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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1 - Introduction To Statistics

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1 - Introduction

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1 in its official website of Vedantu has explained the introduction of the statistics in a detailed way according to the level of grade 11. NCERT solutions for class 11 statistics chapter 1 specifies the importance of every topic of the entire chapter. It asks several questions that help to improve their concepts related to the chapter. It also provides several answer questions to make the students understand how to answer them to get a better score. These materials were available in three languages, namely Hindi, Urdu, and English.


NCERT Solutions for Class 11


Class 11 Statistics

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Chapter 1 - Introduction To Statistics


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The NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1 PDF will be uploaded soon.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1 Introduction

Statistics Class 11 NCERT Solutions Chapter 1 is available on its official website of Vedantu for reading, and students can have the feasibility to download it in a PDF format for free of cost. These digital books can help the students to understand all the concepts slowly. It can revise as many times as they can. These PDFs are also helpful for the students to attend board exams, academic exams and competitive exams also.


Statistics Class 11 NCERT Solutions by Vedantu aims to explain to the students about the subject of Economics along with the subject of Statistics in an exact way. Because as the students are growing to higher levels, class 11 and 12 act as a turning point to choose their careers. So they should have prior knowledge of all the subjects so that they can choose according to their desires.

1. Why Economics?

In this section, the students learn the meaning of economics, also being aware of the fact that Marshall is the father of economics. Thus, the NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1 wants to explain directly what the use of economics is and how we can use it. The PDF material explains the various terminologies like who is a consumer, who is a seller, the buyer. Also, who are the producers, who are a service provider, and service holder? After getting a clear idea about these terms, NCERT Solutions takes the students into the importance of economics like what is an economic activity, what do you understand by exchange policy, etc.

Class 11 Statistics NCERT Solutions Chapter 1 explains the procedures of consumption, distribution, production, and marketing, etc. to the students to understand the steps involved in these procedures. These concepts and the knowledge may help the students to attend the competitive examinations for commerce background courses and professional administration courses also. It may conclude that Economics is the study of how people and society choose to

empower the resources that could have alternative uses to produce various commodities that satisfy their wants and to distribute them for consumption among multiple persons and groups in society.

2. Statistics in Economics

Statistics Class 11 NCERT Solutions Introduction wants to explain to the students the relationship between statistics and economics. So far, the students have understood various concepts of economics. Now it is time to step into the statistics which start from the collection of data. If we consider the project as a country, we can collect all the information as data and should analyze the data in the next step. After analyzing the data, we need to interpret the data and implement a new policy that may change the economic conditions of the country. This is called economic policy. That means the students should understand that with the help of statistical tools, we are deriving new policies in economics.

3. What is Statistics?

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Statistics provides a detailed explanation of the statistics from its origin. According to the Oxford dictionary, statistics is a singular word with a plural sense. It means it is the values of various things represented as a group. Statistics is also a method of quantifying tasks to increase or decrease its quality.

4. What Statistics do?

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1 makes the students learn the activities and importance of Statistics in various fields. Statistics can condense the data as well as can expand the data. Statistics can derive economic policies, implementation of projects, calculation of turnovers, estimation of productivity, etc.

5. Conclusion 

The NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1- Introduction concludes with these concepts and gives a set of questions for the students to know their ability to understand this particular chapter.

Exercises-7 Long Answer Type Questions

Key Takeaways of NCERT Solutions for class 11 statistics chapter 1- Introduction Free Pdf

The NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Statistics PDF, which is available on the official website of Vedantu is beneficial in providing knowledge. Some of the benefits are,

  • It gives a lot of information on every topic. 

  • Experienced subject experts prepare the material.

  • They contain both solved and unsolved test papers to score a better percentage in the examinations.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1 - Introduction To Statistics

1. What are your reasons for studying Economics?

Studying economics has many benefits for a student as well as for the nation. Economics helps us to understand the current scenario and can estimate the future. Economics is simply the planning of utilizing monetary resources. Simply, we can say that it is a budget. It may be either about pocket money or a family's monthly expenditures, quarterly city growth, or even countries' annual budget also.

2. You have unlimited wants and limited resources to satisfy them. Explain by giving two examples.

Every task will be considered as an example for this case which is unlimited wants and limited resources because scarcity is the root of economics. All the time, we have only limited resources, but our desires and wishes will be unlimited. They keep on growing one after another. A simple illustration is, if we have 10 rupees in our pocket, we can get either a bread packet or a coke bottle. But we want both bread and Coke along with some chocolates or noodles etc. Another example is if your person has four buffaloes which give 40 L milk. He may get around 30, 000/- as a profit but his expenditures may meet 60000/- or 80,000/-. 

3. Define consumption, production and distribution.

The study of consumption deals with the study of what the consumer decides considering his/her income and the alternative goods that are present to choose from.

The study of production deals with the sellers and what they plan to sell in the market for the consumers and how to produce these.

The study of distribution deals with how the national and total income collected from what is produced in the country is then distributed in the form of wages, profits and interests. 

4. What is Statistics?

Statistics has its main domain in dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of numerical data. This subject deals with the data collected in the field of economics, though statistics also finds its place in mathematics, physics, psychology etc.Most of the data related to economics are quantitative, but it also uses qualitative data.  After the collection of data, statistics deal with the presentation of this data in the form of tabular, diagrammatic, and graphic forms. They are then calculated and summarized using the methods of mean, variance, standard deviation etc. 

5. What is the role of Statistics?

Statistics is the most important tool that economists utilize to get an idea of the economic problem. With the various methods used to find the statistics, they try to figure out the causes with the help of qualitative and quantitative facts pertaining to economics. After the identification of the root problem, it becomes easier to tackle and find a solution for it. Statistics also help the economist to present the economic facts in a much more precise and definite manner. In addition to this, it also plays an important role in the concentration of the mass data into a few numerical measures.

6. Are NCERT solutions available for Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1?

Yes, the NCERT Solutions are easily available for the Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1. They can easily download these songs from the website of Vedantu for free. These solutions are designed by experts to help the students to face the question paper with confidence. The various exercises that these solutions present are very important for the students to practice in order to do well in the examination. With adequate practice and hard work, the students will be able to attain more than 90 in the exams. 

7. How to prepare for Class 11 Statistics Chapter 1?

Firstly, it is important that the student devises a routine for themselves. Once this is done, they need to read the chapter thoroughly while also marking all the important areas and highlighting all the important topics. Apart from this, it is advisable that the students make their own notes so that they are able to retain what they study. Along with this, it is very important for them to refer to the NCERT solutions for a much deeper insight into the chapter.