our joys free. So, weep your heart out and revel in your bliss.

‘Crying’ Poem Summary

  • Galway Kinnell, the poet beautifully dispels the notion that crying is bad or not to be done.

  • The poet through the poem ‘Crying’ suggests that a few tears does not do any good.

  • He encourages to cry our hearts out. Only then will we be satisfied. 

  • The poet encourages everyone to cry till their pillow is soaked with tears. 

  • It goes on to say that after sobbing your heart out, you will find bliss. 

  • You can be joyful and take a shower once you've finished sobbing. 

  • Furthermore, sobbing your heart out will allow you to laugh joyfully. 

Moral of the Poem Crying

  • When hurt by anything or anyone, one must feel free to cry.

  • Once we start crying we should not feel embarrassed and cry fully till our hurt goes away.

  • When we cry fully we feel there is no more hurt and we can be happy once again.

  • Happiness can only be sincere when our tears are fully let out.

New Words in Crying Poem Class 5 Meaning with Examples 





Something or someone that is totally wet.

Due to heavy rain, we were both soaked on our way back from tuition.


A water spray that is attached on top of a bath.

Many hours had passed when he returned from the shower.


Crying a lot and shedding tears.

He only wept when he missed his mother.

Techniques Used in the Poem Crying Class 5

Sound Words: Expressions that indicate an action which produces sound.

Splash- splash-splash


About the Poet

  • Galway Mills Kinnell born February 1, 1927, in Providence, Rhode Island, United States was a poet from the United States. 

  • He was an award-winning poet noted for writing poetry that ties everyday experiences to far broader poetic, spiritual, and cultural forces. 

  • Kinnell's poems explore psychological experiences in precise and sonorous free verse, frequently concentrating on the claims of nature and society on the individual.

  • He shared the National Book Award for Poetry with Charles Wright and received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his 1982 collection, Selected Poems. 

  • He served as Vermont's poet laureate from 1989 until 1993.

NCERT Class 5 English Chapter 4 Crying Question Answer 

Let’s Read

1. According to the poet, should you cry a little or should you cry a lot?

Ans: According to the poet, you should cry a lot and not restrict yourself.

2. What can you do after crying a lot?

Ans: After crying to your heart’s content, you can jump in the shower, sing through open windows and laugh heartily. 

3. (i) Read the first two lines of the poem. Is the mood

happy?  sad?  angry?  jealous?  upset?

Ans: In the first two lines of the poem, the poet is in a sad mood.

(ii) In the last few lines the mood of the poet has changed. What is it now?

very  happy  angry  cheerful  sad  jealous

Ans: The poet is very happy in the last few lines.

4. Are these sentences right or wrong?

(i) The poet says you must not cry much. ( )

Ans: Wrong

(ii) The poet says that you should cry till your pillow is soaked. ( )

Ans: Right

(iii) The poet says that after crying you should open the window and laugh so that people will see that you are happy. ( )

Ans: Right

(iv) The poet says that you should open the window and show people that you are crying. ( )

Ans: Wrong

Class 5 English Chapter Crying Solved Example Practice Questions

Now with the knowledge of Crying Summary let us answer a few questions.

1. Write the words that rhyme with the following,

Crying, Shower, Jump, Tear

Ans: Crying: Drying, Trying, Flying, Frying, 

Shower: Power, Flower, Tower, 

Jump: Bump, Plump, Stump, Dump  

Tear: Bear, Near, Queer, Year

2. Have you ever cried your heart out? When?

Ans: Yes, I cried my heart out when I bid my best friend goodbye as she went abroad. I felt alone and wept a lot as I missed him and could not meet him.

3. Do you think the poet is right in saying that crying a little bit is no use?

Ans: When one is sad for some reason and is hurting a lot then instead of holding on to it and keeping it in, they should let it all out as they will feel better once everything is shed as a tear. 

Importance of CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 4 Crying

This chapter is all about the importance of crying. We all consider crying a sorrowful thing but the poet has a different opinion. He thinks that crying is something that makes us happy later. We do express our negative emotions and pain through crying. He explains in Crying poem Class 5 that the last tear in your eyes opens the gateway to happiness.

Happiness is revealed when you cry out your sorrow, unhappiness and pain. It is then you can find real happiness. It will happen that you will cry again but will surely find a way to be happy again too.

This is a beautiful poem where the poet describes how a kid enjoys his bath after crying a lot and finds happiness. The kid knew that his last tear is hiding happiness behind it. We can learn a lot from Crying Class 5. Check the summary of this poem to get the context before starting the revision notes.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Class 5 English Chapter Crying Worksheets and Revision Notes

  • The experts of Vedantu have explained the inner meaning of crying and every important meaning in detail. If you follow our notes, you will find out that crying leads to a phase of extreme happiness.

  • Get the easier version of the summary and context of this poem from the notes. It will help you to resolve doubts on your own. 

  • Find out how the experts have explained Class 5 English Chapter 4 Crying question answers to get an idea of how to write accurate answers.

Download Crying Revision Notes and Worksheets PDF

Download the free PDF versions of this chapter and find out the answers to fundamental questions such as can you cry when you are happy. Get the best possible answers explained in these notes. Solve worksheets to check your preparation level and find out where you need to study more. Make your preparation better to score more in the exams.


"Crying," found in Class 5 CBSE English Chapter 4 and available as a free PDF download, is a poignant exploration of the emotion of tears. This chapter enriches young readers' literary skills and, more importantly, nurtures empathy and understanding. It delves into the diverse reasons behind shedding tears, encouraging students to contemplate the complexities of human emotions. "Crying" underscores the importance of compassion and sensitivity in our interactions with others, fostering emotional intelligence in young minds. It is a testament to the depth and breadth of the human experience, serving as a reminder that empathy and connection are vital aspects of our shared journey through life.

FAQs on Crying Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 4 (Free PDF Download)

1. Is crying good for your health?

Yes, crying is good for your health. You can get rid of the negative emotions by shedding tears. You will also feel lighter after crying.

2. Does happiness come after crying?

According to the poet, crying is the way to happiness. This is why he urges the children to cry more and let the last tear make the way for boundless happiness.

3. Can we cry in happiness?

We can cry in happiness. When we are overwhelmed with some events, our joy knows no bounds. This is when we cry even when we are extremely happy.

4. Can crying be both positive and negative?

Yes, this chapter discusses how crying can express both joy and sorrow, highlighting the complexity of human emotions.

5. How can students relate the themes of this chapter to their own lives?

Students can relate by reflecting on times when they or someone they know cried and the reasons behind those tears.

6. What is the significance of offering class notes as free PDF downloads?

Providing class notes as free PDFs facilitates easy access to educational resources, making learning more accessible to students.

7. Are there any discussion or reflection activities related to this chapter?

Teachers and students can engage in discussions about empathy, emotions, and the importance of understanding and supporting one another.