Speech on Water

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Speech on Water For Students

Water is one of the important topics among all the topics for speech writing. Students must learn how to write a speech on water. Water is an important liquid and no organism can survive without water.

Long Speech on Water

Water is the most important resource available on earth. It is vital to all forms of life. Water is composed of two chemical elements i.e. hydrogen and oxygen. Water is odourless, tasteless and transparent inorganic liquid. It is the main constituent of the earth and our bodies. Water can exist in solid, liquid and gaseous form. 

Human beings can survive a few days without food, but cannot survive without water. The earth is a unique planet with around 71% water available on the planet’s surface. While nearly 70% of the earth is covered in water, only 2.5 percent of it exists as freshwater. Around 2.6 percent of freshwater is available as ice caps in polar areas which are not accessible to human beings. Just imagine how less water is available for the use of human beings! This save water speech will highlight the importance of saving water. Water is the main constituent of oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. A large portion of water is available in the form of glaciers in the polar regions. 

Now we are all aware that water is the most important resource for survival. It is impossible to survive without water. Water is indispensable to sustain life. However, we don’t realize the importance of water and often end up wasting a lot of water in our daily lives. Also, the water sources available on earth in forms of lakes and rivers get polluted and become unfit for human consumption. Humans continuously pollute the water from rivers, ponds and lakes. Human activities like bathing, washing, etc. near the river banks lead to water pollution. Water pollution also occurs on a larger scale when industries and factories release their effluent or untreated toxic waste in nearby rivers or lakes. 

There are many effects of water pollution on human life. Many chemicals are present in water bodies which causes many water-borne diseases. Not only humans but aquatic life are in danger due to water pollution. Speech on water conservation is important to shed light on the cause and effect of water pollution and how we can conserve water. Turn off the taps when not in use, reuse the water for cleaning, etc. Basically, we must try to use water as wisely as possible.

Water is life! Each drop of this liquid is precious. All living creatures consume water. We must drink eight glasses of water daily. Water is also used for cleaning purposes and doing many household activities. One can not imagine life without water. Hence, it becomes our duty to save water for our future generations as well.

Short Speech on Water

Warm greetings to everyone present here. I am here to present a short speech on ‘save water’. Water is essential for the survival of all living beings. Our planet earth consists of around 70% water. However, the quality of drinking water is so less (about 0.4%) that it is imperative for each human being to preserve water. 

Human beings use water for multiple purposes and this resource is of utmost importance to mankind. We don’t just need water for drinking but water is used in cleaning, bathing and other purposes. Water is also used in irrigation and for agricultural and industrial purposes. We also need water for hydroelectric power generation. Humans are very careless when it comes to using water. Conserving water is an urgent need as it is impossible to survive without water. We need to preserve water otherwise our future generations won’t be left with any water to use. Also, water is home to millions of aquatic animals. Many aquatic species are dying due to the release of industrial effluents in water bodies. We need to save water from getting polluted to save aquatic life. 

Water is a crucial resource that we all need to preserve. We must not keep the tap running when not in use. Using water thoughtfully is something we all can do to save water.

10 Lines Speech

Hello everyone! Today, I am going to give a speech on importance of water. Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. It is a colourless liquid and it does not have any odour. Water is required for drinking purposes. An adult must consume at least 8 glasses of water per day. Apart from drinking, water is used for washing, cleaning, bathing, etc. Lack of drinking water is the most important issue that we are facing today. It is highly important to preserve the water to save drinking water for future generations. 

Water is an important liquid. It is right to call it the fuel of life. Without water, one cannot imagine life on earth. Each one of us is aware of the importance of water. However, we still fail to use water cautiously. We must turn off the tap while brushing or when the tap is not in use. This is the least that we must all do to save water.


Water speech in English is an important topic which highlights the importance of water in our everyday lives. Students can avail the speeches mentioned above to study the topic for the exams.