NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 6 Application of Derivatives (Ex 6.3) Exercise 6.3

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Math can be a complicated subject for some students. It is especially hard for students that are preparing for their 12th board exam because of the added pressure. The chapter Application of Derivatives is seen to be avoided by most students during there because of how complex and hard to comprehend the chapter is to study. This exercise is explained in a way in which students can understand the chapter more easily. Application of Derivatives is an important chapter for students who plan on studying math in their higher studies. 

Application of Derivatives can be very confusing and time consuming for students so it is important that students be able to learn the chapter in a way that is easy for them to understand. Here in this article the notes that are provided are for free and easily accessible at all times. Here every sum of exercise 6.3 of the NCERT book is solved and explained in the easiest way possible for students to understand. Students must be aware of the basic concepts of tangents and derivatives before starting this chapter, without having the groundwork required for this chapter it will be very hard to solve the chapters sums.

Chapter 6 - Application of Derivatives part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do NCERT solutions help students in class 12?

Class 12 is one of the most crucial chapters of a student's school years as it is the bridge between their school and college, and their grades reflect their performance in school. These NCERT solutions provide students with the best answers and the updated steps to solve them according to the CBSE guidelines. These solutions show students how to solve their sums and students can use the same method that is used here in the exam as well.

2. What does the application of derivatives entail?

The application of derivatives provides students with solving equations based on slopes and tangents. The coordinates of the slopes are provided in some cases and an equation is to be formed based on that. It is important the students understand the theoretical concepts in this chapter only then will they be able to solve the sum further on. Chapter 6 exercise 6.3 contains tangents and normals; and the exercise.