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How Do I Get More Than 90 Percent in the CBSE Board Exam 2024?

By AiswaryaFebruary 14, 2024
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Tips To Score 90+ Marks in CBSE Exams

How To Score Good Marks In Board Exams? Every student who is appearing in the CBSE board exams is struggling with this question right now. And why not? Many students dream of scoring more than 90% marks in board exams. 

To accomplish good marks, they put in extra effort and study day & night. But let us tell you that studying longer hours isn’t the only parameter to success in exams. Yes, you heard it right!! A perfect blend of hard and smart work is the only way to nail your exam preparations. This is the only key to scoring above 90% on CBSE boards.

How Do I Get More Than 90 Percent in the CBSE Board Exam 2023?

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The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has already declared the 2024 exam dates. The CBSE Class 10th exams will be held from February 15 to March 21, while class 12th exams will be conducted from February 15, 2024, to April 2. Students need more time and seek a result-oriented strategy to score 90+ marks in the exams.

CBSE Board Examination Preparation Strategy 2024

Scoring above 90% in board exams will not only contribute towards good career opportunities for students like JEE/NEET, but they would also be able to secure a seat in their preferred college/institute for further studies. But getting such a percentage is not a piece of cake. 

To solve your doubt, “how to score good marks in class 10?”, here we've shared a few tips & tricks in this article that will help you with your overall preparations. Take a look:

1. Assign Enough Time To Each Subject 

The first & foremost step towards your CBSE board exam preparations is to make a study plan consisting of all the important topics subject-wise, along with time to cover the syllabus within a stipulated period. You should organise your time as per the preparation level for each subject. However, don’t go for long study hours as it can make the process burdensome. Instead, try to include little breaks at every hour of study.

2. Focus on NCERT Books

It is seen that many students start referring to various other books & study materials to brighten their chances of scoring above 90%. Although it is good to look for other study aid, with the board examinations around the corner, sticking to NCERT books is the last resort for you. Maximum questions for CBSE board exams are asked from NCERT textbooks. So, if you're seeking “how to score 90 per cent in class 12”, the best approach lies in practising concepts, diagrams, formulas, and examples from NCERT books.

3. Know Where You Lack in Your Studies

To have a full-proof CBSE board exam preparation strategy, it is critical to be aware of all the weaknesses to overcome them and perform better in the exam. The great idea is to solve as many previous years’ question papers/ mock tests as possible. You will be able to strengthen your command over the concepts and get to know where you need to improve. You can work on your doubts and know the type & difficulty level of the questions. Most importantly, it improves your speed and accuracy skills.

4. Prepare Short Notes

If you want to know the tips for “how to get 90 per cent in a board exam?”, you should write down notes. It can save you valuable time to revise things a couple of days before the exam instead of going through the whole syllabus. You can write key notes, important formulas, equations, diagrams, dates, etc. Keep them handy to read them anywhere. It will help you to grasp the topic well.

5. Focus On Your Writing Skills

You may know the answer to the question; however, you should pay equal attention to answering in clear, neat & presentable handwriting to deliver a professional approach to examiners. Remember, board exams aren’t all about mugging up the syllabus. Rather how you present your answer is what makes a significant impact. Avoid overwriting or cutting through lines & words in answer sheets as it destroys the cleanliness and makes it difficult to read for examiners.

6. Find Out Topics With High-Weightage 

Categorising the important chapters or topics according to their weightage is one of the important tips if you seek “how to score good marks in board exams' '. It will help you secure maximum marks for the exams and give you enough time to cover the remaining topics. Find out the important topics and incorporate them into your study schedule. Ask your doubts, if any, to your teachers and revise them regularly.

7. Revision is Important

Another utmost important tip is to perform a daily revision of your work till the exam day. It will strengthen your memory as well as boost your concepts. Many students seek tips for “how to score good marks in board exams” but ignore the importance of revising their work and often forget what they’ve learned throughout their preparations. So, manage your time to revise things.

8. Avoid Reading the Night Before the Exam

Yes, you’ve heard it right!! You need to sleep the night before the exam properly and avoid reading anything new that could make you doubt your preparations. All you need to do is to revise your keynotes during the day and stay free all night. Keep your books, notes, and other study aids aside as it helps relax your mind & provide you with the necessary energy the next day.

Summing Up

Scoring above 90% is quite a challenge, but these tips can help you get closer to your targets. Additionally, keeping yourself positive & energetic is equally important. For this, eat healthy & nutritious food or meditate to help maintain your physical and mental health. So stop comparing or doubting yourself, and start your CBSE preparations now. All The Best!!

Class 10 and 12 CBSE Exam Preparation: Essential Links for Success!

Accessing important study resources is integral to effective exam preparation for both Class 10 and Class 12 students. To streamline your study process, we have compiled a comprehensive table featuring essential pages for both classes. From study materials to previous year question papers, this table provides quick access to all the resources you need to excel in your academic journey. Click on the links to unlock the path to academic excellence and confidently ace your CBSE Class 10 and 12 exams!

FAQs on How Do I Get More Than 90 Percent in the CBSE Board Exam 2024?

1. Are NCERT books sufficient for CBSE board exams?

Yes. NCERT books are sufficient for CBSE preparations. Here, you can find all the topics and concepts that can help you with board exams.

2. What are the minimum marks to clear the CBSE 2024 Class 10 board exam?

As per the CBSE board, a student must score a minimum of 33% marks to pass in the CBSE 10th & 12th board exams.

3. Is 1 month enough to study for the CBSE board exams?

It all depends on your preparation strategy. You can achieve your goals if you build a strategic study plan, manage time effectively, and perform regular revisions. 

4. What is the strategy to achieve a 100% score in CBSE?

Achieving a perfect score in CBSE exams requires meticulous planning and consistent effort. Focus on understanding the syllabus thoroughly, practice regularly, utilize effective study techniques, seek clarification on doubts promptly, and maintain a disciplined study schedule. Additionally, stay updated with exam patterns and marking schemes, and aim for conceptual clarity rather than rote memorization. With dedication, perseverance, and strategic preparation, attaining a 100% score in CBSE exams is indeed possible.

5. What is the number of students who achieve more than 90% in CBSE exams?

The CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 exams saw over 3.08 lakh students scoring above 90 per cent marks, with over 66,000 students securing scores above 95 per cent, as announced by the board.