NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 19 Poem Sabse Khatarnak

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Class 11 Hindi NCERT Solutions for Aroh Chapter 19 Poem Sabse Khatarnak
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NCERT solutions for class 11th chapter 19 is an important tool that can help students get better marks. It is being noted that students face a lot of difficulty in grasping Hindi content and understanding the meaning of the deep poetry and crypted words, now that the use of such words has ceased.

In this, students need help with the subject to get a better understanding of their course. NCERT Hindi Class 11th chapter 19 solutions have been well prepared by professionals and experienced teachers. The solutions have been carefully drafted topic wise, and in a way that are expected to be written in exams.

Class 11 hindi poem Chapter 19 Sabse Khatarnak is very important for students to cover in their exams. These solutions provided by Vedantu are for the students to have a better knowledge of the poetry and its meaning in a simple way that is easily understood by all. In this article you will find Aroh NCERT solutions for Class 11th chapter 19 free pdf for downloads.

Download the pdf for NCERT class 11th Hindi chapter 19 for a better understanding and finding solutions to score excellent marks.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 19 Poem Sabse Khatarnak part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. In the Poem ‘Sabse Khatarnak’, What is the Poet Trying to Say?

Ans. The poet is trying to express his feelings over the people they have become. In this poem, which translates to The Most Dangerous, he is referring to the physical hardships that we suffer or pain that we go through in life, as bad enough but not the worst. He says, the most dangerous is the death of someone’s soul and the desire to love, the life that has become stagnant doing the same routine again and again like going to office and coming back home and the goalless journey that we are going on. He is referring to the emotional state of people nowadays who have forgotten how actually to live life.

2. What Should One Learn From this Poem?

Ans. From this poem one can think about the life that we think is going smooth and happening, actually is a farce. We should not give up on our dreams and the love for others and desire to help. Moving towards success is a good thing but not at the cost of internal happiness. Look around and make a goal in your life to see things from a different perspective and try to help people as much as possible. Life is too short to only worry about yourself.

3. How Vedantu Helps the Student by Giving NCERT Solutions of Class 11th Hindi Chapter 19 ‘’ Paash’’?

Ans. Vedantu provides chapter wise solutions for class 11th Hindi and try to summarise it in simple terms so that it is easy for students to understand. It lays emphasis on the point wise discussion of questions and answers which is easier to grasp. All the doubts of the students are cleared so that they are ready to slay in the exams. The summary of the poem is explained in simple terms and the meanings of the words are also explained. With the help of this, students can solely concentrate on developing their knowledge.