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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3 - Chand Wali Amma | Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3 - Chand Wali Amma

Hindi is an important subject for the students of elementary school and can help them score better grades. NCERT Solutions Class 3 Hindi Chand Wali Amma can assist students in improving their skills and enhance their reading abilities. It covers all the basic concepts of the chapter. It is a valuable aid to students as it helps in their day to day learning, homework and exam preparations. Students can refer to it whenever they are unable to answer a question or to understand the meaning of tricky words. NCERT Solutions of Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3  is available below in pdf format and you can access it anytime and anywhere.


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Chapter 3 - Chand Wali Amma


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The Solutions for Class 3 Hindi will Soon be Uploaded on this Page

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3 Chand Wali Amma

NCERT Solutions Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3 - Free PDF Download

The PDF file for Chapter 3 Class 3 Hindi is everything that a student needs to excel in exams. It is simple to understand and provides accurate answers to all questions and textbook exercises. The study material is inclusive of summary, question patterns and answer formats and will help you to clear all your doubts. It is a convenient way to learn how to write complete answers in easy to understand language. The PDF file can be downloaded for free and you can access it both online and offline.

NCERT Solutions Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3

Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3 Chand wali Amma is a story written by Tara Nigam. The story is about something that happened a long time ago. There was a lady known as Amma who lived all alone in her house. She had no family and so had to do all the housework herself. Every morning she would come out to sweep her courtyard. But as soon as she would bend down to begin, the Sky would come and nudge her on the waist. She would stare at him to scare him away, but the stubborn Sky continued troubling her like this every day. One day Amma quarrelled with someone at the neighbouring well. When she came back home to sweep, the mischievous Sky again started troubling her. She hit him with the broom, but the Sky caught one end of the broom and wasn't ready to let it go. Amma requested him to drop it as this was the only broom she had. The Sky did not listen to her and instead started pulling her up with him. She shouted at the Sky, asking him to bring her back down, but the Sky had no intention of doing that. He told her that he would take her up with him and she could continue sweeping up in the Sky. On her way up, Amma saw the moon and quickly stretched her legs to climb it as she could no longer go back down. The Sky thought that if the moon ended up helping Amma, he would lose, so he let the broom go. Amma was too tired to do anything else, so she sat down on the moon with her broom. Since then, Amma has been sitting on the moon, holding her broom tightly. 

Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3 NCERT Solutions- Weightage of Marks

For Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3 students will be marked based on their analysis of the story, spellings, creative writing, grammar, and name the following. Marks distribution is as follows- one mark each for one-word answers, two marks for correcting the following and short answers and three marks for brief answers. The students are also required to have a thorough knowledge of the chapter and the author. 

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3 

Students always aim for scoring well in exams and the study material they use plays a crucial role in helping them achieve that. NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chand wali Amma is compiled by subject experts in simple language so that the students can grasp it with ease. 

  • NCERT Solutions provides an in-depth knowledge of the chapter in simple language.

  • It is a useful way to understand complex concepts.

  • It focuses on the grammar rules and elaborates on the basics, which makes the topic much clearer. 

  • It provides plenty of questions for practice and also answers all textbook questions and exercises accurately. 

  • It adheres to the CBSE guidelines and follows the latest syllabus. 

  • The PDF file is available for free download and is easily accessible. 


Through this chapter, students not only improve their language skills but also internalize important values and emotions. The story of "Chand Wali Amma" leaves a lasting impact on young minds, reminding them of the warmth and love that family members bring into their lives. While specific NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3 - "Chand Wali Amma" may be available on authorized educational platforms, students can always refer to legitimate sources for comprehensive study materials aligned with the CBSE curriculum. Responsible and effective learning is key to their academic growth and development.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 3 - Chand Wali Amma | Free PDF Download

1. Why do you think old Amma climbed the moon? And what was the reason that she held onto the broom so tightly?

The Sky drew Amma up with her broom and refused to let her go. Amma swiftly climbed the moon after realizing there was no way she could return down. This was due to her comfort in thinking of the moon as the earth. She also ascended the moon since it was the only way she could escape the sky. Amma was clinging to the broom so tightly since it was her only broom.

2. Why do you think the Sky kept troubling Amma? What did she say to him when he was pulling her up?

The Sky was mischievous and stubborn. He liked to play pranks on Amma and came down every morning to poke her. In earlier days, the sky must not have been so away from the earth and may have gone up and down often. 

When the Sky started to pull Amma up, she resisted and shouted at him. She asked him to leave the broom as this was the only one she had. The broom did not listen and continued to pull her up. She also asked him to bring her back down, but the Sky paid no attention to her request.

3. Brief me about Class 3 Chapter 3.

Tara Nigam wrote Class 3 Chapter 3 'Chand Wali Amma'. It's the story of Amma, who used to live alone. Every day, the wicked sky would annoy her by smacking her on the waist. Amma became enraged and flew into the sky one day. The heavens snatched the broom and dragged her up. Even after pleading, the heavens did not abandon her. Amma eventually leapt to the moon and is still there today.

4. What did the sky do when Amma hit him?

When the sky was continuously troubling Amma, she got furious and hit the sky with her broom. The sky, mischievously, grabbed the broom and refused to leave it. Both tried to pull the broom to themselves but since Amma was a little weak, she kept on moving up to the sky as he pulled the broom. Amma begged him to leave the broom but the sky diligently refused.

5. Why did the sky drop the broom when Amma climbed the moon?

Amma realized that she had come too far up in the sky and couldn’t leave the broom. After a while, she saw the moon and decided to jump on it. She raised her leg and jumped on the moon still holding the broom. Looking at Amma, the sky thought that if the moon helped Amma, they would easily beat the sky. Therefore, he got scared and dropped the broom.

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7. Where can I get NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Chapter 3?

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