Mijbil the Otter - Summary

Summary of Mijbil The Otter

Gavin Maxwell is the author of the prose named ’Mijbil, the Otter’. The author describes how his life changed after keeping an otter as a pet as he lost his first pet dog. He is trying to take the audience through his journey of playing and all his experiences with Mijbil-the-otter. His journey started from Iraq to London through a flight where he developed an attached bond with him. During his flight, the Otter created havoc and scared everyone. However, a kind-hearted air hostess helped the writer to travel with Mijbil. 

Mijbil The Otter Summary In English

Summary of Mijbil the otter starts with the author travelling along with his friend to Basra to receive his mail. After losing his pet dog, he became alone, and thus during his journey with his friend, he expressed his wish to keep an otter as a pet. His friend agreed with him and suggested that he get one from the Marshes along river Tigris in Iraq. After reaching the destination, they found that only a friend’s mail had arrived. His friend received his mail and went away. He left a sack having an otter for the author. Being astonished he named the otter Mijbil or Mij. 

An Otter As A Pet:

The narrator said that Mij would take some time to get familiar with his surroundings. When Mij went to the bathroom, it jumped and rolled in the bathtub gladly. Mijbil loves playing with water and learned how to open the faucet by himself in a short time. In the Mijbil the otter summary, the author tells Mij loves to spend most of its time playing with marbles and rubber ball. His time is passing smoothly in Basra with Mijbil, and now it’s time to go back to England. However, British Airlines didn’t allow transporting animals due to which the author has to book a different flight that allows Mij on board. 

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The picture shows the bond between the author and his pet. 

The author put the otter in a box before the flight and left it for some while. When he returned, he saw Mij created different holes in the box and ruined the internal lining. He got frightened after seeing that blood was coming out from the air holes. The narrator hastily opened the box and saw that Mijbil was unconscious. Somehow, he managed to remove all the sharp edges from the box and placed the otter again in the box. 

There were only 10 minutes left for his flight to take off, so he rushed to the airport and caught the flight. Gavin told a summary of Mijbil to the air hostess as she was friendly and suggested the author place Mijbil on his lap. When he opened the box, the otter disappeared and started developing chaos in the flight. It made all the passengers fearful. The air hostess in the flight helped Gavin to find Mij. 

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The above picture shows that the author often took his pet otter on a walk. They both had a good time with each other. 

When the author arrived in London with an otter, he left people clueless. They could not understand the summary of Mijbil the otter and kept guessing the name of the animal. Some people think him to be a baby squirrel, seal, or a hippo. However, no one was able to make a correct guess that it was an otter. The most shocking event was when the labourer was digging a hole in the street and placed down all his tools after seeing the animal. He screamed, what’s this animal claiming to be?'' 

The Bond Formed Between Gavin And Otter

The author remained in London with his pet otter for a month. Mij used to play with ping-pong balls, toys, rubber fruit, and other things for hours. While playing, he places the ball on the slanted top of the suitcase. Gavin was supposed to take Mijbil out for a walk and exercise. The otter developed some of the habits on those walks. He went with the narrator like children running, playing, and touching things in London streets. Within a month, the author developed a strong bond between him and his pet otter. 

Conclusion Of Mijbil-the-Otter

The summary of Mijbil the otter class 10 explains the narrator’s bond with his pet otter, whom he called Mijbil. The story beautifully tells the series of incidences and the author’s experiences during his otter journey to London. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Moral Theme for Mijbil the Otter?

Ans: Animals are very dear to humans. This is a special case for dogs. Being very loyal to humans, we never complain about them. They keep us protected every time. Once you keep them as your pet, you cannot get rid of their essence throughout life. Same is the case with authors. His loyal dog died leaving him alone throughout his life. He then kept Mijbil who was an Otter, but only people in Southern Iraq were able to recognise it. However, to the author, this creature took the time to become a friend. However, it became dear to him later. People in London considered it to be a squirrel.

2. Put the Light on the Appearance of Otter.

Ans: People usually could not recognise this creature. Also, they think it to be like a squirrel. However, the fact is this creature is similar to a dragon which belongs to the middle ages. Also, in the research, many people found it to cover the symmetric points of the scale of mud. Also, there is a scale of soft velvet fur. Moreover, it has short ears and noses with an elongated body as that of a dragon. Otter has a similar appearance as that to the dragons with the facial features and the elongated body. Otters are very unique creatures that hardly someone could find today.