The Bear Story Summary

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The Bear Story Summary

CBSE Class 7 The Bear Story is all about a bear and the lady. The story reflects how the bear cub was found in the forest, the lady saw him and fed him with a bottle. She took the bear into her home and fed him properly. He was all grown up and inculcated many values. He was taught to obey the instruction given by the lady. He also had a good appetite and was not fed meat. Given below is the detailed summary of The Bear Story.

The Bear Story Class 7

Once there lived a lady in the manor-house of a big forest. She met a bear cub in the forest who was starving. The bear was helpless. The lady decided to help it by offering a bottle of water. The lady took care of the bear cub the same way as if it is his own son.

The bear was very caring and did not harm people around. The Bear Story also tells us how the lady took care of the bear with all care and affection needed. He was also punished for not listening to the lady. However, his punishment includes being chained for days and he did not like to be chained. He harmed none. Children used to enjoy riding on his back. There were three mountain ponies who used to live in the stable, and they were also not scared of the bear as he visited the stable.

He was a friendly bear who enjoyed catching cattle and playing with children. He had a good appetite. The cook made sure to feed him well. His diet was devoid of meat, he was fed with bread, porridge, cabbage, potatoes and turnip. He was also taught not to climb apple trees and touch the beehive. He listened to the lady and followed exactly what is being taught to him and made sure that it is not repeated.

At his young age, he used to climb the apple tree. However, he realized that it is not wise to climb up the apple tree. Rather he waited for the apple to fall down and later he used to eat it. He was also punished once for touching the beehive by being chained for two days. He is only chained during the night time with the dog. 

The lady used to visit her sister who was on the other side of the mountain lake and does not wish to take the bear with her. It was not safe to accompany the bear into that forest area. So, on Sundays, the bear was chained the whole afternoon.

The lady sensed that she was being followed by the bear and got extremely angry at finding that the bear disobeyed her. There was no time to take the bear back home. She told the bear in her harsh tone to go back home and threatened him with her parasol. The bear did not agree and seemed to disobey her. Also, the lady later realized that the bear had lost his new collar. She hit the bear with a parasol so hard that it broke into two pieces. The bear opened his mouth several times as if he was wanting to convey something. After being hit by a parasol, he turned back and moved. He stopped in between to look back at the lady but realized that she had lost sight of him.

The lady returned home. She saw that the bear was sitting in the same place for so long. She realized that the bear is feeling sorry for not obeying the lady’s decision. The lady was still angry and began to scold the bear and decided that he would be punished by being chained for two more days. The cook heard the conversation and came out running. She cleared the confusion by saying that the bear was sitting here all-day. It was then that the lady realized that she saw another bear while visiting her sister.


CBSE English supplementary Class 7 chapter The Bear Story teaches us that no decision should be made without assessing the situation. In The Bear Story summary, the lady hurriedly decided to punish the bear by chaining him for two days. On arriving home later in the evening, she again started scolding the bear without even listening to the other side. She was mistaken by seeing the other bear and thought that his bear was following and disobeying her.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. In The Bear Story Class 7, How Did the Parasol Brake Into Pieces?

Ans: In The Bear Story Class 7, the lady was visiting her sister like she used to visit every Sunday. That day, the bear was to be chained the whole afternoon as it was not safe to take the bear through the forest area. On her way back to her sister, the lady sensed that she was being followed by the bear. She got angry with the bear as he disobeyed the lady and commanded in her harsh voice to go back home. He further not listened to her, this made the lady angrier and she angrily hit the bear with a parasol. The hit was so hard that it broke into two pieces.

Q2. What was the Bear Doing in the Evening and What Did the Cook Tell the Lady?

Ans: In The Bear Story, while the lady went to her sister’s house, the bear was chained the whole afternoon and sat there quietly. He did not disobey any decision of the lady as he knew on doing so, he will be punished. Moreover, he didn’t like to get chained for days as a punishment.

The lady mistook the other bear as her bear who was following her in the forest. She got angry on realizing that the bear disobeyed her and decided to punish the bear on getting back home. The cook listened to all conversation and cleared to the lady that the bear was sitting there the whole day. It was not this bear who disobeyed the lady rather the lady encountered another bear and mistook him as his own bear.