Speech on Water

The existence of life on earth is solely dependent on the presence of water. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the students must be familiar with the conservation of water. They can therefore find this speech on water conservation very helpful for their exam preparation. We have also provided a short speech and a one-minute speech on the water for students of all classes.

Long Speech on Water Conservation

A heartiest welcome to all the people gathered here today. I am present here to deliver a speech on water and its conservation. There is no denying the fact that water forms an incredible part of our lives and is considered a fundamental unit of the planet earth. We are all familiar with the several roles that water plays to help us serve a living. This colourless, transparent and tasteless liquid occupies 70% of our planet and can be found in three forms of states- solid, liquid and gaseous. 

Water serves a major role in the survival of all living organisms and hence, the role and importance of water are known to all. Although 70% of water is found on our planet, 3% of the water comes under freshwater, out of which, 2.6% of water always remains frozen. Thus, only 0.4% of it is accessible to humans for drinking purposes.  Thus, it is very important for us to conserve water. Some quantity of water can also be found on rivers and lakes, but it might not be considered drinking water without any testing. Drinking this water may lead to various stomach problems and infections.

River and lake water has to go through a process of filtration before they are delivered to the houses. After that, they once again go through an advanced process of filtration in the households before making them completely drinkable.

But with the growing population and industries, the amount of drinking water in our country is reducing. Most of the seas, rivers, and small water bodies are highly polluted by various contaminants from the industry wastes thus, leading to water pollution. The release of these wastes leads to a high amount of contamination and heavy metal accumulation in the water bodies. Thereafter, making them undrinkable. This has not only affected the lives of human beings but has also greatly impacted marine life due to the insufficient oxygen supply. Many people fall sick due to the lack of proper drinking water and suffer stomach infections due to the presence of these contaminants. Thus, it is our responsibility to stop the dispersal of wastes into the water bodies and start conserving water for the survival of human beings. This water, of course, should be free from any kinds of pollutants.

Some of the techniques that must be helpful in conserving water are rainwater harvesting, plantation of more trees to increase the water level in soil and stopping unnecessary wastage of water. Lastly, I would like to say that water is the main source of life on this planet and thus, every drop of water must be used in a proper manner.

Save Water Speech in English

A very warm welcome to everyone. I am going to deliver a speech today on the topic ‘save water’. As the topic says, saving water is our utmost priority for the conservation of water bodies. Life on this planet is dependent on the existence of water, therefore, we must avoid wastage of water. As we know that 70% of the earth is filled with water but only 0.4% of it is considered drinkable, therefore, the amount of water accessible for human consumption is really less. Reduction in the amount of drinking water has occurred due to the human activities that have led to water pollution and contamination. 

A large amount of garbage and industrial wastes are dumped daily into the water bodies that create a large amount of contamination and accumulation of toxic chemicals. This when consumed leads to various chronic diseases and stomach infection. Thus, the amount of clean drinking water has been decreasing at an alarming rate. If this continues, it would be really difficult for living beings to survive on this planet. Thus, we must take necessary steps against these pollutants and move forward in conserving the water bodies. 

Washing of clothes, disposal of harmful substances and wastes into the lakes and rivers must be banned. We can start with the process of rainwater harvesting, plantation of more trees and saving each drop of water from being wasted. 

10 Lines Speech on Importance of Water

This one-minute speech on the importance of water in English is written targeting the students of Class 1 and Class 2 in a simple manner. This speech will thus help them understand the importance of water on this planet.

  1. Water is an essential element for all the living organisms on our planet.

  2. It is the major component for the survival of life on Earth.

  3. Water forms 70% of the earth, out of which 3% of the water is considered to be freshwater.

  4. Out of this 3%, only 0.4% of it is considered to be drinking water.

  5. Large factories and industries dump their wastes into the water bodies causing water pollution.

  6. Due to a large amount of water pollution, there is a shortage in the amount of fresh drinking water in most parts of our country.

  7. Conservation of drinking water has become really important for survival.

  8. Drinking water that contains harmful chemicals may cause various stomach infections and water-borne diseases.

  9. Dumping of industrial wastes and garbage into the water bodies should be banned as it also affects the marine ecosystem.

  10. Water thus forms a major part of our life and its conservation is our responsibility.